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Update 1:00 p.m……Beth is home for lunch, and Honey is trying to help her with her computer. He’s not really that much help.

Beth and Honey 001

Beth and Honey 002


E….it was really good to see those newest pics you posted. They will go in your memory album, which you might even get someday. 

So….Beth and Mike the Cop discussed taking a trip to Europe  (Edit: Got your attention, didn’t it, Ladies?  )

Go by and see the slide show of  Jayden Michael., Kerry and Mark’s new grandson.

I’ve been watching some videos, and of course, singing along. I grew up singing all the hymns in the Baptist Hymnal. My aunt was our church pianist when she was a teenager.  I would get the hymnal off her piano at my grandmother’s house, and sight read if I didn’t know the song, even when I was very small.

Here’s one of my favorites. This is Avalon, with “My Jesus, I Love Thee.”

I’ve done this one in church. “I Believe in a Hill Called Mount Calvary”. The soloists are Mark Lowry, Guy Penrod and David Phelps.

 And this one is just my all time favorite. Bethany, Laura (our pastor’s daughter), and I have done this one for our church July 4 program. I don’t know of another song that gets my heart pumping like this one. It was our closing song, which was a good thing, because after we sang this, I couldn’t sing another note. “Let Freedom Ring”.




19 thoughts on “Europe?

  1. 😮 Ok, you can’t leave us with a cliffhanger like that!  We’re they discussing things in a casual way like “I’d really like to go there one day” or was it about the two of them going??  Details woman!  We need details!  😆

  2. 😆 I see I got your attention. 😆
    No….they aren’t really going to Europe. At least I don’t think so. Mike was in the store when she got back from lunch yesterday. He told her that he really needed a vacation. He said he thought he’d go to Europe, where they don’t take showers everyday, and just relax. She told him she wanted to go, too, right up till the time when he said he didn’t want to shower everyday. I told her to tell him that this plan could backfire on him, because in Europe, not all the women shave everyday, either! :giggle:

  3. :giggle: Thank goodness for daily showers!  I didn’t think they were actually planning a trip…but I didn’t know if things had moved past a friendly stage. :shysmile:
    See you in a few weeks! :sunny:

  4. Hey, Mom 😉 :wave:……we did not ever catch the kitten, but people in the garden dept. are still putting out food for her. I think when she sees that nobody wants to hurt her, she will get friendlier. Right now, she’s still scared. I went by there Tuesday afternoon and put out more food myself. Technically, the Walmart employees are not supposed to be feeding her. It’s against policy because if the cat scratches or bites somebody, they might be liable. But they can’t stop the customers :goodjob:

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