Cathy had something about this posted on her site today, so I thought I would post an update. This 19 year old guy from Arkansas, was in Galveston with his wife and mother, and 2 month old baby daughter. He put the baby in the microwave. Here is what one of the news stations said: KHOU
 He has a MySpace and there is a link on that page to it. I got on it earlier, but the page would not fully load and I got an error message. I’m sure there is a ton of traffic on it right now.
I’ve been out taking pictures of flowers in the front yard again. 
Here’s the yellow hibiscus:
yellow hibiscus
Orange daylily:

orange daylily

Yellow daylily:

yellow daylily

and pink oleander:


We also have a huge red oleander in front of the house, but the way the sun was shining, I couldn’t get a good picture. We have been having heat the last couple of days that ties records going back into the 1800’s. But today it is much cooler. We’ll be having an unseasonable low on Saturday morning, as it is supposed to be down in the ’50’s.

The title for a “featured content” post caught my eye again this morning.

A Homeless Man Kissed Me

It’s not very often that I play any kind of video game, but last night I got addicted to one. I’m pretty sure it’s all my husband’s fault, since I never even saw this game until he started playing it.

Bubble Shooter

So I was up REALLY late playing that game. But it’s a good thing I was, because when Beth put her clothes in the dryer last night, she either forgot to turn the dryer on, or the dryer just stopped. So all her work clothes were still soaking wet. Good thing I thought about checking. I wonder what you tell your boss in that case? “I can’t come in because I don’t have a thing to wear.”  (Edit: she said she turned it on, so the dryer just shut off for some reason.)

Yesterday Steve found out why we are having to add so much coolant to the car. The water pump housing has developed a large crack in it. It’s not the water pump itself….he replaced that a couple of years ago. The pump and the housing are separate things on our car. But any repair job on a Cadillac is a job that I’m pretty sure was designed by Satan. All the parts are hard to get to, and they are expensive, because so many of them are only dealer parts. You can’t get them at Auto Zone. So Steve is on his way now to pick up the part, which had to be ordered. He’s already said he won’t ever work on the Northstar engine, so if that goes out, we’re sunk. We aren’t rich, and our money tree in the backyard died.



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  1. I like those lyrics… Numb is my favorite of their songs… I can’t listen to it very often, because it still takes my back into my lost past… not where Christ wants me to dwell. Love you

  2. Cathy….he just called and said the parts came to $266.17. We couldn’t wait to get them on ebay, though. I need my car.
    Suzanne….I guess that band and the lyrics will always have negative meanings for me.

  3. Cindy,
    See…I’m not the only one with a dead tree!
    RYC: As for my bombed frogs, maybe I should join them, lol.
    God Bless you.
    Cynthia :sunny:

  4. Hi, Connie….there’s a lot that won’t grow in our yard because we have such deep shade, and the daylilies are reaching way out to the south to get that sun. They are planted under a pine tree.

  5. “Police said he came to Galveston from Arkansas in search of a job as a minister.”So many people think they are saved… think they are Christian… but are lost.

  6. I’m speechless about the guy from AR. :sigh:
    The flowers are all beautiful!  My trees are dead too…in fact all of them died at the same time.  Apparently, when you pick the fruit of a money tree for cars, food, house, clothes and kids all at once, it just dies! :giggle:
    RYC:  Twice he’s jokingly tried to scare the girls as a vampire but other than that he’s embarrased about his tooth.  He & Butch should be at the dentist as I type, so we’ll see what they can do for him.
    Hope you guys are all having a great day!!

  7. RYC: No it isn’t that site. The Iliveinmycamera is a contest site. Vanessa regularly submits photos to that site, and hosts it, too, I believe. She started up this new site as just a gallery to show off pictures… it is NOT a contest site, and the rules are much different! That is  why I like it for myself… I’m just a beginner. BTW, I love these pix!! You are a good photographer!! :love::heartbeat::love:

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