Memorial Day 2007

11:20 p.m…..Brandon and Rachael came over for dinner tonight. I grilled hamburgers, but ended up doing it inside because it was pouring down rain. There is some flooding in several parts of the Houston area tonight. And we are supposed to get more of the same tomorrow.

It was fun tonight. Rachael was telling stories and we kept really messing up her stories. We laughed a lot.  It wasn’t anything fancy tonight….just the 5 of us getting together again. They don’t come over very often anymore, and I’m trying to get used to that. Next month they will be moving to another apartment. And the new place is further away. But it will save them about $500 a month.

I have to take Rachael to the dentist in the morning. Steve will be taking Beth to work. We’re down to juggling vehicles and schedules again.

EDIT 6:40 p.m….It’s a good thing I have an indoor grill  

Watch the video on Carolyn’s site: Razehell.

We are having an extremely wet Memorial Day weekend. It rained all day Saturday, and it’s pouring down out there today. Good thing I can get to the grill without getting too wet.

we will never forget




Chapel 2

From atop the chapel





Old graves

Scott Larson

Scott Larson

Cory Kosters

Walt Moss

July 2, 2004:

Iraq and Afghanistan dead

The same area, March 2007:

Recent deaths

Same area from a different angle:

New graves


Funeral of Ryan Green, March 27, 2007:

Ryan Green


If any of you are ever in Houston, I would be glad to take you on a tour of Houston National Cemetery.

Love you, Ethan.



15 thoughts on “Memorial Day 2007

  1. Good post, Cindy… Did you take all of those pictures, or were they from some online source. the July, ’04 & March, ’07 photos tell a sad story. :cry::heartbeat:

  2. Bethany took all the pictures, except for the one of  Ryan Green’s funeral (it was in our newspaper) and the one of the flag being presented.
    In the ones taken July 2, 2004, Beth and I had gone out there to take pics for our church July 4 program, to put in a slide show. We had been to Scott Larson’s funeral in April 2004. Then one day this past March, we had some time on our hands, and wanted to go back and take more pictures. We were just amazed at the difference. So many more graves. I didn’t post the picture to the right (north) of that same area. There were absolutely no graves there in 2004, and there must have been 1000 easily in the new area.

  3. Do you work at the Cemetary there?
    Seems like you are well acquainted with the area and all…
    Wow, I hope and pray that this individual would be protected by God in Iraq…I know enough stories of God’sgraceand miracles in Iraq…

  4. No, I don’t work there. But I’ve been out there many times. The first time I was out there was for a soldier’s funeral. Since then, I’ve been out there several times. It’s a beautiful place – a cemetery but it looks like a park, too. And apparently people use it like a park sometimes, because there are rules about not having picnic lunches out there 🙄

  5. Seems like you guys had a good time this past monday!
    May God bless your family and those around you!
    RYC: Wow, you did an entry on this before? Wow, I should have stumbled upon your xanga earlier! But its part of God’s timing
    I cried like I never had with the pictures and the article…every page, was bringing water to my eye…very unusual…
    somehow, I have a real soft spot I suppose, with seeing these pictures and the cost of those who have died and to their family and loved ones as well…

  6. I have a real soft spot I suppose, with seeing these pictures and the cost of those who have died and to their family and loved ones as well…
    You and me, both. The first time I went out to the cemetery, for Scott’s funeral, I was just in awe of the beauty of it. Rows and rows of headstones that tell a story of someone who fought for our country. Many of them have a spouse buried with them, and their information will be on the back of the headstone. In 2004, they were beginning to clear more land for more graves. Much of that land is filled now. The increase is not due entirely to people dying in this war, but to elderly veterans dying. There are large numbers of vets dying now, that fought in Vietnam.
    My great-uncle died in World War II and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. I would like to see that cemetery some day.

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