Update 8:40 p.m….Tonight at church, Beth started breaking out in hives again. This on top of the other health problem she’s been having. So please keep her in your prayers. 

Hey Christy…..Steve and I are having Chinese food for supper  (It’s ok if the rest of you don’t get it.)

Beth has a
link in her post that you need to read. It’s hilarious.  

And ladies, did you know it’s boyfriend season?


After church this morning, we went to Skeeter’s  for lunch. Andy (our pianist/youth & music minister’s son) went with us. Lots of fun.

Andy, Bethany, Brandon and Rachael:

 Andy, Beth, Brandon, Rachael

Brandon & Rachael

Skeeter’s tables are covered in butcher paper and they provide crayons to draw. So naturally, the children had to draw.   Rachael is drawing a picture of Andy. And every time Andy insulted her, she’d get back at him by altering his picture.

Still looks kind of strange to see that wedding ring on Brandon’s hand.

Brandon & Rach



And Rachael’s picture of Andy:

Rach drawing Andy 

The video card on our computer was going out and there was a problem with our monitor, so last night we went to Fry’s Electronics. We now have a 19 inch LCD flat screen monitor. I can see it without my glasses.


13 thoughts on “Skeeter’s

  1. I love those restaurants that let you color on the tables!! I usually write my name a bunch of times, draw some cats, some hearts… there ends my artistic ability

  2. 😆 Glad you clarified with the “food” part of the sentence! 😆  Looks like everyone had a good time at lunch!  I’d love to see what Beth could do with a picture of Christy! :giggle:
    I’m praying for Beth…poor thing!  Hope you guys have an awesome week and she gets to feeling better!

  3. Yay for a great day! (ceprt for poor Beth breaking out in hives!!! ) I will keep her in my prayers!I LOVE paper covered tables…….there is a place the beach that we ALWAYS go to that does that as well…….I think I am the one that has the most fun with it tho……I always run out of space to draw on!! They are kinda stingy with the paper in my opinion ….AND, I like my crayons to be nice and sharp, too! (DONT bring me the ones with the paper peeled off them! grrrrrrrr !! hehe!)Wooooohoooooo for a bigger montior……was it like “instant improvement in the eye-sight” !?!?!Happy Monday!!Blessings Cindy!Terry :o)~

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