A Good Laugh

Update 10:20 p.m…..Red Lobster was pretty good tonight, but the service could have been better. They had only 2 waiters for a whole room that was packed. And there was a large table with some little kids that were acting like little wild screaming banshees. If my kids had acted like that in public when they were little, they wouldn’t be here today. I felt like breaking into the Hallelujah Chorus when they left. It was a large room, and we were on the opposite end of the room, but our waiter had trouble hearing us talk. I was ready to go ask them to leave. But before we left, the waiter did apologize for not being able to give us better service.
When we told Brandon about Jebediah “Winkie-bock”, he just died laughing. EDIT: Mr. Winkie-bock has a girlfriend and a baby. Brandon said there’s a reason she’s his girlfriend and not his wife….she doesn’t want to take on the name “Winkie-bock”.
After Red Lobster, we stopped at Walmart. I had a few things to pick up, and Beth left some things there today that somebody had given her. So we had to visit with her friends. And a customer brought a little puppy in the garden center, so we had to play with it. And Beth and some of the other workers had to take time to tease one of the guys for his MySpace picture. He thinks he’s really something. I don’t see it, personally, and I don’t think most of the other women do, either
Then we stopped to drool over the diamonds. Beth found another diamond ring there that is much more affordable than the one at Zales, so she said she’s just going to get it and save it till she finds a guy  And she even gets her discount on it, so that works out well  Or maybe she could just wear it so Manuel will back off. t385882
Beth has a doctor’s appointment in the morning, but she is starting to have some of the same pain she had when we went to the ER. Hopefully it won’t get as bad. I believe that day at work, she was going into shock because she was cold, clammy, pale and shaking.
Oh, and Lauryn….I forgot to think about you when I was eating the biscuit, until about the last 2 bites. But at least I did think about you
So here’s a few pictures from Red Lobster. Beth:
Bethany 5-10-07
Rachael 5-10-07
Brandon 5-10-07
“Why are you moving that close to me?” (The honeymoon’s over )
Brandon&Rach 5-10-07
Beth and Rachael looking at something on Rachael’s camera. I don’t know if it’s the pics of Rachael making a smoothie, or the pic of the ice cream bar she ate into the shape of a heart
Rach&Beth 5-10-07
And I have no clue what this face is about:

Beth 2 5-10-07
The weather is bad here tonight. The north part of Houston is getting it much worse. But we were standing outside Red Lobster waiting for Steve to bring the car around, and a huge bolt of lightning shot out, and branched off in about 10 directions. Uh oh….I’m watching the weather on the news and it looks like there’s a bad spot headed for us. There is hail in the area headed for us. It’s only about 10 minutes away.
Here it comes. The thunder is getting much louder.

Steve  has now posted his response to Cynthia’s post. Be prepared….he thinks it’s funny

“Classes for Men” on Cynthia’s site. I had tears rolling down my face. It’s not easy to laugh with a mouth full of coffee. I love class #7.

I was just holding Baby Kitty, and he smells like Beth. She was holding him when she came home for lunch, and now he smells like her perfume.

She just told me something that cracked me up. They have an assistant manager there named Jebadiah. I saw him Sunday….he’s really tall and cute. But she found out his last name today. This isn’t the correct spelling, but it’s pronounced “Winkie-bock”. Jebadiah Winkie-bock.  Now it’s going to be hard not to laugh when I see him.

We’re going to Red Lobster tonight. We didn’t get to go last week for Beth’s birthday, so we are making up for it tonight. I think we’ll make it a joint celebration. Next week Brandon and Rachael will be married 6 months.

I’ve been reading old emails.  Wanting to hug again



25 thoughts on “A Good Laugh

  1. RYC: I can’t wait to see Steve’s comeback. There’s something to be said for both sides.
    Have fun at RL tonight. Eat some shrimp for me. God bless you.
    Cynthia :heartbeat::wave::sunny:

  2. :sunny:  Red lobster is one of my favorite places to eat. Yummm!! I’ll have to check out the “Classes for men”.  
    RYC: It is bad. I have to say it is bad when you are draining water out of the pool to keep it from running over. We sink down in the yard when we walk thru it. Everything is so soggy here. But really green and pretty. My flowers are loving all the rain. Building an ark may not be such a bad idea. πŸ˜†
    Have a fun evening. Blessings to you!!!

  3. Again with the Red Lobster! Have a biscuit in my honor, please. I still haven’t tried to make them yet. I got confused as to what baking mix to get. Our commissary doesn’t have that good of a selection. Oh well. Once we move, I will try

  4. I will think about you tonight, Lauryn. We’re meeting there at 7:00. We will put your name on one biscuit, and then I’ll eat it πŸ˜†  (Does Bryan like the biscuits? Somebody might have to eat one for him, too! :giggle:  )

  5. :wave:Hi,  The internet was down last night.  Ended up with 3 repair/manager here today trying to resolve the problem(s).  Right no working but s l o w.  Supposely going to run a new cable in Monday.  In the meantime typing as fast as I can.  I went to a cool restaurant last week.  It’s called Gilligan’s, no nothing to do with the show.  They had all you can eat local shrimp for a great price.  The hush puppies were great too.  Yea, got to keep walking to make sure don’t gain any weight.  So far, on average will have at least 6 to 8 deer visit us every day here.  Hear turkey’s, saw a small fox, but so far no gators. :oh-no: Tweetie has seen 4 so far near Charestlon and on Isle of the Palms.  I have notice that my horrible headaches so far have stopped!:grin: By the way just finding the can opener has been an adventure–down to the small stuff and paperwork now. Ugh.  But anyone is welcome anytime — you can get your own oysters here but by the time you clean, etc it is worth buying them from a local market.  I’ll be sharing about the area later.  There will be tall ships here next week, and yea they are going to have a pirate camp. :ROTFL: Will going to try to get some rest. Take Care, Sharon now in Charleston, SC 

  6. Hi, Shelly….they were running their 30 shrimp special, so that’s what we got. Except for Steve….he had to have 45.:giggle:
    Still doesn’t top Ethan’s 73, though.

  7. One anniversary when we lived in LP, we went to the original? Pappas restaurant.  Bill loves seafood.  At the time, I liked fried shrimp or fried fish, but hadn’t eaten a lot of seafood, coming from my humble Great Plains background.  It may have been about our 6th or seventh anniv. 
    Now, since about 2000, it has been my desire to go to Pappadeaux’s (yes, I mean Pappadeaux possessive!) and eat crawfish, Greek Salad and Key Lime Pie – even if it’s at lunch, like this year.  It’s so expensive, and with 2 teenagers and a single income, it is an indulgence to go there even then! 
    Y’all shoulda gone to Pappadeaux – their service is great!

  8. I’ve been to one of the Pappas’ Seafood Restaurant and I didn’t care for it. Haven’t actually been to Pappadeaux’s. I thought the food at Red Lobster was much better. I also don’t care for Joe’s Crab Shack. Red Lobster is expensive, but we only go on special occasions like birthdays. It’s definitely not a regular thing. For the 5 of us tonight, with tip, it was $126 and change. Last year for Brandon’s bday, we just grilled at home, but we were spending so much on wedding stuff, we had to kind of cut some corners.  

  9. We went to a Mexican resteraunt last night. There were two kids literally running through the place squealing and laughing. I was getting totally frustrated. I finally gave one of my looks, the one my boys affectionatley refer to as “I am about to KILL you”. When I looked up there was a manager looking at me, he walked up to the kids got them by the hand and led them off somewhere.  A little later I saw him taking them out of the resteraunt and leave. I guess they were his a kids.:hammer:

  10. How were the biscuits?! Fantastic, I bet. I will never understand why paren’t insist on bringing ill-behaved children into restaurants. No one can enjoy the experiece, then… and I can’t believe the paretns cant either. I’d be downright embarassed!

  11. See, Lauryn, the problem is those parents didn’t think those kids were ill-behaved. There lies a big problem with today’s parents. They don’t care what they kids are doing, and don’t recognize that it bothers anybody else, because it doesn’t bother them. I looked right at Rachael and Brandon last night and said, “If your kids ever act like that, I’ll kill them myself.” Of course, neither one of them believes in letting kids run wild (you should have seen Brandon’s face every time one of those kids screamed!). He said little kids shouldn’t have even been allowed in there, but when he was 2, we took him to Red Lobster, and he was good.
    Cathy, I wish somebody would have stopped those kids last night. There were climbing up on chairs and jumping off and screaming. I just cannot imagine parents sitting and watching, and thinking that’s cute. I wanted to tell them to go play on the freeway. 😑
    Suzanne, we came through everything just fine. It never really got bad here. We did lose power for a second, but it came right back on. Fortunately, I wasn’t posting anything when that happened! :giggle:
    And the biscuits were good, as usual. Especially dipped in the scampi butter :goodjob:

  12. Yes, actually, I do have some Qs for you, since you don’t mind :p First of all, what method did you use, if any? I’ve done some reading on the Bradley Method and they boast a natural birth rate of about 80% (that’s pretty darn impressive to me!)… I’m not sure how it compares to Lamaze in how many women actually do have natural births. Our hospital offers Lamaze classes, but the Bradley classes are through a private teacher, and it’s expensive plus we’ll be missing the first two weeks. I think we might go with the regular Lamaze with the hospital. It’s $90/couple and I think it’s 4 weeks. I think it’ll be more for hubby’s sake, since he fears all things medical.

  13. Lauryn, I’m going to answer some of your questions in a post, without getting too graphic, since I have some male readers that I think might get a little queasy. Wimps πŸ˜†

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