Jury Duty

Update 9:50 p.m….Nice try, Don. I said earlier that I’m not posting about all the mess that’s going on now.  So there’s really nothing for you to read. What I don’t understand is why you go to Sharon’s page first. It doesn’t avoid the trackers.
Bethany just left a few minutes ago after her lunch break. She went out to get the mail before she left, and found that she has a jury summons to Federal court on April 23. So guess who else will be in Federal Court on April 23?
 I’ve gone to jury duty with Beth and Rachael, since they don’t know their way around downtown Houston. It’s a pain and you can definitely get lost. I didn’t go with Brandon his first time, because he was familiar with it from working down there when he serviced fire equipment.

She got the questionaire to fill out, for possible Federal jury service, months back and we had not heard anything back from them. So we thought that would be it. It wasn’t.

I’ve never been summoned for service in Federal court. I have several times in county and city courts. I actually like jury duty. But you have to leave so darned early to get to downtown Houston and be in court by 8:00 a.m. 

I have very limited experience with driving in other parts of the country. But most Houston drivers will stop for anything on the freeways. “Oh look….there’s a dead squirrel in the middle of the road. I’ll bet it was a cute little thing before it was a squirrel pancake.”      If a cop car goes by, they will all slow down 10 MPH under the speed limit, when they were going 15-20 over to begin with. So in the middle of the day when there’s little or no traffic, it can take 30 minutes to get from home to downtown. But most mornings you’d better plan on 1-1/2 hours.

This is their website:  

United States District Court, Southern District of Texas

Steve had to serve on a jury for Federal court once. It was a bank robbery case.

This morning Beth got to see the principal from the school where she use to volunteer. She loved that job. And while they were standing there talking, the nurse from the same school came in. So it was old home day at Walmart.

I just got a call from one of the church members to see what her little great-granddaughter needed to bring in order to be baptized this Sunday (they need to bring a complete change of clothes and a towel). But this rather large family has gone to our church for 40 years, and every generation except the great-grandmother has been baptized there. Wouldn’t you think they’d know the routine by now?  

We always tell people not to just wear their underwear under the robe. It’s white, and when it gets wet, it’s see-through. They need to wear shorts and t-shirt  or something like that, under it. I stand back there and help people get in and out of the baptistry, and mop up after them. I now know what kind of underwear some of our church members wear. The ones that don’t listen to the instructions.

Beth has to go for an ultrasound on Friday of next week. She’s doing a little better, but the pain comes and goes. She posted about her new phone here.

The door greeter, Jim, told her the other day, to stop putting on all that make-up and eyelashes because she’s attracting the guys.   She told him she doesn’t put on eyelashes….those are her own. She told him she went for older guys and asked him if he was available. They love to give each other a hard time. He told me one day that she was so sweet. I told him he hadn’t really gotten to know her yet.  

Sometimes it’s so hard not to bug HEB. But all things considered, I’m doing a pretty good job.   Rehab is difficult. Old habits are hard to break. 

Hello to Troy. I see he was on here this morning. (No…I’m not posting about any of the current mess that’s going on.)

I can’t believe I’m going to be 50 tomorrow. Where did the last 50 years go? When did I get that old?



6 thoughts on “Jury Duty

  1. I have never *knock on wood* been summoned for jury duty, and once I’m in practice, I believe I can get out of it on account of being a health care provider (but I’m not 100% sure on that). I’m under the impression that health care providers and educators are exempt, no? I can’t imagine serving on one of the high profile cases. I guess the only “benefit” would be the potential book deal at the end hehehe!! I got really into the Scott Peterson trial because I just wanted to see that scumbag get justice SO badly. But honestly, as “into” that trial as I was, I really could care less about any of their books. I agree with their verdict, I pretty much know how they arrived at it, so why would I need to read 300 pages about it? And the OB jurors’ books?… Well I’d likely want to strangle those *&^$@ for letting that murderer off.

  2. :laugh: Yeah, I care nothing about reading the books, either. In fact, I think if a person is convicted of something like murder, they should not be allowed to profit from it. I’m just mean like that. 😡
    Here are the exemptions listed for Federal court:
    1. A member in active service of the armed services of the United States.
    2. A member of a fire or police department.
    3. An elected official actively engaged in the performance of official duties.
    Then there are 6 reasons that you can apply to be excused:
    1. Persons not employed outside the home having active care and custody of a child under the age of ten whose health or safety would be jeopardized by their absence for jury service; or a person who is essential to the care of the aged or infirm persons and who is not employed outside of the home. Write a separate letter giving full details of your hardship.
    2. Persons who have served as a grand or petit juror in federal court within the past two years.
    3. Persons over seventy years of age.
    4. Members of federal law enforecement agencies (like agents for Postal, FBI, Customs, etc.)
    5. Members of volunteer safety organizations who work in an official capacity without compensation (firefighters, rescue squads, or ambulance crews).
    6. Others for whom the jury service would cause undue hardship or extreme inconvenience. Write a separate letter giving full details of your hardship.
    That’s just for federal court, but I have never seen on any jury summons that medical personnel are exempt for service. This list of 6 reasons are just reasons you can request off. But a judge does not have to excuse you.

  3. But a judge does not have to excuse you.
    After I posted that, I thought I better be a little more specific. If the judge thinks your reason is a good one, he can excuse you. But he doesn’t have to. It does take a judge excusing you in order not to serve.

  4. :sunny: Hi Cindy!! the weather was nice today… I loved it… I really like Houston’s country side.
    Anyway, I did not know about Federal Court jury duty.. it’s good to know. My son works for the Federal Reserve Bank, so I guess he is exempt; not sure about county or city, though. My hubby used to work for county and he never had to be on jury duty. As for myself, I’ve always been called in Cali, but I’ve never got to sit in the jury chair. It seemed like I was called every year! 😆  Thank goodness, I had to call the night before to find out if my group # was called; so all in all I went to the courthouse only once. :spinning: :yes: Our traffic situations there was not so bad. I noticed here that even the side roads or the service or feeder roads are so busy. They really need to widen the freeways here. It seems like Houston is booming, what do you think? I only hope that it stays “country” feel.  :love:
    Have a nice day tomorrow!!  :sunny:

  5. Oh, yes…Houston is booming. And they are widening freeways. I-10 is being widened big time. I’m not sure what area of Houston you live in, but most of it doesn’t have a country feel anymore. We are actually in Deer Park, and when we moved out here a little over 27 years ago, we were out in the middle of nowhere. But now everything has grown up around us. There are still some parts on the outskirts of town that have a country feel. Where my parents live is like that.
    Melissa…thank you for the birthday wishes. Tell your daughter happy birthday, too. We will be going to Red Lobster. Want me to eat some shrimp for you? :laugh:

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