We are looking at NASA (Johnson Space Center) on Google Earth. Building 44, where the hostage situation was today, is right behind the building my dad worked in. He retired 10 years ago, but he was a chief operator at NASA’s on site power plant. He worked in building 24. Daddy first went to work in NASA’s fire department, but when it became part of the Houston Fire Department, he changed jobs and became an operator – the same thing he did at the job he had before he moved to NASA. He worked there from 1965 – 1997.
When Daddy went into NASA’s fire department, he had to know every building out there and what it was used for. So I helped him memorize them. We made flash cards with each building number, and the purpose of the building. Back then, I knew them as well as he did. But…NASA has changed a lot since 1965.

I love my family
Update again 10:40 p.m…..We just got home from the Bible Study a few minutes ago. Tonight was interesting, but it’s a long story.
There is a crack house across the street from the church. It’s well known by the police. But there are several kids and teens that live there. They play in our church yard. That’s ok, when we are not doing anything down there, except when they decide to vandalize the place. Tonight they were playing football in the yard. We let them stay because they weren’t doing anything bad. But during the Bible Study, they kept getting louder and louder, and quite disruptive. So I stepped outside and asked them to leave because we were having a study tonight. Usually they leave. Tonight they didn’t….they kept getting louder. So Mark stepped out there and asked them to be a little quieter because they were disrupting our study. They ignored him. So Steve stepped out and told them to leave. That made them mad. In a few minutes, we heard a gunshot right outside the building. I called the police, and the 3 men present checked out the situation. I also called our pastor and told him what was happening.
Steve, Mark and Glenn saw some teenage boys running away, and at least one was hiding at the school across the street. But the police never showed up. We waited nearly 2 hours, but they never showed. (Once before, when we were actually shot AT, and we heard the bullet hit the building, it took the police 3 hours to get there.) So if you are ever in Houston, don’t expect the police to show up very fast.
Our pastor does counseling for the Crisis Care Network, and he was called today about the shooting at NASA. He’ll be on call for any counseling needed.
Beth’s abdominal pain is coming back some. We may have to go back to the doctor if it doesn’t get better quickly. She found out today she does not have to report for jury duty on Monday, but she will be on call all week. She has to work tomorrow, so I hope this pain clears up.
I see my stalker is back trying to see if we are talking about him again. You are really running out of blog names, don’t you think?
shut up 
Update: The gunman and a hostage are dead. The hostage was a man. A female hostage got out.
We are watching Fox News again. A contract worker at NASA is barricaded in an office building with a weapon. The building has been evacuated. But I have 4 family members at NASA.
We have the Bible Study tonight at church. And I think we might just splurge and pick up something for dinner so I don’t have to cook.
I haven’t watched the news today. But yesterday’s newspaper was filled with articles on Korean people being worried that they will catch it because the shooter at VT was Korean.
I understand the uncertainty of Asians living in other parts of the world. I understand that shame is part of the culture. 
But these articles were written by Asian people living in America – possibly even people of Asian descent, who were born in America. The majority of people are not going to think anything about it. Yes, there are stupid people who will think ugly things. Those people would think ugly things about Asian people, even if the shooter had been white. Those people are just…well…stupid.
I can’t imagine thinking all Asians or even all Koreans have any shame in this at all. Cho did this act of his own free will. He did not do it as a representative of any group of people.
I see this as a different type of event than 9/11. We did look with more suspicion at those of Muslim faith or Arab descent, but for a different reason. We already knew that a group of people who intended to take down our entire country, had infiltrated. They had become part of us and blended in. People did not know who to trust. Therefore, those who looked similar were looked at twice. Still, I think the majority were treated well.
I seriously doubt anyone thinks that South Korea is trying to take over our country by sending a 23 year old student into a school with 2 handguns.
This might get me labeled as crazy, but I feel sorry for Cho Seung-Hui, whose Americanized name was Seung Cho. It’s been used both ways in the paper and on the news, but the university had him enrolled by his traditional Korean name. 
If I had known him, I would have tried to help him. I can’t imagine what kind of demons he must have been facing. It breaks my heart that he had no one to call a friend. That he felt like an outcast – someone who did not fit in anywhere.
People long for love and acceptance. It doesn’t sound like he had much of either. I have not heard much at all about his family, except that they owned a dry cleaning business and his sister went to Princeton. Since he sounded off about rich people and women, I have wondered if maybe he and his family scrimped and did without in order to pay for his sister to attend Princeton. She was an economics major who graduated in 2004.
I wonder if he was unfavorably compared to his sister, who was obviously a high achiever if she attended Princeton. I heard an interview yesterday with his great-aunt, and she called him “an idiot”. That really stood out to me.
In one of his videos, he said, โ€œThis is it. This is where it all ends. End of the road. What a life it was. Some life.โ€ I am betting he heard his family talk repeatedly about what a better life they would have here in America. In South Korea, they lived in a rented basement. Here, they started a business and bought a home 10 years ago for $145,000. But he seems to me to be saying that the life he lived wasn’t what they had envisioned. “Some life.”
He was picked on and bullied growing up. While I don’t think good natured teasing by close friends or family is particularly harmful (we tease Mark about not having any hair), if it gets carried away and the person is obviously distressed by it, it should stop. Coupled with an unstable personality, it can be tragic.
Once again, people can be mean.
(Edit: I’ve been reading comments from a Chinese online community today, talking about the sister. Oh, what misconceptions the commenters have about Americans! They seem to think the sister will be in danger here in America, just because she has been identified, and that they have been singled out because they are Asian. )




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  1. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ As you know, my husband of 32 years is from India. Last Saturday (early evening) we went to Acapulco for dinner/supper.  There was a parking spot open as soon as we turned into the parking lot, but Dalip drove up a bit more to see if there was anything closer. Nope, there wasn’t, so he backed up to get that first place. All of a sudden, I heard something go against the car and before you know it ๐Ÿ˜ฎ this lady was yelling at my husband. He rolled down the window and I remember her saying that ‘You were going to back over me!!’ and Dalip, ‘Said, no, I wasn’t!!’  She kept on yelling and I didn’t hear it — I just wanted to get out of there – but, she finally said, “Get out of my country!!” We finally pulled into the parking space and she took off walking down Colorado Boulevard. She had thrown her keys against our car to make it known that she was there. I’m sure Dalip saw her in the rear view mirror and would not have touched her. But, what I wanted to say is that in the 41 years that Dalip has lived here – no one has ever said anything like this to him. Now every once in awhile if something happens, we’ll say, “GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY!” ๐Ÿ˜†  Never a dull moment.  ~Carolyn  :fun:

  2. Hi, Carolyn….I know that has to be frustrating to be spoken to like that. People whose families have lived here for generations (read that white “northern European”) don’t stop to think that at one point in time, even our ancestors were newcomers to this country. We were immigrants. Sometimes people don’t stop to think how they would feel in a certain situation.
    People are people are people, no matter what country they are from, or their ancestors were from. Human beings can be hateful. Human beings are selfish and only think about themselves.
    One things that I have enjoyed about doing my genealogy, is trying to understand what it must have been like for my ancestors to come to this country. I didn’t have ancestors come over recently….mine have all been here at least since the early 1700’s. And my American Indian ancestors were here before that. I’ve even found out in recent years (through DNA testing) that I most likely have some Chinese ancestry and some African ancestry. I can’t imagine what it must have been like for all these people.

  3. One thing I read on the Chinese website, was that they seemed to think that just because the press has written things about Cho’s family, that must mean we are prejudiced against his race. One person asked if the killer had been a white male, would the same attention be given to interviewing and reporting on his family. The answer is “absolutely”. We seek to find out everything.
    People also tend to think that “others” are the only ones who are racially discriminatory.

  4. Oh, yes :yes: We definitely do. About 20lbs a week. There are 15 cats (not all of them are inside). Plus we feed a couple of possums. That’s not intentional, but the cat food is on the front porch, so they eat, too. But we go through even more dog food. More like 40lbs a week there.

  5. I would be really surprised if the Asian communities caught flack for the VT mess. Not to buy into stereotypes or anything, but they just aren’t viewed that way. After 9/11 the Muslim community was targeted in certain areas, but I think that stereotypes dictated to that more than to Asians flipping out and shooting up a campus. People just need to be a little more tolerant (HA!)

  6. :sunny:I saw the NASA incident on the news today and immediately thought of you guys and how we were going to meet there for lunch and stuff… people are just plain crazy… geesh!
    Hope you all have a great weekend…
    Hugs, Connie

  7. Ok, CIndy Poo, I have been packing…I have one suitcase waiting for you to hop into…Are ya ready???!!  You might want to bring a suitcase of your own with some extra clothes, ok?!!  
    Love ya muchliest–Paula

  8. Well, Cindy… 1st ~ PTL that Bethany is getting better. :heartbeat: 2nd ~ Your flowers are beautiful & your pets are adorable! :yes: I have never been a cat person, and  I had never seen cats sleep in any position other than what I thought was normal – i.e. – legs under their body. But with pix on the internet, & now with your many cats…. they sure sleep in funny postitions!! :lol::laugh::lol: 3rd ~ I really appreciate your recent posts about the Korean young man and his family; and also about others who have been bullied, or made to feel worthless. :nono: You have a good :heartbeat:. Love you muchliest! :love: Carolyn ๐Ÿ™‚

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