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Most of you know I don’t have any love for CVS after what they did to Bethany and the others she worked with. Now they are being sued by the Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott, because at a store a little northeast of Houston, the employees dumped tons of patient medical records and credit card information in a dumpster. They were moving from that location, and I guess they didn’t want to take the time to properly dispose of all the paperwork. They better hope they don’t get sued by someone because their identity got stolen from credit card information in that dumpster.
Thank you to those of you who have expressed so many get well wishes to Bethany. She has never really been this sick before. She did not go to work again today. During her 2 years at CVS, I don’t think she missed more than 1 or 2 days due to illness. She does not get sick leave at work, so she prefers to go and put in her required hours, so she will get paid. Brandon is the same way. When he worked at Sears, he even went to work one day, with the flu and fever of 103.

But yesterday when she went back after her lunch break, she was having such terrible abdominal pain, she could not stand. She sat down on the floor, and someone she works with called the customer service manager. They said she was shaking, sweating, and was really pale. That’s when Barbara thought about calling an ambulance.

For those who have asked, yes, we did go to the doctor. We went Monday afternoon. I’ve been suspecting she could have a slight case of appendicitis. Many people think appendicitis always ends in rupture and surgery, but that isn’t necessarily true. A milder case can be treated with antibiotics. You just don’t ever hear about those cases. I found this during my research yesterday:

Sometimes, the body is successful in containing (“healing”) the appendicitis without surgical treatment if the infection and accompanying inflammation do not spread throughout the abdomen. The inflammation, pain and symptoms may disappear. This is particularly true in elderly patients and when antibiotics are used.

She’s on a strong course of antibiotics and steroids right now, and the pain is a little better today.

Someone is supposed to come and fix our phone tomorrow between 8 am amd 8 pm. That means I have to stay home all day and wait for him.

BTW, Justin….we missed you Sunday night. Since you weren’t there, we talked about you  



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  1. hope that child starts feeling better soon.  My oldest son went through several attacks of appendicitis before we had it taken out. The last one the doc said we can give him antibiotics again, I said NO lets get it out before it becomes an emergency.
    David is having trouble now and I strongly suspect his gall bladder. I am trying to talk him into going to the doc next week.

  2. That’s not fun, Cathy. I have gall bladder problems. I’m just putting off surgery. Most days it does not give me problems, but some days are a pain….literally. I’m sure I’ll have the surgery some day…just not now. Hope he feels better.
    And hope you are having fun. It appears that you are 😆

  3. I missed 3 days at CVS. All of which were in the last 7 or 8 months of those two years. The first time I had a pinched nerve in my back or something and could barely stand up, and the second time was two days in a row, when I think I had the flu. And I felt really bad about that because Yanet worked a double the first day for me, and the lab shut down the next day. That’s why I always went to work sick… I felt bad about calling in.

  4. Wow, what kind of morons threw out confidential stuff?! How did they find out the stuff wasn’t shredded? Did someone happen across it? Makes you wonder who else is negligent like that. Scary. I don’t even throw out junk mail without shredding it, I can’t imagine throwing out someone elses info. RYC: that’s an interesting point about the shooter being resentful of the family’s sacrifices. Definitely possible I would think… but the note singled out rich students. Who knows. We’ll probably never know. Yeah, on our main campus, some people say it was a yoga mat, but the campus police said umbrella. How stupid, it was raining yesterday, it’s not like it was out of place.

  5. Wow…I am praying for Bethany!  :yes:
    RYC:  Yes, I just wish we could all get together and party…Now, that would be GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :lol::fun:
    Love ya muchliest–paula sue:love:

  6. We never know what can happen. I know the pharmacists at my local CVS  they have been in my town for years. I think CVS is wonderful here. But their prices are high. I am so glad for the drive thru..I feel sad for anyone working at the one you are referring too. People are working too many hours and some really stupid things can go wrong…

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