How would you like to live here?
Weird house 1
It doesn’t have much of a yard.
It’s good to have a daughter that works at Walmart, because if I’m paying cash and she’s with me, I can use her discount. They don’t get a discount on everything (food is excluded), but it adds up on non-food items. Today the discount was $5.80. I’d have to use quite a few coupons to save that much, so it’s worth it. I waited for her to get off work and she checked out with me so I could get the discount. Actually only employees and spouses are supposed to use it, so we can’t use it with my check card. Where it comes in handy is on expensive stuff, like in the garden department. Round-Up is not cheap.
She’s heartbroken….Manuel is on vacation this week
After I got home, I decided I’d take Sandy out in the front yard for a while. Beth played with her some. Then we brought Trouble out and let him run, and I put Pepper on the leash around a post. She’ll run off if she’s not on the leash. The kids across the street started barking at her to get her barking. It worked. She’ll bark at her own shadow. So that set off the 3 dogs in the back yard.
So much to do….so little time. I have some errands to run – post office and grocery store. I’ve been vaccuuming this morning, which is making me sneeze my head off. Steve just came home for lunch and Beth should be here in a little while. Then Rachael is coming over. This is her day off, so she’s out running errands, too.
One of the reasons they are moving is the rent was going up quite a bit. There are other, newer, much nicer complexes for the same rent or less than the new rent. They’ve been doing a lot of maintenance work at the complex – rebuilding balconies, landscaping, remodeling apartments. The one they have was just remodeled before they moved in. But the work was never finished and they’ve been living there 5-1/2 months. The maitenance people are incompetent. Brandon had to tell the AC guy how to fix the AC. One of the maintenance men broke some of their dishes while fixing plumbing under the sink.
But the apartment complex seems to delight in making stupid rules for everybody to follow, and they are tired of it. Brandon and Rachael have 3 balconies – one at their front door and  one off each bedroom’s sliding glass door. They are not allowed to put anything on the balconies. They cannot have any patio furniture on them. Our question is, “What are they for, then? Decoration?” We understand not getting to use their grill on them. I’m sure that’s pretty standard fire code everywhere. But they cannot even have it sitting on the balcony. It’s not ugly….it’s a brand new stainless steel grill with a cover over it.
They do have some rebels over there. There is one woman who set a blue patio chair on her balcony after they said not to.  Lots of people have had furniture out on them. It makes it easier to sit down and enjoy the balcony  Otherwise, people would have to stand while watching the football game at the stadium next door.
So they’ll be moving in June. They’ll be able to get all their debt paid off by January. Then they’ll be saving for a house. The header on Brandon’s Xanga says, “Debt is dumb, cash is king, and the paid-off home mortgage has taken the place of the BMW as the status symbol of choice.” I will be so glad if they can get a house without having a huge debt to pay. We know what it is like to struggle and I don’t want them to have to do that. I’m glad they are learning from this financial management course while they are still young. Beth is, too.
I’ll be around to see everybody after I get back.



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  1. Can they put a plant on the balcony, for goodness sake?! 🙄 That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a while! Financial mgmt is SO important. So many people just don’t care about it, though. Esp. military folks, I have found. I believe the reason for this is that this is often their first salaried job in which they have a guaranteed paycheck and virtually no chance of being fored. So they buy and buy and buy, living paycheck to paycheck when they really don’t have to. I mean, honestly, how big of a house can an enlisted airman afford anyway… its not like they have to pay a ton to furnish it! It’s mostly spent on frivolous crap. We’ve had people ask us to borrow money until their next paycheck because they spent it all and can’t afford to go growcery shopping… these people have kids!

  2. Yes, they can put a plant on the balcony, but that’s the only thing.
    People blow money on stupid stuff. They don’t realize where they’ve spent it all if they don’t keep a record. That’s why a budget is so important. We’ve blown our share of money over the years. I wish now we had spent less and put more toward paying off the house.

  3. Cindy, your suggestion for the bus ministry is the ideal solution.  The problem is that no one has showed any interest at all except the one man who at this time can’t.  Oh, be assured the need will continue to be put before the people along with much prayer.
    I am happy to say Doug said the meeting tonight went quite well.  Actually the music minister did very well in his selection of songs for this past Sunday having both praise & worship and hymns.  They were also more upbeat!  Doug complimented him Sunday evening before evening service saying the morning music was really good and he saw nothing wrong with his selections.  We have heard through the grapevine that in the past one of the college students sang “Testify” by Avalon.  Following the service the music minister called her aside and said from now on she was not to sing any song without running it by him first.  Ashley has sung the same song in the past at our former church.  We have that Cd and see nothing wrong with the song.  Needless to say this young woman no longer attends our church.  Doug has suggested that we possibly seek someone that age to lead the praise & worship, with possibly a praise band on some Sundays.  We’ll see where it all goes.  The good thing is Doug said everyone seemed to be on the same page and of one accord.  Doug is also trying to line up one of our former youth who is also now a music minister at another church to come and sing as special music.  He is hoping for this Sunday night.  His church does not have evening service.  Marcus will give them a taste of the style young adults like.  He led the praise band at Freedom until he took the position locally at a Methodist church.  Marcus also plays the piano and writes music.  People have been trying to fix him and Jennifer up for years but they have went to church since birth and are more like brother and sister.
    Doug enjoys Adult Bible class so he is always in class unless someone asks to speak with him during that time like happened this past week.  He always goes over his morning sermon on Saturday night.  Now he does refresh his evening sermon while Jenn and I are at choir practice at 4:30 on Sundays.

  4. Sue, years ago we had a bus ministry, but it died a long time ago. And the one man that drove the bus moved to a different church. I wish you luck with that. Maybe there will be someone new come in that will be interested.
    Oh, my…..we don’t usually run anything by our music minister first. We sing whatever we want. Beth is going to sing Chris Rice’s Untitled Hymn this Sunday. I cannot imagine someone being asked not to sing that song! But for many older people, anything with pep is sacrilegious. Victory in Jesus is about as peppy as some people get (although that’s one of my favorite songs – #475 in our hymnal :giggle: )  I’m afraid we’d kill your music minister with our Easter play :giggle: We do some Third Day, some Michael W. Smith, some Rachel Lampa, some Sandi Patty, and some Newsong.

  5. Hi, Carolyn…..I really don’t know if it’s real or not, and I don’t know where it’s supposed to be.  I got it in an email, along with several other pics of weird houses. I tried to find something about it on, but found nothing. I sure wouldn’t let my pets outside! :laugh:

  6. Why not? I’ve always heard cats have 9 lives, & are good climbers…. unless you mean some other “pet” ~ speaking of which, I haven’t seen Steve around lately! :lol::laugh::lol:

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