It’s a Date

Update 4:50 p.m…..Ethan, go read Steve’s post. It’s a series he’s been writing. But the last paragraph might sound kind of familiar to you
Beth had an interesting day. A guy she works with kept hinting about going out with her, and then he gave her his phone number (another girl she works with pointed to the trash can). The problem is…she really needs someone with an IQ a little higher than a bag of potting soil   She says this guy is “useless”. And from what I’ve seen, she’s right. He is supposed to load heavy things like bags of soil, fertilizer, etc. in cars for people. One day I watched him stand there, while a 50-something lady loaded everything herself. Manuel just assumed she has no boyfriend (which she doesn’t, but that’s beside the point). She needs someone to pose as one. Where’s Mike the Cop when you need him?
If you use ReNu contact lense solution, there’s a recall on it. I have a sister that says you are supposed to hold contacts in with contact cement   (She’s been reading, so she’ll probably see this. SmileyWave)
Looks like I get to meet Melissa on Monday, March 12. She’s taking the kids to the San Jacinto Monument and the Battleship Texas. They are just down the road from my house. We are going to meet for lunch at Gringo’s . It’s a really good Mexican food place just a couple of minutes from my house. I hope to plan it for about the time Bethany gets off work for lunch, so she can meet us, too. Maybe Rachael can meet us since she’s off on Mondays. I already met Christy in September. Now I get to meet the other sister. We’re gonna talk about you, Christy  (Edit: Now it looks like Steve will be able to meet us also.)
Read about the San Jacinto Monument. A relative of an uncle of mine (by marriage), was one of the engineers that helped design the star on top. My uncle was quite proud of that. I also had a distant cousin who was at the Battle of San Jacinto. You can also read about the Battleship Texas. The history is interesting. She fought in both World Wars. Here is more information about the San Jacinto Battlegrounds. I had another distant cousin who died as an infant, and is buried on what is now part of the San Jacinto Battleground State Park. I do not know why for sure, but I suspect the family lived on grounds that is now part of the park.
I’ve been laughing at Beth’s video of Andy popping bubbles with his nose. In November, we used bubble machines at Brandon and Rachael’s wedding. Andy really liked the bubble machines



12 thoughts on “It’s a Date

  1. I used to love Mexican up until about.. ohhhhh… 15 weeks ago. That is my only food aversion, which sucks because once I move back to the East Coast, there will be no more good Mexican restaurants anywhere!

  2. :wave: Hey Cindy ~ Thanks for those links on San Jacinto ~ We just studied that (yesterday was the test) in history class. I’ll have to show my student some of the things from there. I just read over several  posts of yours… enjoy the themes . . .babies, humor, stalking, etc. :laugh::lol: RYC: I “stole” that picture of Tristen from her folks’ site! :goodjob::heartbeat:

  3. Hey Cindy,
    I apologize for being so absent from everyone’s sites.  Extra time to myself is becoming a luxury.
    I have been reading everyone’s posts from my subscriptions though, but just don’t have a much time to keep up with my own posts much less get around to visit everyone.
    I am making the time tonight because I have something really exciting to share with everyone.  I don’t really like the mass “come to my site” messages that we sometimes get so I wanted to give you a special invite to come by and see what my news is.

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