Update 6:45 p.m…..The 80% chance of rain turned into 90%. And then it rained. But they did get the culvert replaced. The one Steve ordered did not come in, but he was able to get one of a slightly different size. Steve, Mark, Brandon, Dave and Andy worked on it, and got it finished a whole lot faster than I thought they would.
The ladies and I fixed brisket, garlic bread, veggies, chips and desserts for lunch. And Lauryn….we fixed fresh strawberries.  Huge strawberries.
After we worked, then Beth practiced her song for tomorrow, and we practiced a trio. We have several specials tomorrow. There are 4 of us singing. Brandon was operating the sound equipment, playing around with it. He made it reverberate and did sports announcements. He played an airline pilot, making announcements to the passengers, mostly garbled except for a few key words. He and Andy got really silly and had lots of fun.
Then Beth and I went shopping. Clothes and shoes. We went to only one clothing store, but then 3 shoe stores. They didn’t have what we needed, so we went to the mall. On the day before Easter. Macy’s had nothing. We stopped at 2 more shoe stores and then went to Sears. It is so close to impossible to find her shoes because of the size she wears, but we finally found some at Sears.
Then we went back to Walmart. That place is crazy the day before Easter. But Beth had to get stuff for a project. Our pastor longs for the days when ladies wore pretty hats to church. So on Easter, many of the ladies try to wear hats, and it makes Bro. Herb happy. Some of us just don’t do hats. And some of us shouldn’t do hats, but he’s going to if we have to glue it on. Beth is making Mark a special Easter hat. He’ll be the hit of the Easter parade  It’s lime green, and will have lots of flowers and lacy ribbon. He wore one last year and we have pictures to prove it.
It’s so stinkin’ cold and wet out there. I stopped to get gas because the car is dinging at me and saying “fuel level low”. But the first pump wouldn’t read the card. The second pump would read the card, but it would not pump the gas. It was so cold and windy, and my hands felt like blocks of ice. So I said forget it – we’ll get gas in the morning. But Steve just went back out to get some in case we have trouble finding a place that’s open in the morning. 
So here’s Mark last Easter, with his Easter hat:
Mark, Easter 2006 
Monthly church workday this morning. We have a driveway culvert to replace. Maybe that 80% chance of rain will go somewhere else.



8 thoughts on “Workday

  1. :heartbeat:It’s freezing cold here!!!  We might even get some snow flurries.. can you believe that? ha!
    Girl… I hope you all have a blessed Easter… I will be back in the swing of things next week! whoohoo!!
    Hugs, Connie

  2. Hi, Ladies….
    Connie, You have a blessed Easter, too. And rest. I know you need it.
    Suzanne, no, we won’t be able to. Not only because it might rain, but because the specially ordered culvert did not come in. So if Steve can’t find it at another place, we’ll have to wait. We do have some inside things we can get done, too.
    Yesterday on the news, the weather man said that even in Houston, there may be snow flurries north of I-10 (but probably more in the Conroe area). He said it would not stick because the ground is too warm, but there may be flurries. That’s just unheard of – snow in Houston in April. Crazy weather.

  3. Hope you have a great Easter.  There is nothing like a beautiful Easter Bonnet!!! 
    It is cold here too…snow and ice!  YUCK!!!

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