Our busy day

We got home again at 10:00. I had to stop by Walmart on the way home from the Bible Study, to get the food for lunch tomorrow. It’s our first Saturday of the month workday at church, and we fix lunch for everybody that works. And tomorrow we have plenty to do because some vandals did some damage to a couple of the buildings.
When Steve pulled up in front of the store to let me out, there was a group of kids (maybe late teens/very early 20’s) coming out of the store. One was dressed really weird, and was wearing a long obviously fake black beard. And behind them was one of the assistant managers. Beth thinks Jeb chased them out of the store. She’ll have to find out Monday what happened. He was standing on the sidewalk holding a funny looking hat. I’m sure one of them somehow left it behind. I hope it’s an interesting story.
I don’t think Beth is going to the workday. She is so extremely tired. She gets migraines easily when she’s tired, and is way more easily frustrated. She needs lots of sleep.  
Yesterday, the Walmart employees got to throw water balloons at the managers. Beth will have to tell you about it. But what other job lets you throw water balloons at your bosses?

4:00 p.m…..We’re home. For a little while anyway.
First….thank you to Melissa. She sent Bethany a gift card to Old Navy, to go toward replacing her jacket she lost in the car fire. That was very sweet, Melissa. Thank you very much.
Beth and I left here at 11:00, and ran by Rachael’s place of employment to see if she wanted to go to lunch today. Beth had sent her a text message, and she had not responded, so we drove to PetsMart. It was on the way to where we were going anyway. Well, she was outside walking a huge dog. No wonder she didn’t answer. She said sure she wanted to go to lunch, and she would get off for lunch at 1:00.  
So Beth and I went to the insurance office to pick up the check. Then we stopped by Woodforest Bank to drop off a gift card for families of injured troops. Melissa sent it and we got it in today’s mail.
We went back to pick up Rachael for lunch, but we were about 20 minutes early, and she wanted us to see a kitten that somebody had found in the parking lot. And you know we had to  So I took pictures. You knew I would. Beth fell in love with the kitten, but NO, we did not bring it home. Poor little thing has a broken leg. But it was adorable and really enjoyed playing with Beth.
We went to Chili’s for lunch. And Beth and Rachael turn into different people around male waiters. I’ll leave it at that.  It was the same waiter we had last time we went to lunch there. Only last time, 2 other waiters came over to flirt, too. Beth knows his name, and found his MySpace, and knows he wants to be a professional wrestler, and yes, she’s a stalker. So if you’ve been stalked by Beth, don’t feel alone. You aren’t the only one. But if that makes you feel unimportant, I’m sorry.
Then we went by the courthouse. We took pictures of a memorial in front, for service members from Deer Park who were killed. I don’t know if you remember me posting about Robert Matthew McDowell, who was killed April 1. His name is on the memorial now.
After that we went to the bank. I still needed to run to Sears, but I just didn’t have any energy left.  Here’s a few pics:
Beth and kitten
After Steve gets home, it’s off to the Bible Study.

I’m just home for a few minutes, before I’m on the road again. (Go ahead…sing the song. I know you’re going to anyway.)

I left aobut 7:15 and picked up Rachael. She had an 8:00 appointment for the ultrasound. I figured we’d need 40 minutes or so….30 minutes for the drive and allowing 10 minutes to find the place. Well, the drive took us 40 minutes. The office is down by NASA, and that place is a madhouse early in the morning. Plus there is major construction going on down there. I think we were actually about 5 minutes late, but it was ok. There were no other patients in the office. She got right in and out in less than 15 minutes.

We made a stop by the church to leave something. Just as I had set the alarm and locked the door, one of our members drove up with some stuff to drop off for VBS, so I had to open it up again.

Rachael had not had any breakfast, so we stopped by Whataburger and got sausage and egg taquitos  Then I dropped her off at work. She had to be there at 10:00.

The car was dinging at me because it wanted fuel, so I stopped at Walmart. Walmart’s gas station is extremely popular. At every pump (and there are a bunch) there were 2-3 cars waiting in line. So it aggravated me when the woman in front of me took time after she filled up, to put a gasoline additive in the tank.  She could have pulled up to do that, and let the rest of us have the pump.

After that I picked up Rachael’s prescription for her. We’ll stop by her job and give it to her later. Beth and I are leaving again to run to the insurance office to take them the title to Beth’s car, and hopefully pick up a check. Then we have some other errands to run before the Bible Study tonight. So this might be the only time I’m on here before about 11:00 tonight.



12 thoughts on “Our busy day

  1. :laugh: Yeah….and if the balloons didn’t pop when they were thrown at the bosses, then they had the opportunity to throw them back at the employee. Beth had been outside all day, though, and was hot, so she was for it.

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