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The first song, Come to Jesus, is actually called Untitled Hymn, by Chris Rice, but because the words “come to Jesus” are repeated in each verse, that’s what people call it. It is the song Bethany sang 2 Sundays ago. Sometime maybe I’ll tell you the story behind it. I love this song. The second song is When Love Takes You In. Steven Curtis Chapman wrote it about him and his wife adopting children from China. But the words could be applied to anybody looking for love. The third song is I Will Be Here. Bethany and I sang this at Brandon and Rachael’s wedding. But the first time I sang it in church was for our 20th anniversary, and then once at a Valentine’s banquet.
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I'm smiling
This morning started out nice. I slept late to make up for not sleeping much the previous night. Then I got dressed, put on a little make-up, let a few cats outside to play and made coffee. I fed Taz because she takes special food, switched a load of clothes from the washer to the dryer, folded and put away the towels that were in the dryer, scrubbed the stove top, washed a few dishes and took Sandy outside for a few minutes. When I came back in, I fed the dogs that stay in the backyard, and put a load of towels in the washer. I put some french toast sticks in the microwave and thought, “Now I need a cup of hot coffee before I sit down at the computer.”
But you know what? I had forgotten to actually put coffee in the coffeepot    But I did have a nice steaming hot pot of….water. So I had to start all over with the coffee. *sigh*
I want to go back to Walmart. They had the most beautiful piece of yellow fabric on the clearance table, and it just looked like a bolt of sunshine. I did get some fabric (on clearance) I just couldn’t resist. It has Tigger all over it. That was Brandon’s favorite toy when he was little. We got Tigger before he was even born. I got 10 yards of it and the clerk asked me what I was going to do with 10 yards of that fabric. I told her I was going to save it. She just looked at me funny. Then when Rachael walked up, I said, “You HAVE to have a baby.” Then SHE looked at me funny. What is it with these people? I can see a Tigger baby quilt in the future.
Beth asked me if I was going to make Brandon some “Jams” out of that fabric. Remember the knee length shorts for boys made out of wild fabrics? I use to make them for Brandon all the time. I doubt he’d wear them now.
These are more of the cute pics I got in an email the other day.
Power nap:
power nap
Not motivated:
not motivated
Safe and secure:





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  1. Aren’t they cute? Those are some more that I got in an email the other day. I wonder why people send me pics of animals? Don’t they think I have enough already? :giggle:

  2. You can never have too many fur babies, LOL. πŸ˜†
    I save fabric with frogs. I’m currently making a frog quilt for our neighbor who just had a baby boy last week.
    God bless you.
    Cynthia :heartbeat::sunny:

  3. :yes:I am back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I searched my suitcase over and over while on the trip, but couldn’t find you…What happened???:eek::wink:
    We didn’t ever buy internet time while on the cruise, so over two weeks without internet was indeed a sacrifice!:oh-no:  I actually did have a coupon for five minuites free:sigh:, but spent that short amount of time IMing our son who was working at our office keeping things going. πŸ™‚
    We arrived home around 1:30 this morning and I was up until 6.  I slept:sleepy: a couple of hours and then took my dad to a doctor’s app’t.  Tomorrow I take my mom for cataract surgery.  I hope to catch up with you soon!!!!!!!!!!  Hawaii was maginificent. :sunny: I felt our Lord gave me a small glimpse of the beauty of heaven which will be many times more glorious!:yes:  Anyhoooooooooo, I trust you have been behaving yourself while I have been gone–right???!!!:wink:  With muchliest love–Paula:heartbeat:

  4. Behaving myself?? Why?? :ROTFL:
    I know you had a wonderful time. Hawaii is one place I would like to go someday. Sounds like you haven’t had any down time since you’ve been back! :heartbeat:

  5. Behaving myself?? Why?? :ROTFL:
    I know you had a wonderful time. Hawaii is one place I would like to go someday. Sounds like you haven’t had any down time since you’ve been back! :heartbeat:

  6. :wave:Hi,  I have been still trying to organize, move stuff from one place to another :p  It’s the small stuff and ugh paperwork.  I have been tired, physically, emotionally.  Tweetie’s last employer still has not paid him.  But he started last week with the “good” supervisor job — more like the guy making sure the work is being done right.  He got to go to a aerospace plant today–yea they build big “planes” there.  Right now I am trying to encourage Mary she will do it.  She has a problem with a required course that she needs to graduate next week.  Well, plan to go walk on the beach and do some serious praying, sing, and praise the Lord!!  Well good night dear friend, :sleepy:Sharon now in Charleston, SC

  7. Should’ve made some tea with that hot water!! For what it’s worth, I slept horribly, too…. must be the time of year or something.

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