Strange Dream

Some things from old posts that still make me laugh:

Hahahahaha……Sorry, E….I just can’t help it. (And no, that’s not what’s on the screen now.)


Pearls 8-28-06


Bethany has her newest Mad Lib posted. And she wants to know if she looks stoned in a picture she posted.



I have added several blog decorations to my photo album, under patriotic decorations. You are welcome to take them and use them. I will continue to collect decorations that I think any of you might be able to use.


Renee has a link to a petition to stop a bill allowing amnesty for illegal aliens.
Beth just went back to work after lunch. When she got here, she told us they were having a water fight at work. It started when Myatt, one of the guys in the pet department, flicked water in her face. She got him back, with the help of Emily. They each had a water bottle with holes poked in the top. It makes a nice water gun. Emily got him first, while Beth waited around the corner and got him again. He apparently got even, because when she got home, her t-shirt was soaked.
Thy word
 I had another weird dream last night, involving Ethan.   I just don’t understand why almost all my strange dreams involve him.

In the dream, I was singing in a choir that was having a concert at a shopping mall. I know where that came from. Friday night at the Bible Study, we were talking about a mall near our church, which was one of the first malls in the area. It was built in the late ’60’s (Renee…it’s Almeda Mall). It was really nice when it was built, but it has gone downhill since then. Every year at Christmas, our high school choir had a concert there. They had a fountain in the center of the mall that was shut off at Christmas, and red poinsettias were stacked up around it to look like a Christmas tree. It was pretty. And all the area high school choirs took turns holding concerts in front of the fountain. I wasn’t in high school in the dream…I was grown. And the mall in my dream looked more like Baybrook Mall anyway. That’s a mall about half an hour from us. It’s much larger than Almeda.

Anyway, for some reason unknown to me, the president was coming to hear our concert. Yes…the president of the United States. I don’t have a clue why. I guess we’re just good  But Ethan had to come ahead of him, and check out the mall for bombs. I know I’ve told you before, but he is an EOD tech in the Air Force. The boy plays with things that go boom.

I was shopping in the mall for something special to wear during the concert – some kind of evening dress (The dream was quite detailed…I remember finding a black and white evening gown with lace all over it. That’s probably because when I sang in the Pasadena Philharmonic Chorale, we wore black and white.). I was walking into a store (in the dream details, I remembered walking into that store many times before) when I turned to the right and saw Ethan, and he motioned for me not to say anything.

He was dressed kind of like a Secret Service agent, but he was supposed to be blending into the crowd. But that was hard for him to do considering that he had a whole group of little girls – around 10 to 12 years old – hanging all over him like he was some kind of rock star. They were trying to get kisses from him, just like women do when there’s a star having a concert. And he leaned over and kissed one of them. I can still see that scene in my mind. (I don’t know why I remember this, but you were wearing your glasses instead of your contacts. Details….)

Then he came over and hugged me (yes…you did), and we talked a while. I must have waked up after that, because I cannot remember anything else….at least not right now. More may come to me later. Believe me…I’m thinking on it!

I really wish I could identify what it is that makes me have these strange dreams.




11 thoughts on “Strange Dream

  1. They have dream encyclopedias (someone gave me one for a birthday once) but I don’t know how much stock I put in them. I mean, it’s insteresting to see what they say, and I’m sure they are based on some sort of psychology, but who knows. All I know is that my dreams seldom make sense. I had a dream a few months ago that I gave birth to kittens. Pregnancy has brought on a bunch of odd dreams for me, nightmares even! Now, as far as water guns go… they are awesome! One of the best April Fools tricks I ever pulled was something of a make-shift water gun. My parents’ sink has one of those sprayers with the little hose that you can pull out from the rest of the sink (know what I’m talking about?) the ones where if you depress the handle on the sprayer, the water stops coming out of the faucet and instead sprays through the little hose? When it’s not in use, it just sits there on the sink. Ok, I’m terrible at explaining things but anyway… I took a piece of clear tape and taped the handle down so it was depressed. Then I angled it toward the front. And waited. Waited ever so patiently for someone – anyone – to turn on the sink and get sprayed right in the face. Thankfully, it was my mom… the best of all targets because instead of turning it off, she just stood there not knowing what to do meanwhile getting sprayed all over! It was awesome and we all had a good laugh. She’s a good sport like that. :love:

  2. 😆 Yeah, I know exactly what kind of sprayer you mean. I have one. I have used that in water fights with Brandon. You would think it would be the kids that would spray it…..nuh uh! It’s my sprayer…I’m gonna use it! 😆
    I’ve always been able to figure out at least a few things about my dreams. But some things are just too weird. I do have an idea as to why I dreamed some of the things I didn’t explain in this one, though.

  3. I haven’t been in either of those malls in almost 17 years!  I’ll have to blog or message you about them.  Right now I can’t remember either very well.
    We lived half-way, drive time wise, between Almeda and Baybrook. 
    That’s a crazy dream!  Sounds like one that I would have.  😆
    Thank you for linking to my site!  Someone came by and signed the petition!  Counting my 3, that’s 6 signatures that I know of.
    See you later…

  4. :sunny:  Stopping by to say Hello. I hope you are having a good evening. We have a chance of storms again tonight. Praying they go around us.
    ~~Blessings to you!!~~ :heartbeat:

  5. I really wish I could identify what it is that makes me have these strange dreams. :hmmmmm: Hmmm, just a suggestion…. could it be the dreamer? :question:…. could it be the subject of the dreams? :sigh::lol::laugh::lol: :heartbeat::love::wave:

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