Please pray for Bethany. She is, once again, breaking out in hives due to stress. She’s taking large amounts of Benadryl, along with Zyrtec, but is still breaking out. She’s pretty miserable right now. She went through this a little over a year ago. Hopefully it will clear up soon.

A customer at Walmart was trying to match Beth up with her 26 year old grandson. Read about it here.

I spent my afternoon in the doctor’s office. It was time for my yearly visit to get all my prescriptions refilled. Lots of fun.
I had another strange dream about Ethan last night. It involved stalking  Long story. (EDIT: Be sure to check the comments. Carolyn posted a Valentine that reminded her of me stalking.  )
Brandon and Rachael came over tonight, so I fixed hamburgers for supper. Other than that, it’s been a fairly dull day  Actually, I guess “uneventful” can be good.

Cynthia has posted an interesting comparison of  work vs. prison. 

Maybe I’m just tired, but this struck me as funny:




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  1. :wave: This Valentine reminded me of you, for some reason. :laugh::lol::laugh:
    RYC: I’m making up for lost time ~ in some ways, I’ve been behind on adapting/adopting U.S.  culture, but now I’ve got AI to credit list…and it is a regular American icon!  :yes: :coolman: :laugh: ~ Muchliest:heartbeat:

  2. The valentine was hilarious!  Hmmm, do you own a trenchcoat and fedora??  πŸ˜†
    RYC:  I guess seniorish is better than senorish! :giggle:  Have a great evening…my bed is calling!  (I didn’t know it could dial!) πŸ˜† I crack myself up!

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