Baby Hannah

Read Connie’s post about what a member of our Air Force is doing in Iraq.
Update 12:30 p.m….Beth just came home for lunch.  She said Useless Manuel has been standing around watching her move heavy stuff that he is supposed to be moving. He told her she was strong. (Our pastor told her she can’t date until she can find somebody she can’t beat up!) Manuel has also been finding reasons to have to touch Beth. She said she’s going to take his hand off (of his body) the next time he does it. One of the other workers told her to just slap him.  She has on a green shirt today and he told her, “I have a shirt that color.”  She told him green was pretty common.

Jim, the garden center door greeter, has been singing “Stand By Your Man”. Another woman was singing “High Hopes.”   Beth is quite a bit taller than Manuel. They are having tons of fun with this.

This would never work anyway. Manuel doesn’t have a car, so Beth would have to drive on a date.  He does live by himself, though. Of course, we don’t know where. Could be under a bridge.  He’s almost 27.

Beth finally posted the pictures of her and our pastor’s newest granddaughter. Here’s one. To see the rest, go here.
When we found out Beth was going to be a girl, my mother wanted us to name her Hannah.
Beth and Hannah 3/3/07

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12 thoughts on “Baby Hannah

  1. I love when babies have the peach fuzz hair! I hope mine has the peach fuzz, I’d be so happy! There’s just something about fuzzy baby hair that’s so endearing… and the back of their nexks are so soft. I’ll probably spend a lot of time “pettting” mine.

  2. :sunny:  Hi Cindy !  I love to see the way of mom looked at their baby  !!……. Its wunderful picture ! Thanks for sharing this picture to us.  How are you , Cindy ?… I wish you have a fantastic Day ! Love in Christ. Tip

  3. :wave:Bethany does look like a Madonna (NOT the singer)…. it is a beautiful picture! :goodjob: RYC: Yep, I went to Cedarville Univ. (College, back then) . . . that’s what brought me into “Buckeye Country”! :heartbeat::sunny::yes::love:

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