8:40 p.m…Bethany was fixing to go to bed, because she was so tired. But Hunter just called, so I’m sure they will talk for a while. Hunter and TJ use to live across the street from us, but they moved to Dallas 5 years ago. TJ is in the Marines now. But Hunter still calls Beth often.
When I got to Walmart this afternoon, Jim, the door greeter in the garden department, told me I had a sick baby inside. Beth had a migraine. I did a little shopping, and she clocked out a couple of minutes early because noise and lights were making her headache worse.
We came home and took Sandy to the vet. We really expected to be putting her to sleep today. But the vet told us we could keep her comfortable by giving her diuretics to keep down the fluid retention, so she can breathe easier. So we brought her home, and will just let the heart problems run their course. We always have the option of putting her down if she gets too miserable. She probably only has about 3 months.
I took lots of pictures of Sandy today. She loves to play in the front yard and play with the cats. And I took some of Sandy and Beth at the vet.
Sandy 003
Playing with Tigger, Scrawny and Honey:
Sandy 019
Beth was trying to comfort Sandy because when Sandy’s upset, it’s harder for her to breathe:
Sandy & Beth 2
Sandy & Beth
She was really tired and had a migraine:

Beth at the vet 
2:45 p.m….I just got off the phone with the insurance guy. The settlement is $3001.95. I just have to take the title by their office and get a check. It might not seem like a lot, but it’s actually more than we thought we’d get. It was a 1994 Ford Explorer with about 135,000 miles on it. But it was an XLT package, and 4 wheel drive. So it was originally an expensive vehicle. They paid right at what the blue book value said it was. So we’re happy with it. Not happy that it happened, though. I’m just glad she wasn’t still on the freeway about 1/2 hour from home when it happened. And I’m so thankful it didn’t just go up in flames immediately. God gave her plenty of warning and time to get out.
And yes, God does allow things like this to happen. It’s life. Things do go wrong in the lives of Christians. It’s how we handle it that give glory and honor to God. And it shows others how God works in our lives.
thank you
2:00 p.m….I’m trying to make it around to everybody’s site.
I needed to sleep late this morning (so I don’t end up having a seizure), so I let Beth take the car to work as long as she was coming home at lunch. Then after lunch, I took her back to work, so I can have the car to do some errands. I’m glad she works so close to home.
I have to go to the post office in a little while. She sold that pink necklace she had on ebay, so I need to go mail it.
And just for the record, I don’t think Robert is “stalking” Beth exactly. He was interested and asked her out. She has told him no, but he is still trying. See, I just don’t think his motives are entirely “pure”, shall we say. He didn’t really know her when he asked her out. To me, that’s the wrong way to go about it. You get to know someone first….then ask them out. He’s got it backwards. Yeah, I know some of you will disagree. (Ever notice how the young unmarried people are the ones that disagree with us who are older and managed to get married? Like we don’t know what we’re talking about.) He is 24 years old. And he’s hoping if he hangs around long enough, her no will change to yes.
And also, for the record, we don’t tell her she can or can’t date someone. She makes her own decisions. After all, she is 21. We pray a lot….but she decides. God will put the right one in her path. For all I know, He might be causing someone to want to look for a girl that’s 5’10” with sparkly green eyes, and long naturally curly brown hair. Somebody she can’t resist.
And I want it to be someone that we fall in love with, too. So I pray….a lot. That God will bring the one He wants her to have, and keep away the ones He doesn’t want her to have. And I have to have patience. That’s the really hard part. I’m not a patient person. But I’m trying to keep an open mind. Not easy.

But at the same time, I hope it’s someone that looks inside and not just outside. Looks do attract us, but looks are not everything. A girl can be gorgeous on the outside, but a witch on the inside. Or a girl can be beautiful, inside and out. And a girl can certainly be beautiful inside, but have defects on the outside that don’t usually attract men.
I saw a show once, true story, where a woman was in a horrible fire, and her face was very disfigured because of it. The fireman who rescued her, fell in love with her, and married her. He saw the beauty on the inside, and didn’t even care that she wasn’t a runway model on the outside. But he did care that she was so uncomfortable with herself. So he went on to develop a make-up, that would cover her scars.
I just happen to think Bethany is beautiful inside and out.

Anyway, they sat outside and talked for a long time last night. That’s the “getting to know you” stage. The asking her out part should have come after this.
But he apparently isn’t Christian, from what I’ve gathered. Not that he’s a really bad guy or anything. She told him her values…like waiting till marriage for sex. She just seems to attract the guys that don’t have our same religious/moral beliefs. I’m hoping it’s not because guys think they’ll get more than she’ll give, but the cynical part of me thinks it probably is. I’m certain that was on Manuel’s mind.
Maybe one of these days, there will be someone who will be willing to change his whole outlook on women, just because of her. 
Bethany is apparently having to resort to threats to fight off guys at work.  
And Robert showed up at our house tonight (I haven’t slept yet, so it’s still tonight). He was “driving around in the area,” and thought he’d come by. Yeah. I know that excuse.

I had lots more to say, but I am getting so sleepy I can’t keep my eyes open. So….more later.




15 thoughts on “

  1. He’s not a stalker…..not exactly, anyway. He’s the guy that asked Beth out. I met him for the first time yesterday. I have been reading his myspace for a while. He’s the one that has the same last name as one in my family…..McDonald.

  2. I know this really good kid.  He is 23, 6’2 about 140-150. Great singing voice. Has surrendered to ministry. Currently is in college working on his degree in Emergency Management. AAAAAAAAAAAAAND he is drop dead gorgeous.

  3. wow,
    the thoughts of raising daugthers when they reach a certain age scares me…
    I’ve waited till I was 22 before my first girlfriend, and I thought it was never going to arrive…I’m glad God was able to lead the right timeing, loooking back…he’s drawn my heart to a strong Christian girl that has been a blessing to me and the believers in my life as well…
    God is soverign; if we follow HIm, I trust that someone will be drawn ulitmately to her because of her inside and outside so to speak

  4. But Cathy, I don’t want to part with my little girl 😮 😀
    Jimmy….that’s very unusual for a guy to wait till 22 for a girlfriend. Looks like Nancy has gotten a good deal 😉

  5. :wave:Hi,  I hope everyone are doing well.  I am glad your daughter did not get hurt in the SUV fire.  I got a Ford Explorer and got a recall about the cruise control which could suddenly catch on fire.  I took it in and hopefully there be no problems with it. Do take care!  Sharon in Charleston, SC

  6. Actually, I clocked out at 4:01. One minute late. I had a couple of minutes left when I left the Garden Center, but like Jonathan said, it takes that long to get to the back to clock out.
    If we’re getting nit picky, here…

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