I’m not sure why, but I have kind of got this urge to sew. Clearly a sign of illness, I know. But I just got out some fabric that Beth and I bought at Walmart probably a couple of years ago. I thought after the wedding I would not ever want to see my sewing machine again. But I can see a pretty new dress or two for Easter out of this fabric.
Real Life Adventures 3-30-07

I have some work to do in the front yard. Steve is gone to get an air conditioner compressor for Beth’s trucklette. I just got back from running an errand and doing a little stalking. Maybe I could get a job as a spy.  

Last night, every time we told somebody else about Andy’s naked except for red high heels picture, he would say, “I was 3. I was just 3.” Once he said, “Haven’t you ever done anything stupid?” I told him that about the most stupid thing Beth ever did was ride her bike around the block without permission.  Brandon said he once went 21 in a 20 mph zone. Steve looked at me and said, “Where did we go wrong with our children?” 



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  1. you know, I was IN LINE at the grocery store with my stuff, about to get checked out, and they announced that the tornado sirens were going off and to abandon your stuff and get to the back of the store. Screw that. I abandoned my stuff and went out to the car and drove home. So no biscuits for me tonight, but I did bake some really fantastic blueberry muffins!

  2. Sounds good. But those tornadoes are scary things. I say that, as I remember a few times standing out in the open watching them. :lookaround: But we usually do not have the big ones down here (although there have been a few). I’ve been watching them on the news the last few days.

  3. :wave:Hi Cindy ~ I am so far behind ~ I shall have to try to catch up sometime. I really don’t like missing your great posts! BUT . . . once again… we are having Tristen for the weekend :goodjob::yes::sunny::heartbeat::love: and I need to get lesson plans done. So . . . back to that. However ~ Happy Birthday ~2 days late (my time… it’s already the 31st here)- – although actually, I do believe I wished you a Happy Birthday almost 2 weeks earlier! :laugh: Love to the Singing Family ~ :love: Carolyn :heartbeat:

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