Beth’s truck caught fire


Oh, and thanks for making the change, E  It was driving me crazy

Update 8:20 p.m…..We were just talking about some things that happened today. When the wrecker driver was sweeping up the glass from the street and putting it in a 5 gallon bucket, the last cop on the scene, Sgt. Sparks, said, “Gives a whole new meaning to pick-up truck.” Beth just looked at him and said, “You’re a funny man.”

The cops had blocked off the road in both directions when we got back down there, but I pulled up beside one cop car anyway. They thought I was going to try to drive down there. One of them pointed his finger at me. We told them that was our car and we were just trying to get over there out of traffic. They were all really nice, but one young officer said, “Ok, pull over there in the church parking lot and get out of my street.” I said, “Ok. Your street?” He said, “Yes, ma’am, for right now this is my street.” I just grinned at him. He said, “And don’t hit my car.” I told him I’d do my best.” Too bad Mike the ex-cop wasn’t there.

I told Beth one day that Mike couldn’t stop being a cop. He said, “Oh yes I can!” But I told her to give him a message….that he couldn’t quit because he looked too cute in a uniform. She declined to tell him that. I don’t understand.

While we were standing on the side of the road talking to the Sgt., Robert texted Beth. He’s the guy that asked her out. She said they weren’t going to date, but he was asking her what her plans were for the weekend. She said today that she had 107 text messages from him. He’s persistent, I’ll give him that. And she says he’s not stalking her


Well…..Just when things are looking up, something else happens. Beth’s car caught fire today. It is charred now. She went to the doctor this morning for an ultrasound. After that, she went to Walgreens. On her way home, about a mile from the house, it started smoking. She pulled into a cross-over in the street. Her phone wouldn’t work. So a lady that had seen it smoking stopped, called 911, and brought her home. We jumped in my car and went back down there. It was in flames by then. We watched as the firemen put it out. Every window in the car was broken out from the heat. It’s a sad little car. I grabbed my camera to take pictures, but the batteries were dead. Beth got pictures with her cell phone, but we have to go get a cord to download the pictures, so we’ll post those later.

We laughed a lot after she cried. The police officers, firemen, and the wrecker driver made it a little easier. They joked a lot. When the wrecker driver pulled up, he said that he wasn’t planning on starting his barbeque till tomorrow and it looked like we got a head start.

Edit 5:10 p.m…..Beth has some much better pictures, and some of it right after the fire. We went to the lot where it was towed and took some more. She will post the good ones on her site. One fireman told her that the left front shock blew just before we got back down there this afternoon. That’s why it’s sitting funny. Not to mention the left tire is half melted. When we got to the lot, the wrecker driver had already taken the front license plate off for her to save. She thinks she got everything out but her Old Navy fleece jacket. That wasn’t cheap.

Trucklette 001

Trucklette 009

Trucklette 002


Go by and see Renee’s brand new niece.


Been tagged by Christy…..Here’s how it works:

1. Grab the book closest to you The Bible

2. Turn to page 161

3. Print the fifth complete sentence on your blog Leviticus 13:37….He is clean and the priest shall pronounce him clean.

4. Tag five others What makes you think I know 5 people? Okaaaayyyy……anybody who is willing to do it.


(Edit: I did not identify any person in my post. But one person did in a comment. So I deleted the comment.)

Because of a previous discussion with someone, I decided to write this post. I give the explanation in case you wonder where in the world these thoughts came from. But I will seriously step on some toes with this post.

I thought I would tell you about me. First of all, I am a Christian, which means I accepted Jesus as my savior, and I try to live the way scripture says we should live. I haven’t always done that. I am not perfect. I take the Bible very literally – I believe it to be the inerrant word of God in its original text.

I am Southern Baptist. I attend the same church I grew up in. The same church my mother joined when she was 6 years old. She’ll be 70 this year. Her dad was deacon and Sunday School teacher. Her mom was a Sunday School teacher. Daddy’s parents were also members there. My grandfather was a church trustee (he had been divorced, so he could not be a deacon). My grandmother ran the kitchen and did many other things. So you know where I come from.

I am a wife and mother. It’s the only career I’ve ever wanted. I have dreamed of getting married as far back as I can remember. When I was little, I use to draw pictures of brides in wedding dresses. And I was pretty good at it. There’s a long line of artists in my family.

I have wanted babies as far back as I can remember. I am the oldest of 4 girls in my family, and I was second mother to all of them. And even on days when I didn’t want to be, I couldn’t escape that job.

I am the oldest grandchild on both sides of my family, so I had many babies to practice with. My cousin, Ross (the one that just came back from Afghanistan) is probably the one I babysat most. He is 13 years younger than me. I carried him around like a doll.

I have had 3 children. One died shortly after birth. I am a protective mother. I will always go to bat for my children, but I do not believe they are perfect. I have always been a strict mother. When I would take the kids to the grocery store with me, I had a rule: they had to follow  single file behind me, and they better not touch anything. They knew not to beg me to buy things for them because that just guaranteed they wouldn’t get it. Parents that allow their children to act like little hooligans in public really anger me. I always wanted to know where they were and who they were with. That was sometimes a challenge. I always wanted to know what they were doing. And they didn’t always appreciate that. But they grew up to be well behaved, stable, and successful. They have never been in any kind of trouble. They obey the law. And they are Christian.

I was a “mean mom” because I love them. I was determined not to be one of those parents who didn’t really know what their kids were up to, thereby unwittingly raising a child who grew up to shoot up schools or blow things up. Although Brandon does love things that go boom. I was amused recently when Brandon was not happy with some unruly children in a restaurant. I’ve done my job. My grandchildren will be well behaved, too.

Prov 29:15…..15 Scolding and spanking a child helps him to learn. Left to himself, he brings shame to his mother.  TLB

I homeschooled my children from beginning to end. Even when they didn’t like it, they had to do their school work.

I’m a mother-in-law. I love my daughter-in-law very much and try to treat her just like one of my own kids. I am thankful for her.

For some reason, I’m known in my family, as the one to come to when you can’t get something that you want.  My mom and sisters give me a hard time about that. But I managed to get one sister into the surgical recovery room to see my dad, when she would not be able to do it later. Nurses don’t like to let you in there. Rachael encountered a problem this week, and Beth said her first thought was, “Let Mom handle it.” It’s easy….you just don’t give up. If you believe something is right, fight for it. Wear down the opposition. You don’t have to be ugly….you just have to be insistent. But it does have it’s drawbacks – it’s seen by some as annoying.

I do make people mad. There are a number of people at church that are not happy with me. It’s because I don’t share their need to party. They don’t like to come to Sunday School, evening worship, monthly workdays, or Bible Studies. So if they won’t come to any of the main things a church is for, why should we have parties? A church is not a social club. It is a place of worship and learning first, and social activities can follow if people participate in the main purpose of the church. The pastor agrees. The youth/music minister agrees. My husband, the deacon, agrees. But I catch the flack for it because I’m head of the fellowship committee.

I make the same group mad because I insist on not spending $200 on a picture to hang on the wall, when we sometimes have trouble paying some of our utility bills. Silly me. But I’m the treasurer, and I write the checks. And I tell them when I think it’s a stupid idea. I do try to be tactful, but sometimes it’s sooooo hard. I’ve made some of them so mad that they have literally criticized the fact that I wear make-up and do my hair when I go somewhere.  That’s a sign someone is losing the fight and is grasping at straws. But that just makes me more determined.

I love people. I’ve spent many hours at hospitals and nursing homes helping take care of people who are sick or dying. I’ve sat literally all day in a hospital, while a family member or friend was in surgery. But I don’t mind. I feel drawn to do those things.

I’m the Vacation Bible School director, and also teach the VBS music class. I believe teaching children about God is really important. It is much easier for children to accept God than for adults to do so. Adults like to make things so complicated. Kids don’t fight God like adults do.

I sing. I have been singing since I was 18 months old, according to my mother. I didn’t do solos in church that young, but even before I was in elementary school, I knew most of the songs in the Baptist hymnal. My family is a musical family. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t sing. I use it as a way to tell people about God, or to minister to people. I’ve sung to people in the hospital many times. I sang to my cousin who was dying of lung cancer. When he would get aggitated and try to get out of the bed after he was taken off life support, I would sing Amazing Grace to him, and he would calm down. When I don’t know what else to do, I’ll sing, because it’s soothing. When I was a teenager, another cousin asked, “Do you always have to sing?” He was tired of it. I told him, “Yes…yes I do.”

I love having people come over to visit, although it always means a mad scramble to clean house. One of my sisters got all the clean freak genes in the family. I definitely lost out there. I’m just so tired all the time, and I hate housecleaning.

I’m not an unintelligent person. Please don’t take this as an attempt to brag…just as an explanation of something to come. My IQ is in the lower end of the so-called “genius” range. Seriously. So is my husband’s and Brandon’s. Beth’s hasn’t been tested, but I’m betting it is up there, too. I say that to tell you that I use my brain. I think. I reason. I figure people out. I weigh pros and cons. If somebody tells me something, I’ll research it to find out if it’s the truth.

I am politically active. No….I don’t protest or anything like that. But I do vote. And Steve and I have participated in the political dealings of the party we chose to vote for. I come by it honestly….my grandparents worked at the polls in every election. Some of my earliest memories are of playing behind the curtains in the voting machines. Voting….making your voice heard… important. Many, many people have died in wars to give us that right. Use it. Do you remember seeing the people in the big sandbox, with purple thumbs to prove they voted? They were so proud to have that opportunity. And we take it for granted. So many people don’t vote. Yes, I think it’s wrong. I’m not going to hate those who don’t, but I think it’s a waste of a God-given right. Edit: If you don’t vote, you have absolutely no right to complain about anything!

But I think you should be educated on the issues before you vote. Really educated. Maybe there should be a test. If you can’t explain the issues, you don’t get to vote. If I was running the world, things would be different.

I sign petitions if I believe in the cause. I’ve done that a lot lately. I get emails from Focus on the Family Action, which informs people about various bills slinking around among our lawmakers. I also get emails from Grassfire and the Institute for Legal Reform.

I like James Dobson. We’ve supported him from very early in his radio ministry, and that’s been a very long time. I have nearly all his books. We raised our kids by the same common sense that he teaches. I liked Jerry Falwell. Yes, it’s true. He had a tendency to tick people off, but he was very misunderstood many times. His heart was in the right place. He wasn’t the idiot he is portrayed to be. Our pastor has 3 degrees from Liberty University, and Dr. Falwell was precious to him.

I do not believe in abortion. It is the taking of an innocent life. The “choice” should have been before the child was conceived. The choice to say no. I do believe in the death penalty. I believe homosexuality is a sin. Scripture says it is an abomination to God. I do believe Christianity is singled out to be the religion that is not tolerated, while we are pushed to “be tolerant” of other religions and “alternative lifestyles.”

And I vote according to what candidate believes like I do. But I will say that I usually vote Republican, because the Democrats as a whole, support abortion. 

Here’s something some people really won’t like. I support the war. I don’t like war, but I do believe we did the right thing in going into not only Afghanistan, but Iraq. I’m afraid Iran will be next. All those countries are tied together in their hatred for the United States. And we cannot let them think that they can ever get the upper hand. They might catch us off-guard like on September 11, but they will pay. We cannot let them do it again.

But having said that, the thought of loved ones being over there upsets me. I can’t help it. They are loved ones. One will be going back soon. I cannot tell you how much that bothers me. It makes my stomach feel sick, and makes me cry. And I’m not even his mother. So I just have to pray. I literally wake up at night and pray. And during the day, I pray constantly.

Unfortunately, I do not believe this war will ever be “over”. It is the prelude to bigger wars in the same area. I’ve read the end of the book. They don’t even understand their hatred for us, but I do. It’s tied to our support of Israel. Anyone who supports the target Israel will also be a target. We are the biggest target. But I don’t believe these insurgent groups actually reason that out. They just hate. It’s all they do.

And it makes me angry when people try to portray our president as an idiot. He is far from an idiot. I think he has more intelligence in his little finger than most people. And I believe there is a lot of compassion in the man. He isn’t perfect, and he has made, and will make, mistakes. So do you. I don’t agree with everything he wants to do.  Steve and I don’t always agree, either, but I still love him.

I do not take orders from any religious group or political group. See, some people think that we “Christians”, particularly Southern Baptists, just do as we’re told and vote like we’re told. Hogwash. That’s where the intelligence comes in. Smart people will decide for themselves. Even our pastor says he tries to tell us the word of God, but if anything he says ever disagrees with what the Bible says, then believe the Bible. Find out for yourself. Don’t take somebody’s word for anything. Study. Be smart.

So….I have a question. Do you think I am the kind of person who turns people away from God? Because when you say the “Christian right” does that, you are talking about me. The statement that the Christian right has a lot to answer for in the creation of a police state and forming laws that relate to what is done in the privacy of our own homes…..I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I’m almost speechless. Almost.

See, saying that the Christian right has a holier-than-thou attitude and “I’m so glad I’m not involved with them,” is in itself a holier-than-thou attitude. 

Don’t tell me that if I will allow it, my eyes will be opened and then turn around and tell me you don’t have discernment. I can tell when someone is breaking the law, and I can see the stupidness they participated in while breaking that law. If you read in detail, every little thing they did, you cannot escape seeing that they broke law after law after law. They got themselves into their present dilemma. They have no one to blame but themselves. Sob stories just make me mad.

You cannot just decide you don’t want to obey the law. You can work to change the law, but you can’t just break it. At least not without consequences. You can’t just decide you won’t pay taxes. I pay the payroll taxes for the people who work at our church. You can bet the IRS would come after me if I decided I didn’t want to pay them.

You can read about it here. I believe in creationism, but because of what he did, he has set back the cause. He has caused others to laugh at creationists. He has done as much harm to the cause of creationism as television evangelists caught in sex scandals, have done to Christianity.

So now you know who I really am. I’m not a different person than I was before. You just didn’t know I had a label.

Edit: The “Christian right” includes people you know. People you work with. People you see or talk to everyday. Maybe even people you love. We are not weird. We are not the scary monsters we are made out to be on television. We are normal, everyday people.

Yes, I am angry this time. You can bet on it.



25 thoughts on “Beth’s truck caught fire

  1. Wow!  I agree with almost everything…I say that because I don’t have the patience for homeschooling my children and I do work outside the home. 
    Oh, and just so you know I delivered Trey on election day 1996…so I feel partially responsible for Clinton’s second stint. :giggle: They wouldn’t let me walk to the voting booth with an epidural….strange people…of course it made me fair game to my father who told my “that’s what you get for not taking advantage of the early voting”!
    One of the ways I try to explain rule-breaking to my children is to ask them whay my consequences would be if I broke the law?  With Butch being in that field, they know if I broke the law my punishment would be going to jail.  Then they seem to grasp that even as adults we have certain rules to follow.  We have to follow “the law” just as they have to obey “our laws”.
    OK, I’ve spent way too much time on xanga…I’ve got to get a shower and get to work!
    Hope you have a wonderfully, awesome day today!!

  2. Anytime m’dear! ๐Ÿ˜‰ 
    Oh, and I support the war as well…I don’t like it either, but as far as I know, my bible tells me that war is biblical and that sometimes it is necessary.
    Sorry that someone insulted and upset you.  As my momma always says, you want me to sit on their chest until their eyes bug out?? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. ๐Ÿ˜† Nawwwww, but thanks anyway. It wasn’t just to me…it was to a whole group of people.
    Yes, the Bible says there will be wars and rumors of wars. So those people who think peace on earth can be achieved are sadly mistaken.

  4. Great post! I get so sick of the media in how they talk about President Bush….. And, Dr. Dobson — I had his daddy as my Art teacher at Pasadena (Nazarene) College … He was a Dr. Dobson also and I loved him– Rev. Falwell – Yes–people don’t give him the credit that he deserves….he must enjoy walking on streets of gold and seeing his loved ones and friends again. Our neighbors always gave to Dr. Falwell — perhaps Liberty University. Apparently one time Jerry said, I sure hope they help Sherry when she gets to college age — something to that effect. In the meantime — Jerry passed away — finally Sherry was going to be graduating from highschool and she received a letter from LU. They gave her a full scholarship at Liberty University — completely paid. GOD ANSWERED HER FATHER’S PRAYER. I support the War and our soldiers. I’m very proud of them. Memorial Day has always meant a lot to me.  GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.  :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

  5. Thank you for your post. As you know, my family is politically active. My two oldest son’s took a year off of school to work on campaigns this past election. Adam worked for Asa Hutchinson who was running for Governor and John was Gunner DeLay’s campaign manager. Gunner was running for Attorney General. As you know, Republicans pretty well took a beating. John is going to run for State Representative in 2008 for our district.
    As far as the war goes, I to support it. I have a son in the military. I don’t like the idea of him going to a war zone. I am, however, so very proud of him and his willingness to serve. He would go tomorrow if called. He hasn’t been as far as the fighting goes. He did have to go and escort a witness back to the states. He is a paralegal and was working with JAG.
    Doug and I listen to Focus every morning while eating breakfast. We also support to AFA actions. We also, watch a lot of Liberty Broadcasting Network.  Dr. Falwell was misunderstood and a very great warrior for God. I was shocked when one pastor’s wife told me that she had never heard of him.
    RYC: I don’t have a bed in the garage, however, there is a hot tub. I do have  empty bedrooms in the house. So come on up to my little “dog box” in the country.

  6. Thanks for all your concerns. It looks like the only loss, other than the car, was her Old Navy fleece jacket. She won’t be needing it for a few  months, but that was a $50 jacket!
    Cathy, I can’t believe somebody had not heard of Dr. Falwell! Good grief. :oh-no:

  7. Texting isn’t stalking. Don’t make him sound like a bad guy, he’s not! But yeah… I like hanging out with him too but I don’t know how to tell him it’s not such a good idea.

  8. Cindy,
    I have just now been able to read this post and I have to say that it is a great post.  You know I am a Christian – I have not found a church to go to here but I have also been hurt by the last church I went to by many of the members (including our pastor) so I am very shy about getting involved back into church. I pray – and often – for my family, my friendsI , my friends family and just to talk to God – as that is my time to listen to what he has to tell me. I do think that to surround yourself with like minded individuals help in your walk with God.
    I think sending your children to a public school or homeschooling them is something that you have to weigh both the good and bad. I personally could not do it as I am a very social person and so not working would have driven me crazy.
    I do not support our president – this may come as a shock to you and others considering my husband is active duty but I have a difficult time accepting the things that he has done to our nation.  I do however support our troops in everything that they do – they are only following orders from the Commander and Chief.
    I do believe that the govt should not be involved in peoples choices as we are all entitled to our own choices – both good and bad. Sometimes we all make mistakes and sometimes mistakes helps us to grow – I know that my mistakes have helped me grow closer to God and I have learned from those mistakes and poor choices that I have made.
    But I say all of this and say that I truly consider you a friend and thanks to this lovely thing call the internet I have learned a lot about people and it has allowed me to exand my horizons. That is the great things about friends, you can agree to disagree on many things and still be friends. I hope that I have not lost a friend by saying all of this.
    Have a great week!  and Happy Memorial Day!

  9. Hi, TJ….no, you haven’t lost a friend. I had been greatly insulted by someone else, and felt the need to explain to people who I really am and what I stand for. I had been told I needed to allow my eyes to be opened. I do understand that people have the freedom to believe what they want to believe. But I took great exception to my beliefs being completely insulted and ridiculed, by someone I had considered a friend for the last couple of years.
    There are many things that I, too, think the government should stay out of. I am in favor of a limited form of government. However, there is something that I will always fight to keep illegal….that is “marriage” of same sex couples. That is the subject where, to me, the privacy of our own homes makes no difference. Since God says it’s wrong, I believe it’s wrong.
    The friend whom I felt so insulted by, has removed herself from our lives. And she didn’t have to do that. But I did want her to realize what a sweeping generality she was making by condemning a whole group of people called the Christian right. In the many, many times she told me how much she loved me and appreciated my friendship, I don’t think she ever gave a thought to the fact that my beliefs are the very ones she was condemning. She has a false view of the group she is against, and doesn’t realize that those people are just like me…..the friend she was so happy with.

  10. Oh, and I’m not shocked that you don’t support President Bush. I’m sure there are many military families that don’t.
    I meant to make a comment about the homeschooling. It really isn’t possible for everyone. You have to really make up your mind that your are going to stick to it. I’m not radically against public schools, but they are not the same schools I graduated from 32 years ago. I do object to many things they teach the children. But the basics are basics. Math doesn’t change with religious beliefs. ๐Ÿ™‚ I never had time to go crazy not working. I had always wanted to stay home with the kids anyway. We were too busy with church activities and baseball. Homeschooling is kind of misunderstood sometimes, and it’s done differently by different people. We had lots of “field trips”. I took them with me everywhere I needed to go, because everything can be a learning experience. We were definitely not just stuck at home.

  11. Cindy you truly are a great person and we all need to see the good in our friends.  I thank God for putting you in my path (with the help of daisymay)
    Schools are not the same as they were when I gradutated 18 years ago…and I sometimes wish that they would go back to reading writing and mathmatics! 
    Thank for the help with the video too!!! I knew you could help!!!

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