First of March


Update 5:00 p.m…..Ahhh….nothing like 2 hours of mowing the front yard and pulling weeds to set off allergies and an asthma attack. Spring is here.
Oooo….the news just mentioned an upcoming stalker story. I  better watch
I forgot to tell you guys that my cousin and his wife, Andy and Yiting, had a baby girl last week.
I’m not cooking tonight. I’m ordering pizza.

march girl
So far, nothing exciting or strange has happened in my life today (of course I haven’t gone anywhere, either.) But Beth just got home for lunch, so maybe something exciting happened at Walmart today. The other day there was a fight in the parking lot.
She just told me something that I don’t like AT ALL! Our Walmart is getting rid of their fabric department! We bought a large part of the wedding fabric at Walmart! Fortunately, Hobby Lobby is only 2 miles further away than Walmart, but I just can’t imagine a Walmart without fabric. I love that place!   Of course, that also means they’ll be clearancing out fabric, and I’m getting in on that!  
I’m using green triple backs, since it’s coming up on St. Patrick’s Day. But you usually won’t see a bunch of shamrocks and dancing leprechauns on here. I’m part Irish, but I don’t get into the whole St. Patrick’s Day thing. Bah humbug.  You won’t catch me dying anything green around here. When I was in school and everybody wore green on St. Patrick’s Day, I could get away with wearing something else, because my eyes are green   Now Bethany can, too, because she has my eyes.
I can’t believe it’s the first day of March already. My birthday is this month – the big 5-0! When I was in my 20’s, I never gave 50 much thought. It was far away, and 50 was old.  I don’t mind telling my age….I’m not ashamed of it. But I wish I could still look 25. ( I have a husband that’s 52. Now he’s old!  )



18 thoughts on “First of March

  1. I am Irish but don’t get into St Patrick’s Day, either. I really see no point for me to really get into it. I’m sure some would disagree, but as far as I am concerned, it’s just going to be another Saturday for me. Why on Earth is the fabric dept going away!??!?! Hobby Lobby’s fabrics are EXPENSIVE!!! I learned that the hard way before I knew how much fabric *should* cost.

  2. Why on Earth is the fabric dept going away!??!?!
    I think probably because they don’t sell as much fabric as they would like. It might not be every Walmart….just ours. Some fabrics are not that much at Hobby Lobby, though. We bought the fabric for Rachael’s wedding dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses for $2.00 a yard on sale at Hobby Lobby.
    If I celebrated a holiday for every ancestry I had, I’d be celebrating every day. I am Heinz 57.

  3. Yeah, I don’t know if it’s at all Wal-Marts, but ours is getting rid of both fabric and automotive. Which is not cool. I don’t know when it’s happening, either. All that was said in the meeting was that they’re getting rid of them.

  4. I’m Irish too, but I’m not big in the whole wearing green thing…luckily I have green eyes as well ๐Ÿ™‚
    ( I have a husband that’s 52. Now he’s old!  ) — lol that’s cute
    and as for the mowing the yard and pulling weeds…you are LUCKY right now! We had a blizzard here all day today leading in to tomorrow. ALL the interstates are closed, and major businesses too…luckily wal-mart was still open for the crazies like me =]

  5. We are in the middle of a blizzard…the wind is just howling outside…want me to send some snow your way and you can send some green our way? I am soooo ready for spring!!!!

  6. :laugh: I feel sorry for those of you having a blizzard. Andi….I’ve been seeing all the news and wondering how it was up there. I guess I should have emailed Suzanne and asked. I saw there were tornadoes across Kansas and Missouri.
    So…hi, Suzanne. I haven’t forgotten you. I know you’re reading. :wave:
    Becky, we have green, but it’s mostly clover right now. And the clover grows faster than the grass. It’s supposed to be 37 Sunday morning, but that will be on the north side of the Houston area. It probably won’t get below 40 here. We already have lots of flowers blooming and trees budding out. And did I mention clover growing? :laugh:

  7. ๐Ÿ˜†  Wow, something else in common.  Doug just turned 51 on the 1st of March, our hubby’s are OLD!!  I am just like you, soon to be the BIG 50…booo!  Doug just told me yesterday I looked like I was still in my twenties.  I told him, only in his eyes!  His eyesight is failing as he gets older. ๐Ÿ˜†

  8. OMG!!!  You are already mowing?!  I wish we had green grass here…but no…we keep getting snow!  I have to tell you…I’m really tired of the snow!

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