Please be in prayer for 2 things. First, John from church is having some tests done on his heart in the morning. They have recently discovered he has a hole in his heart.
Secondly, my cousin Ross, is coming home from the sandbox this week. Please pray for his safety.
Man, I got a shock today. I’ve been shocked in a similar manner before, but I wasn’t expecting it today. I was following links on my footprints today. Someone had done a Xanga search, and ended up on my blog. I thought I would check it out. I ended up on the blog of someone with tons of nude pictures of herself in her photoblog. And lest you think this was a young, 20-something woman, it wasn’t. She was a little older. So I flagged it. No, not because she was older.
We haven’t been home very long, and it will soon be time to head back to church. Our evening service starts at 5:00.
After the morning service, Brandon, Rachael, Bethany, Steve and I went to Schlotzsky’s. We had a nice lunch and then just sat and talked a while.
Brandon told us all about his favorite maintenance man at one of the nursing homes. Brandon works for my sister and brother-in-law’s air conditioning/refrigeration business. They do mostly commercial AC and they work on ice machines and coolers. This particular maintenance man he talked about, is not the brightest bulb in the pack. And he doesn’t like Brandon. So guess which AC tech always goes to that particular nursing home?
 Then we talked about Beth’s cop friend that thinks she has pretty eyes. And we discussed Rachael’s job.
Rachael’s car is acting up. They need prayer on whether or not to put more money into that one, or look for something else. I think Brandon wants to drive it off a bridge somewhere. 

Just a note to “Prayercrafter” who left me a comment on my last post…….I delete comments and/or block people whose blogs do not identify who they are. 



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  1. ryc:  :nono:  NEVER GIVE UP!  โ€œThey are thirsty and you have the Water. They are hungry and you have the Food. They are sick and you have the Remedy. Therefore, keep pouring on the Water of Life. The seed is planted by the Word. Keep pouring on the Word in love and prayer and you shall soon see miracles before your very eyes. BE ENCOURAGED FOR MY WORD WILL NOT FAIL YOU.โ€  :heartbeat:

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