I’ve been emailing with my sister. I “sang” Happy Birthday to her in an email, so she replied. She said today she is cleaning carpets because she’s hosting a baby shower next weekend, but her husband and son did go get her a strawberry cheesecake from The Cake Lady.That’s her all-time favorite bakery. They have lots of beautiful cakes on their website, for those of you who like to look at cakes (that would be the ladies). Check out the chocolate groom’s cakes  

She said she’s giving Vance (her “adopted” son) till midnight to call her, and if he doesn’t, she’s going to call him and lay on a guilt trip so thick he’ll need a snow shovel to get out.   He’s in school in Boulder, CO. He and her son were best friends all through high school. Vance had family problems, so he came to live with my sister. He calls them Mom and Dad.   This is Vance:

Vance Washington #21

 silver glitter

HEB   Hang in there, E. School’s almost out.   Always praying for you.dancecat

silver glitter

Today is my sister’s birthday. She is 45. I lack 5 days being exactly 5 years older than she is. She’s #3 out of 4 sisters.

This is Laurie and her family, at Brandon and Rachael’s wedding, November 18, 2006. She was a big help for the wedding. She and my 2 other sisters, Heather and Tammy, took care of fixing all the food for the wedding, some for the rehearsal dinner (Glenn did the barbeque) and they all went together and gave the shower. We’re a team.

Ricky, Laurie and Adam

This is the 4 of us at the wedding:


silver glitter

I thought this was interesting.

March 22, 2007, 11:46PM
A new cause at Harvard: Opposing casual sex
Campus group urges abstinence, saying too many act mindlessly

CAMBRIDGE, MASS. β€” Sometime between the founding of a student-run porn magazine and the day the campus health center advertised “Free Lube,” Harvard University seniors Sarah Kinsella and Justin Murray decided to fight back against what they see as too much mindless sex at the Ivy League school.

They founded a student group called True Love Revolution to promote abstinence on campus. The group was created earlier this school year, has more than 90 members on its page and drew about half that many to an ice cream social.

Harvard treats sex β€” or “hooking up” β€” so casually that “sometimes I wonder if sex is even a remotely serious thing,” said Kinsella, who is dating Murray.

Other schools around the country have small groups devoted to abstinence. On most campuses, they are religious organizations. Princeton and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have Anscombe Societies, secular organizations named after an English philosopher and Roman Catholic. True Love Revolution is secular as well.

Some mock group

Some feminists, in particular, have criticized True Love Revolution’s message.

Harvard student Rebecca Singh said she was offended by a valentine the group sent to the dormitory mailboxes of all freshmen. It read: “Why wait? Because you’re worth it.”

“I think they thought that we might not be ‘ruined’ yet,” Singh said. “It’s a symptom of that culture we have that values a woman on her purity. It’s a relic.”

Others on campus have mocked the group. Murray said his friends take pleasure in loudly, and graphically, discussing their sex lives just to taunt him.

“On campus there is such a strong attitude of pluralism and acceptance, but then it doesn’t extend to this,” Kinsella said.

In the student paper, The Harvard Crimson, columnist Jessica C. Coggins praised the group’s low-key approach and scolded Harvard students for their “laughter at the virgin.” She said students on the campus, which has 6,700 undergraduates, should “find a different confidence booster than making fun of celibate peers.”

True Love Revolution members say the problem starts with the university. They say Harvard has implicitly led students to believe that having sex at college is a foregone conclusion by requiring incoming freshman to attend a seminar on date-rape that does not mention abstinence, by placing condoms in freshmen dorms, and by hosting racy lecturers. (Harvard students have also launched H-Bomb, a magazine featuring racy photos of undergraduates.)

“Sometimes that voice on campus is so overwhelming that students committed to abstinence almost feel compelled to abandon their convictions,” Murray said.

He admitted he “slipped up” and had sex earlier in college, but said he has returned to abstinence with Kinsella.

Dr. David Rosenthal, director of Harvard health services, disputed the notion that the university promotes sex.

He said students mistakenly think everyone on campus is having sex. The National College Health Assessment Survey, which included Harvard and hundreds of other campuses, found that about 29 percent of students reported not having sex in the past school year. For the 71 percent who are having sex, it is crucial to promote safety, Rosenthal said.

“Some students may have a feeling that acknowledgment is condoning,” he said, “and it’s not.”

Good for them for standing up for their beliefs and not being afraid to make them public. They may not change a lot of minds, but they may reach a few who were going to do it, because they thought everybody else was doing it.

Zits 3-23-07



13 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. :laugh: :yes: I’m willing to share. I just thought you were gone for the weekend and wouldn’t be here to share, since your blog said you wouldn’t be back till Monday. :giggle:

  2. Cindy,
    I love the Zits cartoon. I read it everyday.
    Enjoyed your pictures as well. God bless you and have a relaxing weekend.
    Cynthia :heartbeat::sunny:

  3. Hi, Suzanne  :wave:  :heartbeat:  :love:
    Cynthia….no relaxing here. Steve is fixing to take the computer apart, and then we are going to Fry’s Electronics. It needs a new video card, and we need another monitor.

  4. Cindy…So sorry that I haven’t been around much.  I have been in a funk for quite some time and I am trying really hard to come out of it. I am really trying hard. Just not sure how I will get this all done.
    Happy birthday to your sister!

  5. :yes: Olivia, I think so, too. I doubt you were meant to have blonde hair πŸ˜‰
    TJ, I know you have. I understand depression all too well. I’m praying for you. :heartbeat:

  6. Thanks for stopping by my page. I am looking forward to getting to know you better. I think I am going to really like the xanga when I figure it all out. Have a good weekend.

  7. Ugh, it’s like that at College of Charleston’s campus too. People are CONSTANTLY setting up tables in some of the main areas of campus and offering “free condoms and lube.” There was even one time that they were giving out “free CANDY, condoms and lube!!!” (as if candy naturally goes together with that). I feel like the campus just assumes that every student is sexually active…there’s also events/chats/etc. for sex, safe sex, std and hiv testing etc…but very rarely is there anything about abstinance.  :whocares:

  8. :yes:  And if they aren’t…..let’s encourage them. That seems to be the attitude. Candy, condoms and lube…..sounds like a somewhat questionable Valentine’s Day ad.  πŸ™„

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