Please don’t forget to pray about the 3 kidnapped soldiers in Iraq. They just showed an interview on the news with one of the soldiers searching, and he said fatigue is a problem. We need to pray for strength for them. And pray for the families of the 3 soldiers.
we will never forget
Whiskers has his routine. He waits for Bethany to come home from work every single day. And he has to be carried on her shoulder. When she worked at CVS and came home about 10:45 every night, he would sit out in the driveway and wait for the sound of Steve’s deisel truck coming down the road. And he’d get on Beth’s shoulder to come in the house. If, for some reason, she wasn’t in the truck when it pulled in, he’d look for her. When he gets up there, he has to turn upside down and roll around. He loves it. Silly cat.

I just took these a few minutes ago. He’s happy….Mommy’s home. Now he smells like her perfume.

Beth & Whiskers 002

Beth & Whiskers 007

much to post right now. I’m trying to motivate myself to get busy. I have towels to fold and put away, and dishes to wash. Our dishwasher quit working a couple of months ago, and I have not gotten another one yet. I’ve been holding off, not wanting to spend the money, but also not being certain just which one I want yet. I was leaning toward one by GE, and last night on the news, there was a piece about GE dishwashers catching on fire  I’m tired of buying the one the store happens to have in stock. I thought about having this one fixed, but it will cost nearly what we paid for the thing, and then we’ll still have a defective dishwasher, because the design is bad. I don’t want to sink $300-$500 into fixing an appliance that was a stupid design to begin with.
Tomorrow,  Brandon and Rachael will be married 6 months. It just doesn’t seem possible. Time is going by too fast. But I’m going to do a special post for that. I got sidetracked looking at wedding pictures earlier.
Beth and I were going to sing for them in church Sunday, the same song we sang in the wedding. But my bronchitis is getting worse, and now she is getting sick again. So I guess we will wait till their first anniversary.
I want to take Beth down to Sylvan Beach Park and take some really good pictures of her. It’s really pretty there. I had thought about taking her to Glamour Shots, or some similar place, but wow…they want a lot of money for those pictures. They should be gold plated for those prices. I had pictures made when I was 21, but it was much cheaper. Of course, there was no such thing as Glamour Shots back then. And no, Brandon…they didn’t chisel them in stone then. You just went to Sears to have them done.
I was looking for an old post, and got sidetracked reading other old posts. But I’m going to highlight some of them.
Here’s one on stability and being content in life. It’s the one I was looking for. (Sorry, E…there’s some about you on there, too, but it’s staying. You’ll have to live with it )
October 13, 2006
And one on dating and raising kids:
October 5, 2006 
I found the post about Beth having a wreck. That was scary.
November 24, 2004
Slide show of making Rachael’s wedding veil:
September 3, 2006

I will probably add more as I come across them. 



10 thoughts on “

  1. Hi, Hannah. I was going to post a link to the one I really want…my dream dishwasher (yes I know…that’s sick), but the site was having problems. I’ll post it later.

  2. I’ll be praying for the soldiers, families and those who are searching.
    Whiskers is just too cute!
    Dang it Cindy…I now have two hours of my life I can’t get back due to the bubble shooter game! :hammer: But I got up to 360,904 on my fifth game! :yes:

  3. I love the analogy about pregnancy being such a big sep of faith.  My motto for this year has been to live in faith and not fear.  If we have a girl, I’m really leaning towards the name “Selah Faith” just because it represents so well what all this year has meant to us.  (Selah Faith would mean to “pause and reflect on faith” which God has certinaly caused us to do in the past several months.)

  4. which God has certainly caused us to do in the past several months
    That’s very true, Paula Beth. And He has greatly blessed you. I think that’s a perfect name! :goodjob:

  5. Wiskers is so adorable.  I just love cats.  They are so unpredictible and at the same time, like a routine. 😆  I am praying for the missing soldiers and their families too. Have a blessed weekend. :sunny:

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