It’s been a long day, but kind of fun. We did a lot of things we’ve been wanting to do.
Beth had a doctor’s appointment at 9:30 and it went well. She does have to go for an ultrasound, but the pain she is having is nothing serious. The doctor is trying her out on a new medication and she has to go back in a couple of months.
We went to the bank, and then went by the animal hospital to see what time Rachael was going to lunch. She decided to go at noon, which was only 15 minutes away, so she went with Beth and I to Chili’s. Beth and Rachael had fun giving our waiter a hard time. It was nice just to eat, talk and laugh. Then we went by my sister’s house for a few minutes.
Then Beth and I went out to Houston National Cemetery, our veteran’s cemetery. We had not been there since July 2, 2004. It has changed a lot. In the area of the grave of a young soldier whose funeral we attended in April 2004, there were only 13 graves back then. Now, there are easily 1000 graves in that area. I started counting them, and changed to estimating. We could not believe how much change there had been in less than 3 years. There had been so many older veterans who died in 2005, and quite a few more who died in the current war. There have now been 70 from the Houston area, die in either Iraq or Afghanistan. We took pictures of the grave of Cory Kosters, just 19, whose funeral was yesterday. And we heard about one more tonight, from Conroe, north of Houston.
Beth took tons of pictures and videos, and will post them later. I’ll post a link when she does. And Ethan and Rick….we got pictures of Walter Moss’ grave. It’s been almost a year. I believe it was March 30, 2006 when he died. He was an Air Force EOD tech.
After that, Beth and I went to the Houston Fire Department Memorial. I had not ever been there, and it is not far from the cemetery, so we went. It is beautiful. She’s going to post pictures of that, too. There is a granite wall, much like the Vietnam Memorial Wall, with names of deceased firefighters etched in it, whether they died on the job or not. Then in the center of a circle of memorial benches, there is a monument with the names of those Houston Firefighters who died on the job. We got pictures of the name of Grady Don Burke. My sister went to school with him. On top of that monument are statues of 2 firefighters on a ladder, one handing down a child to the one below. The granite stones used to pave the area also have names etched in them. It’s very moving.
real women have curves

Thank you to those who gave their thoughts yesterday, on prayer. Our pastor always says that if you pray about something, then when you get the answer, tell 3 people. That’s not a spiritual law or anything, but it does show what God is doing for us. And it encourages other people, much like the miracles that people saw Jesus perform when He was on earth. It kind of makes the outcome of prayer a little more real for people.
We are headed out to the doctor in about an hour.



10 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. Hi,  I love your post from yesterday how powerful.  ryc: Fine, not good nor bad just fine.  I hope and pray that Beth will get better and “find” an answer.  Mr. Pain gets around way too much.  Many smiles, Sharon just being silly now:fun:

  2. :sunny:Can’t wait to see the pictures and video… that’s incredible that so many have died since you were last there… very eye opening…
    Have a blessed Wednesday, lady!!

  3. Your part of the country has given alot to the fight against terror! My heart goes out to all the parents, family and loved ones who are hurting over their loss……
    It is so cool patriotic and touching how much you pay tribute to those that are at war…and those who died in battle. It really is inspiring.
    I hope your daughter finds out what is wrong and that through prayer will find the answer…
    RYC: I love holding my granson and looking at him and even getting to feed him. I hope you get that opportunity soon!
    :heartbeat: Kerri

  4. Thanks again for stopping by and taking me to lunch I NEEDED to get away, lol. I love my job but personally I’ve been seeing way too much of it lately. The 17 hours of overtime is GREAT! with my 80 hours but I get home and mostly just wanna go back to bed but then if I do that the morning comes back quicker and I gotta do it all over again. The GOOD news is I have this weekend off THANK GOD! I’m counting down 1 more day not counting today and I can sleeeeep in =)

  5. :goodjob: The weekend off….that’s wonderful! You’re welcome. I was planning on going to lunch with Beth, and when I realized what time it was, I thought you might be able to go then. I thought a girls’ day out would be nice :yes:

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