Bethany found out that the guy she use to date and his girlfriend had their baby…..on Beth’s birthday. That was so considerate to give her a gift like that.  He was the guy that told her how much he wanted to date her, and then didn’t tell her that he just happened to get another girlfriend, who got pregnant. It wouldn’t have worked out anyway….the guy’s name is Brandon, and that just would have been too confusing. The girl’s name is Tricia. Or I guess I should say woman. She’s several years older than he is.
I’m working on a ceramic mosaic on a wall in the kitchen. I have several pieces of broken dishes in blue and yellow, which are the main colors in my kitchen. So I am using them to make a tile backsplash over my stove. And I cut my finger, so part of the grout may be red
It appears to be movie night at Brandon and Rachael’s again. They’ve got so many movies, they could watch one a day, and not see the same one twice in a year. Then Beth’s off to Walmart….with my checkcard.
Here’s a few cute pics I got in an email. There’s a bunch more that I’ll post later:
What part of quiet did you not understand?
It’s so hot today!
Hope the owners look first.
cat in toilet
Watchin’ the game:
bud light
Let me clean that toothbrush for ya!
brush teeth
If you get a chance, stop by Cathy’s and read about the lipstick problem in school. giggle
Much to do today. Brandon and Rachael are coming over after church tomorrow and we are grilling steaks and sausage.  I have house cleaning to do and a little shopping. We won’t have church tomorrow night. It’s our practice to cancel the evening service on a holiday so families can do their own thing.
We are passing around a respiratory illness at our house. I’ll call it the creeping crud. We can’t seem to get rid of it. Blah.
It’s Caturday again.

Here’s one of our cats. This is Cammy, sleeping on the printer.



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