Home from the Hospital

We had our dinner and financial seminar after church tonight. After we got the kitchen cleaned up, we stayed late talking to Mark again. We just have a good time sitting around and talking.

We told stories of some of the things we saw and heard in the emergency room this morning. And Brandon told nursing home stories.

The people in the room next to us in the ER were a constant source of amusement. The whole family went in – probably 5 or 6 people in the room. The doctor went in and asked (I believe) the son, “What’s wrong with him?” I believe the older man did not speak English. So the son started telling the doctor all that was wrong…with HIMSELF! The doctor said, “Forget about that. What’s wrong with HIM?” Imagine that….the doctor wanted to know what was wrong with the person who actually came in for treatment. But our ER nurse friend said it’s common for a whole family to try to come in and get treated under the pretense of having one family member that’s sick.

Then we heard the doctor say, “Ok, guys, let’s let him have the bed.” Everybody but the patient was on the bed!

I’d swear we saw some of the dimmest bulbs in Pasadena, Texas today.

But there were some people that I had to wonder what their story was. While we were in the waiting room, a 50ish lady came out of the ER, obviously dressed up, in a long black satin skirt and white satin and lace blouse. But she had been crying, and she had blood down the front of her white blouse. She left by herself. I wondered what had happened. I wondered if maybe she and her husband had been in a car accident. And I wondered if he made it.

Brandon told us tonight about a guy they saw at a nursing home where they were servicing the AC. He wasn’t a patient….just some guy trying to bum money. He told Bill (my bro-in-law) that he needed 75 cents. Bill told him he didn’t have any money to give him. Then the guy told Brandon (he didn’t ask – he told) that he needed 75 cents. Brandon told the guy to go get a job. The guy asked if they had a job for him. Brandon told him no, but if he’d go get a job, he was sure they would give him 75 cents.  But Bill was dying laughing at Brandon telling that guy to go get a job. The way he told the story was just hilarious. The whole idea of actually getting a job and working is foreign to way too many people.

Then he told us about one of the nurses at a nursing home, who is actually a guy in drag. He sees some characters in his job.

The AC in our fellowship hall wasn’t working tonight, but Brandon managed to rig it where it would work temporarily. He didn’t have the parts to actually fix it tonight. I’m proud of him and what he can do. He can fix anything he puts his mind to. We had 3 AC guys there tonight – all in the family.

There was a bad wreck this afternoon, at one of the intersections we go through all the time. In fact, we went through it this morning on the way home from the hospital. Two Mustangs were drag racing and plowed into several vehicles on the service roads of the tollway. One of the vehicles was an ambulance with 3 EMT’s in it. Seven people were injured – some seriously.

One of our sweet church members, Linda, has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, to find out the results of her MRI. She has been having really bad headaches lately. The doctor’s office called her and told her she needed to come in, to discuss the results of the MRI. That doesn’t sound good. Please be praying for her. She is 51 years old, and is a member of our Bible Study group. She also helped serve and decorate at Brandon and Rachael’s wedding. Her husband is the one who barbecued all the meat for the rehearsal dinner.

I will make it around to everybody’s sites tomorrow. When I can keep my eyes open.

can't have just one 

It’s 9:00 and we just got home from the hospital a short while ago. We signed in at the emergency room at 10:45 Saturday night, and got out about 8:00 Sunday morning. We did stop and get something to eat on the way home because we were starving.

It took an hour just to get into triage. Then it took another couple of hours to get lab work and paper work done, and finally get into a room. I have spent longer at the hospital before, but never on so little sleep.

She does not have appendicitis. What we believe happened (and she said she didn’t care if I posted this) is she had a couple of ovarian cysts that ruptured, coupled with the antibiotic making her ill. Not a good combination. We think it was 2 since she had the extreme, doubling up kind of pain and nausea on two different occasions, but got better in between. She was having the pain and nausea while we were waiting to see the doctor. They did a CT scan just to make sure there was nothing seriously wrong. No appendicitis. Just knowing that is a relief.

Lauryn, just as we figured, every snotty nosed kid who just needed Robitussin was there last night. Parents hauled in kids who were literally skipping around in the ER. Didn’t seem that sick to me. But there was one baby who was really ill. He was released from the hospital yesterday, but his jaundice was worse last night.

Then early this morning, we listened as a woman in the ER was given the diagnosis that she has uterine cancer. We listened to her cry and say, “I’m dying.” That was sad.

Beth did develop a migraine while we were there. The pain along with the stress caused it. She got a little claustrophobic in the CT scan, and got a little disoriented. She said she’s glad to know that she reacts that way, though, because if she ever has to have an MRI, they will have to put her to sleep. That’s what they had to do with me.

The doctor gave her Vicodin for the headache and sent us home. When we went to eat, the Vicodin really kicked in. I was afraid we were going to have to carry her out. When we got home, she went straight to bed.

Needless to say, we aren’t going to make it to church this morning. We’ll be there tonight.

I’ll let her tell you later about the cute young ER Tech that took care of her this morning. He did a double-take when he came in and saw her. It was kind of funny.



13 thoughts on “Home from the Hospital

  1. You know, last time I went to the ER I walked out into the hallway in just a gown to ask for another blanket and as the EMT was getting it for me I kept trying to place him.. I knew I knew him from somewhere… he came back with my blanket and asked me if he knew me from somewhere, so we both looked incredibly familiar to eachother. No idea where I know him from but I KNOW I know him and it’s driven me crazy ever since. Anyway, I’m glad Beth is ok. You guys were there for like an entire shift! They should pay you! If I were the Triage Nurse I would be so tempted to have made the robitussin bunch wait like ten hours to be seen, but if they actually did have something worthwhile that would be disasterous. More hospitals need Urgent Cares annexed to them. I dont blame her for getting claustrophobic in the CT Scan… next time ask for some good Versed!

  2. Oh I hate those hospital visits to the E room. MRI’s and Cat scans just bring back the whole memory of Marks brain tumor….I feel badly for that young woman who was given the dignosis but as we all know God is the only one who knows our time f9or sure… Mark’s was supposed to be in 95 but here he is in 07!
    Glad they found out what your daughter has and that she is resting…
    God bless you guys and hope you get some rest too…it is a stressful place to be if you have to be up half the night….

  3. Cindy,
    Your Saturday night was definitely more exciting, but I think mine was probably more relaxing, LOL. I’m glad Beth is going to be all right, Praise the Lord. Both of you get some rest today. God bless you.
    Cynthia :shysmile::heartbeat:

  4. At least you found out what is wrong with her. 
    Many people use hospital ER’s as a doctor’s office – many times because they don’t have insurance.  At least that used to be the case. 
    The only time we didn’t have to wait in an ER was when I was having an asthma attack.  I was surprised because when I was a kid we used to go to the doctor and wait and wait and wait, even though I could barely breathe.  They wouldn’t do that now….
    I’m sorry you had to go there.  ER’s can be endurance tests.  I hope she gets better quickly!

  5. Hi, Renee….thank you. She is getting better. That still is very much the case with ER’s. The law says these people cannot be turned away, so they are treated, eventhough they really didn’t need anything more than over the counter cold meds. That’s one reason we put off going for as long as we could. We’ve been there before. BTW, it was Bayshore Hospital. When Southmore Hospital in Pasadena closed, Bayshore became the only hospital in the area. So they are also the only ER in the area.
    The last time we were seen in that ER was when I had a seizure. Of course I went in by ambulance and they saw me right away. People also think they can go in by ambulance and automatically be seen first. But if the case isn’t serious, they will be put in the waiting room with everybody else. One guy found that out the hard way this morning. Yet when my dad, who has a very bad heart, fell and hit his head on concrete, and had blood running down his head, they made him wait. So I went and called his cardiologist. Dr. Jeang called the ER and told them they better see Daddy right then. They did :laugh:

  6. And I should add….the doctors know all these people are not really sick, and you can see it in the way they are treated. The doctor was not very patient with those people in the room next door, because they were trying to con him. Yet he was very kind and helpful to us, because he knew Bethany was really hurting.
    There were 2 girls sitting in the waiting room with a baby, for several hours. I don’t think they were even there to see a doctor, and I’m not sure what they were actually there for. They never registered and no nurse ever called them to triage. Maybe they were just there for the entertainment.

  7. Cindy,
    I’m posting your prayer request in a few minutes. I didn’t want you to think I forgot. God bless you.
    C. :shysmile:

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