I am baking pumpkin bread and Steve is outside putting up a section of new fence. He just ran into tree roots trying to get a post in.

Steve’s cousin just emailed and asked for prayer for her nephew, Jeff. I’ll leave off last names – it is not the same as ours. God knows who he is. He just had a quadruple bypass at 38 years old. The doctor said he would not have survived a heart attack. Please pray for his salvation and his health.

Meet Trouble. This is a dog that was dumped at our church in May 2001. We thought he was really sick, because he would just lie around like he didn’t feel well. We fed him, but he seemed in bad shape.

Rachael finally was able to get him into the van, and we brought him home.  He perked up. He was just lonely because he needed a home with people to love him. He has it now.

Trouble got his name because one night after we brought him home, he got my purse. He chewed the handle. Then he got a bottle of ibuprofen and chewed the bottle. He didn’t get it open. Then he got my cell phone and chewed it. It still worked, but it wasn’t pretty.

He will “sit” and “shake”.  In this picture, Beth is shaking “paws” with him. She’s been giving him doggie treats today. It takes a lot of doggie treats to fill up this dog.


The dog in the background is Sandy. She’s the one that’s been sick. The cat is Checkers. Trouble doesn’t stay in the house, because he can literally knock things over with one flick of his tail. But he loves to come in and visit.

And he loves to have his ears rubbed.



15 thoughts on “Trouble

  1. I love stories from your managerie :sunny: Have you ever seen that book about stray animals? I forget the exact name but it’s something like “stories of found dogs” or something like that.

  2. awwwww……..Troubles looks so loveable! I am such a softie when it come to animals (except mice & snakes! Hehe!) , I have to MAKE myself stay away from the SPCA & the local pounds………..I would have a house AND farm FULL of critters! They are so sweet and innocent and all they want is to be loved and taken care of! I guess this is the reason I have always only wanted male dogs……I know if we ever had females and she had puppies that I would NEVER be able to bring myself to get rid of them.Hope you sick one gets better! Happy Sunday!Terry :o)~

  3. Cindy
    I posted your prayer request. I’m a little slow the past few days, but it’s out there and he’s being prayed for. God bless you.
    C. :sunny::heartbeat:

  4. Trouble looks way to sweet to earn a name like that.
    RYC: I figured I could have asked you about it because you are so open about it, but sometimes people get really upset. I have an aunt who lost a son when he was seven… you don’t dare ask her anything. Thank you for your openess. I know it touches many.
    Send some of that pumkin bread this way… and take some of this cold weather… Wednesday we’re supposed to get snow showers with a low of 25… that just isn’t right for Texas…

  5. You’re not kidding that’s not right for Texas! Even if you are a lot farther north than we are ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s cold here today – not too bad, but still nippy.
    I never mind you asking. I was telling Steve this morning that my great-grandparents had a still-born baby that very few people knew about. My mom didn’t know about him until she was grown and had kids. They were ashamed because they had given birth to a baby that was born dead. I cannot imagine being ashamed of it, or not talking about it. And talking about it can speed the healing process.

  6. Awww…. thanks for introducing Trouble to us! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Oh, I mean your new dog named Trouble!:laugh: Pretty dog! :goodjob: Scary eyes!:eek::eek: Hard to believe I’m this far behind on reading your post… guess cuz we keep up inbetween times so often. Muchliest:love: Carolyn

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