Our Wedding

I got to see Brandon tonight for the first time in almost 2 weeks. I almost forgot what he looked like. I see Rachael more often than I see Brandon. He ordered a computer part and had it delivered here, so he had to come pick it up. He’s building another computer, so they will have 2.
yellow rose background
Happy 2nd anniversary to my husband. No….we haven’t been married only 2 years. We’ve been married over 27 years. But we sort of have 2 anniversaries. I planned it that way so it would be harder for him to remember the date.  
It’s simple….when we actually had our church wedding, we had already been married for 3 months. We had been planning our wedding, and had to set it for Feb. 9 because that was the only day the rotating shift workers in my family could all get off work on the same day, on either Friday or Saturday.
But Steve and I were going to be making a trip to Holland, Michigan for his friends’ 5th anniversary party, in November 1979. He was in their wedding, and they wanted the whole wedding party to be there. We wanted to be married when we went on the trip. So my sister and brother-in-law went with us to our pastor’s office, and we got married on November 2, 1979. Our church wedding was February 9, 1980.
So when I walked down the aisle, I wasn’t nervous at all. I was already married. My extended family was not in favor of doing it that way, but we did anyway. My grandmother thought it was ridiculous. My great-aunt tried to talk us out of having a church wedding. She said it wasn’t really necessary. But I had always dreamed of being a bride, since I was big enough to know what a bride was.  I wasn’t giving that up.
We decorated with yellow roses and white daisies. Our bridesmaids wore green satin and velvet.
Here’s our wedding, in the same church where my parents married, and where our son married. The same church where someday our daughter will get married.
(EDIT: I forgot to mention something…..See the lattice archway and fences in the sanctuary? My dad built all that and we used them in Brandon and Rachael’s wedding to decorate in the fellowship hall, behind the cake/punch table. You can see them in their slide show on the left.)




23 thoughts on “Our Wedding

  1. Cindy,
    Happy Anniversary!  What a sweet story and beautiful pictures. 🙂
    I had yellow roses too.  And my cake looked very much like yours.

  2. Happy Aniversary!!! Sorry I haven’t been around much.  I have really been battling depression here lately and I am just struggling getting out of this rut!
    I hope you have a great weekend!!

  3. :sunny:Happy (2nd) Anniversary!! I love your pictures/slide show. How beautiful. I think it is so sweet how you got married in the same church as your family. My nephew (in the Air Force) when he came back home got remarried in a church for mainly for his family. I’m just trying to be silly now. Yea, you know my way of dealing. My stepson finishing first part of his training there in Texas and will return and then go back to Texas for “special” paramedic training. Then, yes will be going to the sand box, his National Guard unit is MP. Have a wonderful weekend please, Sharon in GA

  4. We have two anniversaries, too. Here’s a secret for you: we were married a LONG time before our actual wedding! One anniversary is in December and the other is in July. Most people only know of the July one, so our *real* anniversary is that much more special in December because it’s more meaningful.

  5. What is even more funny, the other night Peanut was calling for the dog wanting to play…little did he know that we locked him up for the night.  😆

  6. Oh girl I love your wedding photos!  Look at you with your blonde hair!  And the one where you guys are walking back down the isle….I can’t believe it….hubby and I always laugh because for whatever reason usually those pictures in every book we look at of our friends/acquaintances ect. the girl is looking at the camera…the guy is looking down at the floor!  I’m so happy your hubby is lookin at the camera with you!  YEAH! ha!  I enjoyed the wedding though….very nice!  Happy anniversary!

  7. Thanks, Gena. That pic of us coming back up the aisle…..that was taken right before I snagged my veil on the end of one of the pews and nearly yanked the whole thing off my head. :laugh:

  8. :wave:What beautiful pictures!:heartbeat: I loved the “trip back”! Congratulations to you and Steve. :yes:Good for you ~ good move having your church wedding just as you wanted it! :goodjob: Thanks for your sweet comment. :love: Muchliest to the 10th power!! I’ll take it … and raise it to the 20th power!!:laugh:

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