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This is a very sad story. A 5 month old baby boy was found with his genitals completely severed. The mother says the dog did it, and she isn’t cooperating. She got a lawyer right away. Doesn’t sound like a mother who is concerned for the welfare of her child. Child Protective Services says it is not consistent with an injury by a dog.  They said he had lost much blood. The family lives in an apartment about 20 minutes from us. There is a video clip of the news broadcast on that link.

Connie has pictures up of their San Antonio trip.
Steve has posted another story in a series about the Passover, from the viewpoint of a Roman guard. It will go on until Easter. He is incorporating a few experiences of our family and friends in the military. The current story includes one such experience of a Marine who now works for him. I think he will explain all that after the series.

I got on here shortly before noon, and only had 16 footprints today. Normally at this time there’s 30-40. Where is everybody?
Actually, I normally have a ton of search engine hits, and then husband hits. He sets his Xanga pages to reload every few minutes, so he gets regular updates. He must be extremely busy today.

Today would have been my grandmother’s 97th birthday. She died of cancer (Non-Hogkins Lymphoma) on June 27,1972 at the age of 62. I was 15 years old. She was my mom’s mom.
My grandfather had just died 6-1/2 years earlier (December 29, 1965), of a disease that nobody understood at that time. It is called Cryptococcal Meningitis. Life got really tough for Nanny after Gran died, because she had to go to work. They had no savings for her to live on. She became a nurse’s aide, first  at a nursing home near here, and then at the Methodist Hospital in the Houston, Texas Medical Center. That’s where she died.
A couple of years before she died, two men showed up at her front door looking for somebody – the name I don’t remember. But it was a ruse – they were there to rob her. They were heroin addicts. They came in and ransacked the house and tied her to the foot of her bed. There wasn’t much to take (they took her jewelry box and her wedding ring), and it made them mad, so one of the men kicked her in the chest. That started her descent toward death.
My aunt lived 2 doors down and had seen the strange van in her driveway. She did not go down to Nanny’s house until the van left. She had 2 small children (one of them is my cousin Ross in the slide show on the left). She did not want to endanger them. After the men left, she found her mother tied up. She called the police and my parents. My dad went driving around to find the men, and did find them at a house in the neighborhood next to our church. He alerted the police. I do not know if the men were ever sent to prison.
We did not know then that she had cancer. The doctor said she could have had it for as long as 30 years. It was extremely slow growing, but she had ignored the signs for a very long time. What we did not know, though, was that she had a tumor in her heart. The blow to her chest caused that tumor to start growing very fast, and it eventually filled her heart, cutting off her blood supply.
My sisters and I, and my mother spent every day at the hospital. Tammy and I would sing to her. She especially liked to hear Amazing Grace.
This is my grandmother, just 6 months before she died. This was Christmas 1971, he last Christmas. Since she isn’t living, I’ll give her name: Hazel Sue Fulgham Guinn.
Hazel Guinn 12-24-71 cropped
She had been through a lot of chemo and radiation, and had to wear a wig at that time. When the surgeon removed her spleen, he said it was the size of a basketball.
This is my grandfather, Roy Sidney Guinn:
Roy Guinn 1928 
He was only 21 in that picture. I have done comparison pictures of him and my nephew, who is also 21, and they look very similar.
Here are my grandparents on December 25, 1933. Nanny was almost 24….Gran was 26. She is about 5 months pregnant with their first child, Roy (“Bubba” to us.)
Roy and Hazel 12-25-33
Here’s my parents, Walter and Sherry, with Bubba and Krista, in July 2005. Sherry, Bubba and Krista are the 3 children of  Hazel and Roy.
Walter, Sherry, Bubba, Krista 2005 
Ok…you can laugh at this one (but I will get even with you! ) This is me on my 15th birthday, in my grandmother’s kitchen. It was just 2 days short of 3 months before she died. I was her oldest grandchild, and she knew it would be the last birthday she would see, so she insisted on giving me a “fancy” party, with her china and the “fancy” punch bowl. I now have all that china and the punch bowl. The punch bowl was used in our wedding, as well as all my sisters’ weddings, and my parents’ 50th anniversary party. A piece of the china was also used in our wedding, to hold a candle. A picture of it is in the slide show of our wedding – in the “ring picture”.
Cindy's 15thbday 3-29-72
So many memories.



16 thoughts on “My Guinn Family

  1. :heartbeat: Wow! Your grandmother wasn’t too old. What a shame that she had to receive that kind of treatment from those men. 😮  I like the 30’s pic of your grandparents.  Thank you for sharing your memories with us. I enjoy seeing pictures and hearing these stories.  One never forgets — do we?  Happy Birthday, Hazel!  Blessings ~Carolyn :love:

  2. You posted twice on the young homeschooler’s site… 12:57 and 1:15 (approx). Did you watch his polka videos? Enoch and I had a good time this morning watching them. I love the pictures you post of your family and of you… great to help with our memories! I love the picture of you at 15… very beautiful.

  3. Wow so much info here! well first off I checked out that You Tube video below! Wow!!!Oh I just want to break my teeth when I hear about someone who hurts kids!!! Unfathomable!!! The enemey comes to kill steal and destroy! What evil that can come from the dark side! Kerri

  4. And the guy on the video….he has all the answers….he knows them all. And still refuses to follow. So he knows the truth, and says, “I don’t want it.” That’s tragic.

  5. I was looking at some other pictures of her this afternoon, and realized how much she looked like one of her other sisters. She was one of 9 children, and the last died a year ago in April.

  6. :goodjob:Great pics, CIndy!!!!!!!!!!!  WHat a lovely lady she was!  I especially enjoyed seeing your birthday photo…What a beautiful cake and the table looked so elegant…I love ya muchliest—Paula:heartbeat:

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