My morning

dancing daisies

I hate Cingular. I just want you to know that.  I really hate Cingular.

Daisy chain

It’s been a long day. We got to the doctor’s office about 9:20, and left there around 11:00. Then we headed to Walmart. We did a little shopping and then decided we would meet at Casa Ole for lunch.

Beth had told the other girl working with her (Barbara) she needed to leave at 12:00 so she could meet us for lunch. She told her that early this morning. Well…Barbara decided she was going to relieve their door greeter, Jim, so he could go on his break, till after 12:00. Then at 12:15 she waltzed back in and told Beth she was going on her break. …and just left. She knew Beth had lunch plans at noon, so she just decided she didn’t like those plans. Beth was not happy. This woman use to be a CSM (customer service manager) but decided she didn’t like it, so she is back to working in the garden department….same as Beth. But she still thinks she makes the rules.

Beth didn’t get to clock out till 12:40 p.m. Rachael and I had already gone to Casa Ole and ordered, and I was beginning to think that something had happened to Beth, since she was supposed to be following us in just 10 minutes or so. And she couldn’t call us because they can’t carry their cell phones, and they can’t call out on the department phone.

Rachael finally got hold of her and she said she was on her way. She had quite a headache by the time she got to the restaurant. But we found things to laugh about anyway. Rachael was giving us a graphic of….well, things at the doctor’s office, using her napkin and silverware as visual aids.  I can’t go into it. Anyway….we were laughing so hard,  people were turning around and looking.  I took pictures, but they aren’t really good pictures, so I don’t think I’ll post them.

Then Rachael and I took Beth’s cell phone to yet another stupid Cingular store, trying to find a good deal on another phone for her. All you can get on her phone is static. She can still text, but she can’t talk. I’m fixing to call customer service and remind them that we have been a faithful customer  for 12 years (originally Primeco, but it was bought by AT&T and then Cingular) and Verizon is calling our name since Steve and Brandon both have Verizon.  They owe us a deal.

Then I went to the post office and the bank, and came home to do a little cleaning.  You always have to do that when you have cats

 I am leaving in a little while to take Rachael to the doctor and then we’ll go to lunch with Beth. I’ll update this afternoon.



10 thoughts on “My morning

  1. :eek:Between you and Melissa–you are making me hungry!:p  We don’t shut down for lunch or dinner, so I will vicariously have what you are having! :goodjob: With muchliest love–Paula:spinning::heartbeat::spinning:

  2. I have Verizon and love it…. never a problem eventhough we have no Verizon towers out here. I believe Verizon to have the best nationwide coverage as well. You’re making me hungry with all this talk of food, as I sit here with a Honey Mustard & Onion bag of pretzels. *sigh* I need REAL food.

  3. Yanno this is fair game now every time you mention eating!  :yes: :giggle:
    So sorry Beth had to put up with all that just to get a meal…what a pain!  As my mother would say, you want me to sit on her (Barbara) chest until her eyes bug out?? 😮

  4. In answer to your question attendance is 120-130 at the present.  We had a really nice time with the Silver Saints and the WPAF Base Museum but I did not see anything about Dan.  If you want to read every single thing then you probably need about 3 days.  We’ve had Verizon and Cingular.  Cingular has been much better by far for us!  Sorry!

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