It’s a Girl

Update 8:10 p.m…..I still can’t show you the pictures of Beth and the baby. She has them on her camera, and she’s at Brandon and Rachael’s again tonight. It’s Scrabble night tonight.
Hi, E…..miss you  (Beth left you a note on her post. She’s been playing with her food again. )
Daisy chain
My newest little cousin, Amadea. She is the daughter of my cousin, Andy and his wife, Yiting.



10 thoughts on “It’s a Girl

  1. Hi, Suzanne,
    That was the cutest little outfit. She got it at the shower we had for her in January. It is a little yellow onesie, with a yellow fur jacket. The hood of the jacket is a duck head.

  2. I used to enjoy dressing Enoch up… suits and ties, pin stripes… hmmm… maybe just one more! :yes: I’ll go talk to Scott :giggle:

  3. that just boggles my mind how LITTLE babies are!!! They’re just so….. SMALL!!!! I’m always afraid to breaking one as stupid as that sounds. As for the diapers, I actually registerred for them since some of my school buddies wouldn’t know to buy them (they’re still in the stage where super practical things are “tacky”) – bah!! Problem is, I have no idea how many newborn size diapers I need, size 2, 3, etc…. eventhough I’d love to buy them. Plus, I’m worried about baby having sensitive skin (mine is really sensitive) and ending up with a stock pile of diapers baby can’t wear! I know, I’m paranoid.

  4. I know, I’m paranoid   :yes:  😆
    Buy different sizes. I did that before mine were born. I promise….you won’t have diapers left over. If Bean has sensitive skin, just change the diaper more often.

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