After church this morning, we went to Casa Ole for lunch. I took lots of pictures today, and am in the process of editing them. I’ll post some shortly.

Oh, and Beth just realized today that her glasses were in the car when it went up in flames. So she needs new glasses. 

Andy at the piano:


Bethany showing Mark pictures of her car. He thought she was joking.

Beth & Mark

I got me a MAN! (Bethany and Jeremy):

Bethany & Jeremy

Now what do I do with him??

Jeremy and Beth

A couple of Brandon and Rachael, at church and Casa Ole:

Rachael & Brandon

Brandon & Rachael

Beth at Casa Ole:


And more of Bethany (and Whiskers):

Bethany and Whiskers


Beth and Baby Kitty:

Beth and Baby Kitty

That’s enough to bore you to tears for a while. I took 62 pictures, and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to see them all.

It was Scrabble night at Brandon and Rachael’s.




13 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. :yes:I would enjoy all 62~~~~~~I love pictures!  And Bethany looks GORGEOUS…Hey your Brandon is mighty handsome…And Rachel is so beautiful, too!
    Sending muchliest your direction–Paula:love:

  2. :wave: Enjoyed the pictures. Very pretty girls and a handsome guy. We love it when you share your pictures.  I hope you are enjoying your memorial day weekend. Ours is going good.
    ~~Hugs!!~~ :heartbeat:

  3. Hi, Merrilee…..Beth has to work tomorrow, and Rachael does, too, for a few hours. Then for dinner we are going to grill hamburgers and maybe some chicken. Yesterday it rained all day, so it’s kinda soggy out there.

  4. RYC: We put the pool up last year, it is a 28′ round. Boy was it a job, but we are enjoying it so much. The deck really made it alot nicer. I know you would love to get your new one up. They are worth all the trouble it takes to put them up. Thanks for the comment. ttys.
    ~~Hugs!!~~ :love:

  5. Hi Cindy, I’ve been reading your back posts . . . very interesting! A few comments. 1. I love the pix of your gorgeous kids. 2. The genealogy information was fascinating…. & I loved the pictures, too! 3. WOW! PTL! Bethany was unharmed. That car was done in! What caused the fire? Did you say? If so I missed it. 4. Your bio about your background and beliefs was very good. ……. Have a wonderful week. Love & big hugs… Carolyn

  6. Hi, Carolyn! :wave: We believe it was an electrical fire. God protected her for sure. Thank you for all the compliments. I’ve missed you. :heartbeat:
    I have something for you, and one of these days I’m actually going to get to the post office and mail it 😉 :love:

  7. I like the pictures of Brandon and I =) I want to get some more of him and I done sometime somewhere. I wouldn’t mind seeing the whole 62 pictures either =) Thanks again for running to and from the Dentist today I really appreciate it.

  8. I’m glad I came back here, sis! :love: I have been amazed beyond all of my expectations of what online friendships can be built!! Love you… Carolyn :heartbeat::love:

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