We watched the show tonight about Kimberly Dozier being injured in Iraq, and the 2 camera men and one soldier being killed, by a car bomb. That was a hard show to watch. Several soldiers were severely injured, including one losing a leg. Yeah…I cried. Especially when the soldier’s widow talked about the 2 men coming to her door to inform her of her husband’s death.


We finally got home about 45 minutes ago. I took Rachael down to Clear Lake for her appointment with the oral surgeon. The appointment was at 3:40. At about 3:50, Beth called and said she wasn’t going to work late after all. She gets off at 4:00. From Clear Lake back to Walmart is about 30 minutes. So I left Rachael there, went to pick up Beth, and went back down to Clear Lake to pick up Rachael. By the time we got there she was through with her appointment. She has to go Friday for a 3-D ultrasound of her mouth to help them determine what the spot is that showed up on the x-ray.

Supper is easy tonight. I just took pizzas out of the oven.

Tomorrow at 5:00, I am taking our dog, Sandy, in to see the vet. She has been very sick for several months and she is very uncomfortable. We believe she has congestive heart failure, and because her heart doesn’t pump properly, fluid is collecting in her abdomen. She can’t breathe very well that way, because the fluid pushes on her lungs. Depending on what the doctor says, we may go ahead and put her to sleep. This is Sandy earlier this month:

Sandy May 2007

Beth and Sandy back in January:

 Beth and Sandy

I am on hold with the car insurance company. So far it’s been….forever, I think. I really hate being put on hold.

I left at 7:30 this morning to take Rachael to the dentist at 8:00. They did an x-ray and he agreed that the wisdom tooth needs to be pulled. It’s growing sideways and pushing on the tooth in front of it. But the x-ray showed something else in the lower jaw bone, so he referred her to a specialist. So we are going this afternoon. She has to be there at 3:20. Please pray…the doctor said it can’t be ignored. We need to find out what it is.

After we got out, we went to Walmart. She had to get some prescriptions filled. So naturally we had to go talk to Beth. The dentist had printed out the pictures of Rachael’s teeth, and she showed them to Beth. I had some shopping to do, so we were there a little while.

Walmart associates have a morning meeting, that is kind of like a pep rally. They do a cheer and a little dance. Let me tell you…’s STUPID. Today was the first time I got to witness it. It’s held in the area that use to be the layaway department. They closed layaway, so they use it for their little pep rally. Bethany doesn’t have to go to the meetings, because in the mornings, she is the only cashier in the garden department. I believe she is very glad she doesn’t have to go. I can’t see her participating in that.

I’m not on hold anymore. I just found out that the insurance does not cover the things she left in the car….her jacket and her glasses. So there’s about $250 down the drain.

I got to meet Robert today. He’s the guy that’s hitting on Beth. Well…the other guy besides Manuel that’s hitting on Beth  I was nice to him. He shook my hand. And…..I just don’t see them together. He’s not a bad person. I just don’t have the feeling he’s right for her.

I’m going to try to take a short nap before we go to the oral surgeon. I didn’t sleep well last night.




16 thoughts on “Dentists

  1. Thanks Christy =) I updated my xanga can you believe it lol. Some how mine is so much longer than you’re post but says the same thing =) Oh well. I took a picture of the xray and tried to put it up but the usb ports aren’t cooperating this morning =( I’ll have to ask Brandon when he gets home.

  2. Hope all is well with the wisdom teeth. David had two of his out while in Ft. Jackson. The roots were so long they had to cut his gums down three teeth. The day after he got a bad stomach virus. He said the throwing up was BAD.

  3. they are stupid.  😆 :yes:
    I think they’ll have to do some cutting to get the wisdom tooth out. But the thing that he seemed most concerned about was the “lesion” as he called it, in her lower jaw.

  4. Thanks, ladies. I have been trying to decide for a couple of weeks, if we were going to do this. Rachael is a vet tech, and she will be there if we put Sandy down. She really thinks it would be best. And I know it’s true.

  5. It’s always heartbreaking when a pet leaves us — but, I would never want one of mine to suffer. Sometimes putting them down is the best thing to do. I know, I’ve been through enough and it is always sad.  Hoping everything turns out well for Rachael. ~Carolyn

  6. I’m sorry about your doggie.  Our good dog, Prissy, had that.  We had her put to sleep.  She was about 7 and we both cried.
    Thanks for coming by – yes, I survived.  But I didn’t get any decent photos.  I cried about it so much that my dear sweet hubby bought me a camera and then told me over the phone that it is sort of an anniversary gift for his princess to take pictures of her babies!  :love:
    I enjoy these little chats!  😉
    I’ll be praying for Rachel’s situation. 

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