Thank you for all the birthday wishes from everybody! Steve came home for lunch and brought me chocolate…..Whitman’s Sampler chocolate.  
Beth is also home for lunch. She said Mike the Cop came into Walmart today and  said he quit his job! So I can’t call him Mike the Cop anymore. It will have to be Mike the Ex-Cop. He’s been a Deer Park police officer for 7 years, and he has an impressive education in law enforcement. I can’t imagine him not a cop.
Ethan, I was just looking at that first birthday pic. I have chipmunk cheeks       In fact, my mother and grandmother use to tell me that.
Our list of names for Red Lobster tonight has grown to 16. And Dorothy’s going to dance on the table and sing   Yeah…I’ll be singing at her funeral, too.
We have a lot of fun.
My wonderful son has already told me that with 16 people going, that’s one person for every decade of my life. I have to slap him when I see him.

Today is my birthday. I cannot believe that my age now starts with a 5. (Go ahead….I know which ones of you are wanting to jump on that one!  )
We are going to Red Lobster tonight. There are definitely 11 of us  going, and possibly 15. Our Bible Study group from church is going, plus a few from our Sunday School class. It should be fun. Our Bible Study group cannot behave themselves. They’re a riot. There will be lots of laughter.

So here’s some pictures from past birthdays….way past.

My first…..1958

Cindy 1958

My second….Easter Sunday 1959. I remember things about that birthday, eventhough I was only 2. I had a round, white cake covered in coconut and jellybeans, with a chocolate rabbit sitting in the middle of the cake. I wanted that rabbit, and my mother and grandmother made me sit at the kitchen table with that cake in front of me, so they could take pictures, and they wouldn’t let me touch that rabbit. I’ve already told Steve I want chocolate for my birthday.

Cindy, Easter 1959

My sixth….1963. That’s me in the middle, with my cousin, Caye on my left and my sister Tammy on my right:

My Bday Mar 1963 Caye,Cindy,Tammy

My 13th…also on Easter Sunday in 1970. Standing is my sister, Tammy, on the left is my youngest sister, Heather, and on the right is my sister, Laurie. Laurie is interested in the cake. Her birthday was on March 24. She is 5 years younger than me.

Tammy,CindyLaurie,Heather 3-29-70 My 13thbday

You’ll have to wait to see a picture of my 50th. I’m very sure we’ll take pictures.

Here’s a picture of where I was born: St. Joseph’s Hospital in downtown Houston. It has gone from a building covering one block, to covering several blocks. It has expanded to a good sized medical center. The Maternity and Children’s Building where I was actually born is no longer there. It was demolished and a park  with a beautiful waterfall is in its place. At one time, 1 out of every 3 babies born in Houston, was born at St. Joseph’s. Patrick Swayze was born there, too, in 1952.

Maternity and Children's Building



25 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. :sunny:And you ARE Fabulous at Fifty!!!
    Love those pics…. and Red Lobster is my favorite!!!!
    Have a very blessed birthday and I pray that this year will be the most blessed ever….
    Love you much!!

  2. :wave:Hi,  Happy Happy Birthday (singing and clapping here) Happy Happy Day and Everyday!  Sending you wonderful well wishes.  I love your pictures.  :sunny:My pictures are at my parents–I did find a picture today of me in front of a church — looked about one.  I can not but laugh at your 13th b-day, your sisters are so cute.  Take Care Please.  I am sending a virtal pink flamingo to you. 😆

  3. HAPPPPPPPYYY BIRRRRTTTTHHDDDAYYY!!!!!!!! Please eat one of those good biscuits at Red Lobster in my honor! Since I don’t like seafood one bit, when I end up at Red Lobster – usually in the company of a large group – I fill up on the bread. Darn fine bread!!

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you….to all of you. Lauryn, how will I know when I quit eating my cheddar bay biscuit and go to eating the one that’s for you? :giggle:
    Christy, are you actually dancing that cha cha cha? I wanna see :yes:  😆

  5. :heartbeat:Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, those pictures melt my heart!!!!!!  How adorable you were and how beautiful you are!  And just think–you aren’t just fifty, you are now equal to two 25-year-olds!!!!!  WooHoo!!!!!!!!  :yes::yes::yes:  With muchliest–Paula:love:

  6. you are now equal to two 25-year-olds!!!!! 
    AMEN!! 😆 Thank you. The 25 year olds think they have it made being young. They just don’t know that 50 year olds are just twice as crafty, twice as smart, twice as experienced. I wouldn’t go back to 25…except in looks 😆
    Love ya, Miss Paula! :heartbeat:  :love:

  7. Happy Birthday! I’m sorry this is so late. Everything is going great. This is the first chance to get to the computer. :sunny: :sunny: Have a great time tonight! It sounds like a great birthday party.

  8. Were you kicking Heather under the table? That is one not-happy camper!
    It does kind of look like it. I don’t remember what she was unhappy about. But I might have been kicking her. She was always bugging me when she was little :giggle:

  9. Happy Birthday!!!  Sorry that I didn’t swing by earlier.  I have been sick the past couple of days. Not sure what it was but yesteday I didn’t even get out of bed. 
    I am glad you had a great b-day!!!  :love:

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