She’s only mostly dead

Bethany wrote a post on love. Read it. I think you’ll like it.
“Man….if I just had a boyfriend, I wouldn’t have to buy these roses for myself.” 
Beth and roses 3
UPDATE 3:45 p.m….After the morning service, we went to eat at Barry’s Burger Barn. I’ve never been there before, but Mark’s daughter, Ashley, works there now. So we had to go harass her. And…..we did. You knew we would.
I was talking to Kathryn yesterday about Beth’s post (see link below). She said not only is Bethany beautiful on the outside, but she has beauty on the inside that just radiates. My desire for her is to date the guy that is mature enough to see that inner beauty and be drawn to it, as well as the outer beauty.  Those who are only drawn to outer beauty are shallow.  To paraphrase someone else, “They have no substance.”
Kathryn has run into a bit of a problem. She went to pick up prescriptions on Friday and found out Medicare has her listed as dead. Yesterday afternoon, she found that Social Security also lists her as dead. She looks pretty good for a dead person. So she did not get her Social Security check this month. That’s her only income, and she is raising a granddaughter. So she really needs prayer. She is going to the Social Security office first thing in the morning.  I told her to tell them she just feels dead…she’s not really dead.
This is Kathryn at Brandon and Rachael’s wedding:
Picture frame 102

If you haven’t read Bethany’s post, you should. It’s good. This one is on the way our world views beauty and uniqueness.



15 thoughts on “She’s only mostly dead

  1. Oh my goodness, poor Kathryn, (God rest her soul?)
    I bet the only government office that wouldn’t list her as deceased prematurely is the IRS.
    Maybe she’ll get more peace and quiet now that she’s ‘officially’ deceased.
    I don’t know, could be a good thing. Think positive, right?

  2. Oh my gosh, poor Kathryn.  When Social Security has you dead you know you are really in trouble. 😆  I guess this is one way for Social Security to make benefits last longer for the rest of us…they just start killing people and stop paying them.  Come to think of it, it is also a way to get away with murder and not go to prison for it.  The perfect crime.  I wonder what this will do to genealogy records?  On the serious side, I will pray Kathryn can get everything worked out quickly.

  3. 😆 Sue, that’s exactly what we have been joking about today. She’s so upset, though. She is almost in tears whenever she talks about it. Last night she was in tears. I will tell her you are praying. She will appreciate it.

  4. I can see how that could be pretty upsetting for her. :yes: (Although the funny side keeps trying to burst out anyway. :giggle:) She is a beautiful, corpse, with so much life-like qualities about her! :goodjob: :heartbeat: I’m praying for Kathryn this evening.:heartbeat: And yes, Bethany’s insights are wonderful. She truly is a beautiful young woman ~ in & out! :love:

  5. I meant what I said about your daughter. There are not many like her. My daughter is 21. Even though my wife and I raised her right she seems to be making choices inconsistant to walk with the Lord right now. I know its collage peer pressure and I know God has a calling on her life so I am not worried.
    Have a great day,
    Ray :wave:

  6. Carolyn, I can’t resist cracking jokes about it, too. And I think yesterday, Kathryn heard every joke that could be made :giggle:
    Ray, thank you for what you said. Beth will be 21 soon.

  7. ROFL she looks too spry to be dead! 😆 Tricare once told me I was born in 1918. The lady at the tricare office on base typed my social in wrong and came up with someone born in 1918, then told me I looked fantastic for my age. Speaking of buying roses for oneself…. when I was in high school I spent a valentines day alone, as did the mother of a friend of mine, so we got eachother v-day gifts. Probably one of the most memorable v-days. I think it’s hard to find a decent man now-a-days. There are so many people that just can’t be trusted. I got lucky and nabbed a good one in high school. I am so thankful I forewent the “adult dating scene”, seeing what some of my friends go though. But then again, dating is kind of fun because you get those jitters! Either way. At least Bethany knows that she deserves a good man. so many girls settle for whatever comes along.

  8. I have been so out of touch with my xanga friends that I haven’t a clue as to what is going on (sorry about that; “illness: will do that I suppose).  Hee-hee!  I did however, stop by and read Bethany’s post.  It shows much insight and knowledge and “true love” versus “lust”.  All in all, I hope all is well and that’s a terrible mix-up that happened to Kathryn.  Yikes!!!
    (((((((Missed you a bunch!)))))))
    – – Annalissa

  9. Thanks, Cynthia! :heartbeat:  😉
    Lauryn….she acts too spry to be dead, too! Kathryn is a hoot. And you do look very good for being born in 1918. And pregnant at your age! :laugh:
    Those roses actually were ones I bought to put in church yesterday in memory of our daughter, Rachel, who died as an infant. Beth loves roses. But she buys Valentine cards/gifts for friends. She has found some cute ones at Walmart.
    She definitely does not want to just “settle”. She wants a man that will love her for what she has to offer. Too many guys only look at the outside. She knows a lot of those guys.

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