How about an old picture? This one was taken in May 1982. The baby is Brandon and the older child is Jeremy, my nephew. He is 27 now. I was 25 in this picture. I use to have this one sitting on my desk at work. We were at my great-aunt’s house down in Wharton County. I’ve posted pictures from there, when we had family reunions there. The swing is in a pecan orchard, which is what that area of Texas was famous for growing. There are places down there now, with names like Pecan Plantation and Old Orchard. My dad’s mom and her family moved there from northeast Oklahoma in 1914. The land is part of the original grant to Stephen F. Austin, from Spain, to settle 300 families in the Spanish territory of Texas. Go here to read about the land grants.

Brandon, Justin and Cindy

Not much going on. When Steve left this morning, he told me not to be wild and go out running around a lot, since I have a car now  No problem there. I’m not moving very fast as it is. But I might be wild enough to go get my nails done later.

There’s so much I need to do. I just don’t want to do it. At least I made the chicken salad I promised Beth. She loves chicken salad.

Beth’s kind of being stalked by the guy at work that asked her out. She told me yesterday that he drives by the garden center and looks in to see if he can see her. Jim, the door greeter in the garden center, said he’s going to tell “R” that Beth is his girl. I just don’t have a good feeling about this guy. He posts pics of almost naked women on his myspace. One is naked but the pic doesn’t show everything. However, the pose is….well…it’s not just suggestive…it says everything outright. And then he asks out a Christian girl who doesn’t believe in sex before marriage. That sets off all kinds of alarms in a mom’s head. Where are the really nice guys that have respect for a woman? I doubt he has in mind going to church with her. One guy did go to church with her a couple of times, but then he’s not around anymore. He has a girlfriend and a baby.

It’s been 32 years today since my high school graduation ceremony.

I do have a little stalking to do, though. That should pick my spirits up some



11 thoughts on “Blah

  1. here’s to picking up your spirts :sunny: 
    enjoy getting your nails done ~ something I need to do but just don’t have the time right now :hammer:

  2. Great picture! Hope you are all well. Storm on its way… shutting down computers…Blessings on you and yours!

  3. Ok…that guy would creep me out!  I would have to say something to him because that would upset me a lot.
    Hope your day turned out good.

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