Flower Garden

Update 11:00 p.m….I just got an email from Linda, our friend at church, who had an MRI. The doctor did not find anything wrong on the MRI. Thank you for all your prayers, and Cynthia, thanks for posting her on the prayer list. But she is still having headaches, so please keep praying for her. She needs to find out why. She is in a lot of pain.

Bethany has another Mad Libs game going.
Fifteen year olds are just not that bright sometimes. Ashley (the girl that was doing drugs) shut down her MySpace so nobody here could find out what she’s up to. But she opened a new one, and left it set where you can search for her real name.  She said she’s 17 in one spot and 15 in another (she’s really 15) and then she put up pictures. If she didn’t want to be found, she sure left enough bread crumbs.
Zits 4-22-07
t385882  t385882  t385882
Pearls 4-22-07

Renee  has a video at the top of her page that you have to see.

I got this from Alice Woodrome. She is the lady that has the script for the smiley faces:
Flower Garden. Just click on the screen. Experiment with it: single click, double click, hold the button down….it will do lots of neat stuff. You can fill your entire screen. And yes, I have other stuff to do. But who wants to clean house?

And here’s a game to try: Animax Tic-Tac-Toe 

I was reading this morning on the problems Beth has been having, and I guess we should have gone to the ER last Tuesday. These symptoms sound like what she was having. She could have gone into shock.

When to seek medical advice: If you experience severe or spasmodic pain in your lower abdomen, accompanied by fever and vomiting, see your doctor. These signs and symptoms — or signs and symptoms of shock such as cold, clammy skin, rapid breathing, and lightheadedness or weakness — indicate an emergency and require immediate medical attention.



16 thoughts on “Flower Garden

  1. Thank you for the prayer, Cindy.
    I’m glad Beth is doing better.  ER’s these days are quite an experience.
    I loved the flower garden and the witnessing video.

  2. :heartbeat:Wow… saw the video on Renee’s site… makes me want to go win the world… was that not incredible… ya never know who’s life your gonna touch…
    Have a wonderful Tuesday!  Gotta go see Beth…

  3. :heartbeat::sunny: Cindy,
    I’m so glad Linda’s MRI turned out well. I will keep praying though.
    How are you?
    God bless you.
    Cynthia :heartbeat:

  4. That poor girl needs help. And yes, teenagers are so dumb sometimes!! She obviously knows she’s doing something wrong, though, if she’s taking the time to delete stuff and whatnot. I will NEVER understand why kids do bad things and take pics with the sole purpose of posting them online. Seriously. There are tons of news stories about kids who steal stuff, commit crimes, and do drugs and then post the pics on myspace! I swear, myspace is a black hole. It is seriously just devoid of all logic most of the time, and I personally cannot stand it. With all the trouble it causes, you’d think they’d be a little more vigilant. :nono:

  5. Well, she didn’t actually put up pics of herself doing anything she shouldn’t be doing, except for the fact that she isn’t supposed to be on the computer at all. And she obviously is. That was one of the rules she was supposed to follow….no internet, period. We see how that is going. 🙄
    There are some good sites on MySpace…Beth has one. But I don’t like the looks of MySpace. Almost every MySpace site I have seen looks way too “messy” for me. They look cluttered (not that I’m a stranger to clutter, if you could see my house). But teenaged girls seem to think the more you can put on them, the better.
    Xanga can have some pretty shocking sites, too. They are not supposed to have nudity, but there are plenty of sites that do. I came across one yesterday. Somebody did a Xanga search for pictures, and a pic on my site came up of a woman at church that we call the “flasher” (she is always wearing jewelry that is battery operated so it flashes). So I followed the links to other pages that came up on the search, and….um….found another one that was breaking rules. When I find those sites, I flag them, because they are readily accessible to children, if they aren’t private. Honestly….do women feel the need so strongly for male approval that they are willing to put themselves out there on the internet, so guys can come along and comment, “Hey, nice ____(insert appropriate body part here)? They don’t have high enough esteem so they look for it among….the low life. 

  6. :sunny: Hi Cindy, I was lost in your area last night! Please don’t ask me how I got there…I was trying to get to the bus station in downtown Houston! My daughter was giving directions…that’s my excuse, and I am sticking to it!

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