A Year

Update 4:50 p.m….Apparently Manuel is not as clueless as we thought. He told someone else he knew Beth was not interested in him. But he also knew things about her that she never told him.   Stalker   (Of course, I would never stalk like that…right Ethan? )

Beth had told Mike the Cop about Manuel and said that she would hire him as her body guard. Mike told her he had a counter-offer….one contract payment and the problem would be eliminated. Apparently the cops are very accomodating in our town. Good thing we know he’s joking.


I’ve been reading old emails this morning. A year can go by so fast. And the years seem to go by faster the older you get.

We met with Melissa (MelissaMurr) and her family today for lunch. We had Mexican Food at Gringos. They drove in from San Augustine this morning, and sort of…umm….got bad information from a relative on how long it would take to get here. So they were about an hour late. Steve had to go back to work before they got there, but just a few minutes after he left, he called me and said he had just passed them on the road. Bethany and I were still at the restaurant. Rachael didn’t get to go because she had to work today.

Here is me with Melissa:

Cindy and Melissa 3/12/07

Bethany with Melissa (Connie, that’s our waiter behind Beth…you would have had him in the picture, wouldn’t you!   ):

Bethany and Melissa 3/12/07

And finally, another of Beth by herself. She was seeing spots for a long time after I took this one.

Beth cropped

I asked Beth why she didn’t bring Manuel. She said (smiling) that he wasn’t working today. But Saturday he was seen dancing with a grocery cart in the Walmart parking lot.  

As I was leaving the restaurant, Dr. Tony Evans came on the radio. I enjoy listening to him. He said something that I thought was interesting. Many times, when a person’s life is in chaos and they are unhappy, it isn’t that they don’t have the answers….it’s that they don’t want to accept the answers God has for them. A life will be in chaos when a person does not submit to God.



18 thoughts on “A Year

  1. i like listening to Dr. Tony Evans, too.  and how true that is!  all too often we are so busy looking for the answers that we want, that we miss the “right” answers that are in front of us.  God knows best, if only we’d tune our ears to hear Him… 
    i found your site through the Woman of Proverbs 31 group and just thought i’d stop by and say hello!  God bless!

  2. too often we are so busy looking for the answers that we want, that we miss the “right” answers that are in front of us. 
    Very true! :yes: We’d all be in trouble if we insisted on the answers we want. I’m glad you stopped in…come back any time.

  3. he he he
    she was late!  LOL.  That’s a good picture of you two.  You should crop her out and make it your profile pic!
    Glad y’all finally got to meet!

  4. You should crop her out
    Oooo….she’s not gonna like that! I said it was too bad you couldn’t come too, and Beth said she really didn’t want to see you anyway. So you have to get her now.

  5. Looks like ya’ll had fun! I did the same thing with emails yesterday evening. I had to reformat my hard drive on my desktop system (yuck, what a pain:rolleyes:) and went through emails I’d saved to make backups of anything I really, really needed. It’s funny how much things change in a short period of time.
    Hope you have a great week!

  6. :goodjob:Hi,  Thank you for sharing your wonderful lunch/visit.  Love the pictures~have you seen the commercial were a female police stops the car race driver?:wink:Have fun!Sharon

  7. :wha: Crop me out?? :wha:
    Too funny!  I’ll get my sister for that!  I had a great time…I’ll have to come back and ‘steal’ pictures when I get my home computer back.  Too bad Connie couldn’t make it down to see you guys.  šŸ˜¦
    Have an awesome day!!
    By the way, I think our waiter did pose…maybe he just felt that was his best side! :giggle:

  8. maybe he just felt that was his best side!  šŸ˜†
    I feel certain you will get Christy back :giggle: I’ll bet the mosquitoes were bad out there on the water. We never really have a time when we don’t have mosquitoes….just times when they are not as bad as others.

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