Watch this video. And watch all the way to the end. I think it will shock you.
It’s what’s for dinner   And then strawberry shortcake
Update 5:00 p.m…..I came out of the grocery store a little while ago, and all hell broke loose. We are under a severe thunderstorm warning, with possible hail and tornadoes   I’m not shocked by that, because this is normal spring weather around here, but couldn’t it have waited for me to get home first? There are some really wicked looking clouds out there. I automatically start looking for tornadoes. I love to see them….from a dry spot. While we were loading groceries in the car, lightning was striking all around us. That was scary. Beth said some of their workers were unloading a truck in this mess. They wanted to take her out there, too, because lightning would strike her first since she tall   Our groceries are going to stay in the car until some of this passes. Maybe the ice cream won’t melt too bad. It’s a good thing Connie didn’t come today, because they wanted to see NASA, and they are under a flood watch down there. My sister works there, so I hope she got home safely.

It’s 3:15, and I was just about to head out to the grocery store (yes…HEB  ). But it is raining cats and dogs, which is very appropriate for our house.   
Lauryn commented that Beth and I look alike. So, Lauryn….here’s the comparison pictures. In the first set, I was 18 yrs/11 mos and Beth was 18 yrs/6 mos.
Cindy&Beth @ 18
In this set, I was 21 yrs/8 mos. Beth will be 21 in 6 weeks.
Cindy 1978 Beth 2007

Update 2:15 p.m….I added a slide show of Ross on the left.

I was just looking at the picture of Melissa and me from Monday, and realized….she was born 7 months after I graduated from high school! I don’t feel that old. Well…I take that back…my knees do.

So, Melissa…these pictures of me were taken when you were 2 months old – February 1976 – about a month before I turned 19 

Feb 1976 Cindy 2-1976

This is my high school graduation picture. It was taken during the summer of 1974, when I was 17.

Cindy - High School Graduation

I’d post Steve’s high school pictures, but I’m afraid he’d divorce me.

I found a bunch of pictures of my cousin, Ross, when he was little. So I’m making a slide show to go with the picture of him on the left.

Oh, and Melissa, sorry about calling you Christy that one time. But at least it was in the same family



27 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. I love your pictures Cinday; you are so beautiful!!
    I to have a soft spot in my heart for the military. After all, we’re retired military.
    God bless you :sunny:

  2. I really think that Beth looks very much like you, just different colored hair. Does she hear that a lot? My graduation pics turned out horrible because they were taken Jr year and it just so happens that I got chicken pox my Jr yr of high school (I was a late bloomer in the infectious disease realm I guess)… and the pictures were taken the day I got back to school. So I had to put on SO much make-up (which is very uncharacteristic of me) just to look halfway normal. We actually didn’t even order any they looked so bad, but I did keep the proofs. No idea where those are now but the awful pic is immortalized in my high school yearbook, unfortuataely.RYC: the bucket his nutter butters came to school is reminded me of a fried chicken bucket – about the same proportions. I’m just surprised he didn’t bring a shovel along with his pail to shovel them into his big annoying mouth. Today, however, all I saw was a Sonic cup, so maybe someone complained.

  3. he didn’t bring a shovel along with his pail to shovel them into his big annoying mouth šŸ˜† šŸ˜† šŸ˜† šŸ˜† šŸ˜†
    Yes, people do tell us all the time that we look alike. I’ve been hearing it since she was a baby. I was in a hardware store once when Beth was about 2, and a lady stopped me to ask me if I realized how much Beth looked like me. But I never saw it, because her baby pictures looked so much like Steve’s baby pictures. But I have done comparisons of pictures once she got older, and there is some similarity. Although it’s not in the height department….she’s 5’10”! She got that from Steve. My hair is actually about the same color as Beth’s, but I have a very long-standing relationship with L’Oreal. :giggle: She takes care of the gray.

  4. You two do look a lot alike! Not any of my kids look like me, or my grandkids either!!! They are WAY better lookin’ than me! My kids are good looking!!! BUT, my grandbabies are gorgeous, perfect!!! Of course!!! I went on down and listened to your videos and I love He Reigns! I love Casting Crowns too. I need to get me some more good music!!! My son has a band and I was listening to his CD lately. I am still SO impressed that I am listening to MY baby boy play the guitar so well!!!! Anywho, right now, I have Walk the Line new and it is in my car going whenever I am! We didn’t get any of the bad weather yesterday or today. Whew!!!

  5. I had this long witty reply to your post and xanga ate it…the one time I didn’t copy the comment before I hit submit…dangit! šŸ˜¦  I’ll have to come back later…

  6. I don’t mind at all :sunny:
    Thank you so much for the encouraging reply!
    I’m sorry for the short comment… I’ll probably be back later.
    ~Caleb ><>

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