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A Texas Limo  

Happy birthday, Renee!! So how many years are you admitting to? And how many years really?  

Much to do today. Tonight is business meeting, so I have to get the Treasurer’s Reports done. 


Beth just came home for lunch and she’s wet again. Manuel decided to get in on the water fight. While she was talking to Myatt, he came running toward her, dumped a bottle of water on her head, and took off running. I’m surprised Manuel could even reach her head.
We got the statement from the insurance saying how much the hospital charged for her emergency room visit. We were there about 9-1/2 hours and it was $9,112.92.  So apparently it’s about $1000 an hour to sit in the ER. The insurance laughed at them and said, “We’ll only allow $2483.28.”



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  1. Cindy, thanks for taking the time to help me out with my homework.  We were really supposed to contact others within the church and ask the questions to them but being the new pastor’s wife of only a little over 2 months I decided to pose it to my Christian xanga friends instead.  I wasn’t sure how the questions would be received or perceived coming from the new pastor’s wife.
    Have a blessed day!

  2. We’re dealing with switching insurances now (because the insurance that the better half gets through his new job classifies pregnancy as a “pre-existing condition”…. and let me just say how ASENINE health insurance costs are!!!! Next time, please bring any and all sick people to me, I will gladly take $9000… I can’t guarantee an accurate diagnosis, but I CAN guarantee that I will use the money better than a hospital will hehe!! My dad had heart surgery a few months ago and just the little pacemaker itself – not including surgical costs – was over $35,000… and that wasn’t even the “best” model (he didn’t need all the bells & whistles, thank God). Can you imagine getting a bill like that in the mail if you didn’t have insurance?! The bill wouldn’t be worth even the paper its printed on… b/c who can afford to write a $35,000 check!? :what:

  3. Cindy,
    Good morning! I hate going to the ER! It seems anything medical is so expensive.
    How are you? God bless you!

  4. who can afford to write a $35,000 check!?
    Not us, that’s for darn sure! When our pastor’s wife had breast cancer, a double mastectomy and reconstruction, which included a week in ICU, her bill was something like $112,000, and that was in 1997! I can’t imagine what it would be now. My dad has had some over $100,000 because he’s had 2 heart bypass surgeries.
    Insurance cost is unbelievable. When Steve changed jobs 3 years ago, we had to pay the COBRA cost of the insurance until the new insurance kicked in. Our cost per month was about $1350. Thankfully, we only had to pay that for 3 months (can you imagine the entire 18 months that COBRA is available?) before we got the new insurance. And we had severance pay to pay it out of. When my dad had to retire on disability, their insurance was $1650 a month.
    Can you carry over the military insurance like you can private insurance on COBRA?

  5. medical costs :hammer: Because we are self employed we have to pay for our own insurance $600.00 a month for 3 people, they won’t cover my 21 year old son :hammer: then when you go the the Dr or ER they don’t want to pay the bill ~  Something has to change!  I just don’t know what we will do when we “retire”:eek:

  6. Oh, plus we carry a private policy on Beth because she can’t be covered on our insurance anymore. She’s not a full-time student, and she’s over 19, so ours doesn’t cover her anymore.

  7. $600.00 a month for 3 people
    Well, that’s actually not that bad. We pay an extra $223.70 a month for Beth on a private policy. That includes dental and it goes up to $226.50 on June 1. Some friends at church had to drop their insurance (Mark is self-employed also) because it was $1200 a month for the 5 of them.
    My sister and bro-in-law own their own company, and my son works for them, so they pay his insurance. She has told me how much they pay for all of them but I forgot how much it is. It was some astronomical figure that I was thankful I didn’t have to pay.

  8. :lol:9 Grand?! That’s ridiculous! When I went to the ER last November I was in there about 3 hours, only FIVE MINUTES was of them treating me, and the bill was about a thousand dollars…luckily I only had to pay about $150 of that…Thank God for insurance

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