Hate Crimes Bill

6:20 p.m…We are once again under a severe thunderstorm warning and a tornado warning.
Beth is baking for the benefit tomorrow, for the woman at work who is ill. She’s making peanut butter fudge and a chocolate cake with fudge icing, and M&M’s all over the outside.
Update 3:15 p.m….I just got an email from my cousin in Maryland.  She sent me the email from the Christian Law Association stating that President Bush has promised to veto this legislation. I will post the email later. It’s long. But don’t let that promise keep you from signing the petition!
z19519753I got this in an email yesterday, and have already signed the petition. This is important. We cannot stand by and let our religious freedom to teach the scriptures as we know them, be taken away.
There will undoubtedly be people who think this drive is an over-reaction…that our liberties will not be taken away in this country. Those are people who don’t see the whole picture. The attempt to take them away is already happening. They are taken away a little at a time, so as not to cause a great uproar.  And a similar law in Sweden has sent a pastor to prison. The uproar needs to start.
Dr. Dobson wants to send 250,000
petitions to Congress

Help stop the attack by Congress on religious freedom

New Focus Action Petition – Hate Crimes and ENDA

About the Petition:

Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat-controlled Congress has begun an all-out assault on our freedoms of speech, thought and religion with two bills being pushed as a reward to homosexual activists.
These two bills, the Hate Crimes Act and ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) will shred our constitutional right to express moral opposition to homosexual behavior and the homosexual agenda – thus threatening our deeply held Christian beliefs.

     Listen to Dr. Dobson sound the alarm.

         The Hate Crimes bill – which Sen. Ted Kennedy (D – Mass.) has unsuccessfully attempted to foist on our country for six years – would be the first step toward ultimately gagging our pastors and other ministry leaders who are faithfully preaching the Scripture about God’s plan for human sexuality. The bill is supposedly designed to increase penalties for violent crimes committed against members of specially protected groups, such as homosexuals – but if it passes, our pastors and others who dare to share biblical truth about homosexuality may soon find themselves facing legal prosecution, just like Pastor Ake Green of Sweden, who was sentenced to prison for preaching against homosexual behavior.

ENDA is even more threatening to our Christian beliefs because it could require faith-based nonprofit organizations such as Focus Action to hire homosexuals or others who are hostile to our deeply held religious beliefs. What is at stake with these two pieces of legislation is nothing less than our freedom to hold and share beliefs that do not embrace and condone homosexuality and the homosexual agenda.

For more information about this threatening legislation, click here.

Both bills are moving in Congress now and must be stopped. Please help Dr. Dobson send 250,000 petitions to Congress opposing these attacks on our religious liberties. He wants to stop these bills in their tracks!

We know you’ll also want to share this important petition with your friends and family, so you’ll receive an e-mail you can forward to them as soon as you sign. We will continue to keep you updated about these bills and what else you can do to express your outrage about these threats to our beliefs – our members of Congress need to hear from all of us! Thank you for taking the time to make your voice heard in defense of our most precious liberties.

silver glitter

Update 3:15 p.m…..As if last night wasn’t enough…..it’s raining again.
silver glitter


It was a dark and stormy night here last night.  We had a line of thunderstorms move through at 3:30 this morning. I had been watching the weather updates about it, so I knew it was coming, and moving fast. I let Trouble in the house because I knew he would be terrified. Well, he was terrified even in the house. He and Sandy were outside Bethany’s door whining. When I walked out into the living room, they ran downstairs and ran around whining in a panic. Even Whiskers the cat was trying to get into our bedroom with us.
I had not gone to sleep at that time, so I heard all the strange noises. The wind got really crazy and I heard whistling sounds outside. Then the hail started. The wind was throwing it fast against the bedroom window. We were under not only a severe thunderstorm warning, but also a tornado watch.
For those who might not have read Bethany’s blog, she may have a chance to go to work in the photo department after all. Yesterday, one of her regular customers from CVS, a man who does all the photography for the booster club at Deer Park High School, came in and told the photo department about Beth and how she did all his photos at CVS. He thought she should be in their photo department. So they came to check her out yesterday, and told her that there would be an opening soon in their department.
When she came home for lunch, she printed copies of the letters that both the above mentioned photographer wrote, as well as a professional photographer that lives around the corner from us. Those guys want her doing their photos. When she went to work at Walmart, they wrote recommendation letters. David described in detail the things she knows how to do. She can even fix the machines when they break.
She was undecided yesterday, but today seems to be leaning more toward going back to photo. It will all depend on the hours they are willing to give her. Right now she works Monday – Thursday, 7 a.m. – 4 p.m., and she likes those hours. Photo doesn’t open till 8:00, so her starting time would have to be later, but she does not want to work weekends. 8-5 would be good hours.
If she does go to photo, David and Jim will bring all their photography business there, but the catch will be that they will only want her to develop and print their stuff. That’s the way they were at CVS. So they may still have to hire someone else, because they will bring in a ton of work, for only her. 



12 thoughts on “Hate Crimes Bill

  1. ryc:  :lookaround:  no!  I’ve had a very busy week! 
    How are you?  It was a dark and stormy night last night here, too.  But most of it went around the RO where we live.  yeah!
    I need a nap!

  2. May the Lord’s will be done about Bethany and the photo depart. I’ve worked the photo dept. long ago in Walmart and I really liked it.
    God bless you.
    Cynthia :heartbeat::sunny:

  3. RYC: Charlie got that Mustang for me yesterday, shock and gasp! I’m still numb. It doesn’t feel real. LOL.

  4. I didn’t get lost in these here hills, I got lost in Florida.  Doug’s uncle died last Friday night and we went down for the funeral. Doug spoke and our oldest son, Adam, sang. We got back home today. I am tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired.

  5. :wave: RYC: I would love to come plant some moss for you. If it ever stops raining long enough. Can you believe we have another night of possible storms. I am not complaining because I know we will be praying for rain in july and aug.
    Have a good evening.
    ~~Blessings & Hugs!!~~ :heartbeat:

  6. Hi, Merrilee….we are having the storms down here again, too. I told my cousin earlier that maybe God is just saving up the water for us for the hot months.

  7. That’s nice that they actually listened to the customer about Beth instead of just being like, “yeah, ok, sure” and then never following up. I’m not a fan of the major chains (except Target, of course!) but that speaks highly of whoever was in charge. And all that talk about chocolate is driving my crazy! I never really was a chocolate fan, but now that I *know* I can’t have any (caffeine) it’s all I want!

  8. :wave: I just read over the week’s posts. Thank you to Ross! What a man! His family and friends (& all of us) should be proud of our American heroes! :yes:Way to go Bethany! You rock, Girl! :goodjob: I enjoyed reading all of your articles. Stay dry! Have a great Friday…. & goodnight, and God bless you! :love: muchliest ~ Carolyn 🙂

  9. I have been watching all the wild weather you guys have been having out there.  I have to tell you that tornados are one thing I really don’t miss!!!!  And even though they do have them here in CO, because we are right up against the mountains we don’t get them right here.  We have been having some crazy rain here too..but we need it. Now that my finals are here…I will be having more time to do my blog. YEA!!! And I will have 2 weeks after my finals before I start summer semester and the kids will till be in school!!! 
    Hope the weather gets better there!!!  And take care my friend!

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