Kathryn’s alive again

To a certain airman in DC….we sure miss you
glitter heart
I realized a little while ago, that today is 23 years since the last day I “officially” worked. It was the day before our daughter, Rachel, was born. After she was born, and then died, I never went back to my job. I stayed home with Brandon. I’ll post about Rachel tomorrow on her birthday.
glitter heart
Well, I just talked to Kathryn, and she is alive again. (See this post if you don’t understand.) She stood in line for 2 hours yesterday morning at the Social Security office. They don’t open till 9:00, but you have to get there by 7:00 to get a place in line. She said she was frozen by the time she actually got into the building. Maybe she was close to death then.
They told her that somehow a person with her name was in a Dallas newspaper obituary and got entered under her Social Security number. That seems stupid to me that they would get the information to enter in their computers, from an obituary! They should have to wait for a death certificate.
At any rate, they cut her a check right then. They asked her if she could wait about 10 days to get a check, and Kathryn told the lady her car payment was due 2 days earlier, her insurance payment was due, etc. So the lady got permission to cut her a check right there.
So Kathryn can say she was born again on February 5, 2007.
I don’t think our dog, Sandy, will last much longer. She spent quite a while this afternoon, coughing up blood. I called Rachael, who’s a vet tech, and told her what was happening. She said to call her if we decide to go ahead an put her down. We believe it’s heartworms. She doesn’t seem to be in pain, but I’m watching for it. We’ve had her about 8 years and she was a stray when we got her. I think she is probably about 10 years old.
EDIT: Carolyn commented on my survey post that I should post about our dogs. I have pictures of all of them in my photoblog, in the “Animals” album.



11 thoughts on “Kathryn’s alive again

  1. Gives a whole new meaning to being born again, doesn’t it!? Sucks, though, that she was stuck out in the cold on account of their mistake.

  2. Poor Sandy, we’ll be praying for her. I spend a lot of time praying for animals, and I’ll put a special prayer in today for her. As for the decor, we can have wreaths, but she was saying it was a CHRISTMAS wreath (when in fact it is NOT!) and after January 1 you can’t have any holiday things up whatsoever. Gosh they’re so stupid!

  3. Lord please comfort Sandy and keep her in your loving embrace.
    I hate losing any of our fur babies. Kills me everytime. I am praying Cindy!

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