10:45 p.m….I just got through making about 5 quarts of chicken salad. Tomorrow night after church, we are having a dinner honoring those in our church who have graduated from high school, college or kindergarten. I realize kindergarten graduation is not a really big deal (at least for some), but the kids like it. Tomorrow night’s menu is sandwiches (several different kinds), chips & dips, salad, and desserts.
It’s been kind of a blah day so far. One of those days where it feels like everything is caving in on me. Yes, I know….depression sets in very easily for me.  I didn’t go to the workday this morning, because I wasn’t feeling well.

We’ve been car “shopping” (just online so far). It’s hard to know the right thing to get. Beth is looking at Mustangs. That’s what she really wants.

I got out old pictures again to look at them. I was actually looking for a picture of me to show Paula Beth….one where I was not as far along as she is in her pregnancy, but I was already much larger. But it’s not a very good picture. There just aren’t very many pictures of me when I was pregnant. I told her it’s so unfair that she is still so skinny and is already nearly half way through.

Here it is anyway, PB….I was about 13 weeks pregnant with our second child, Rachel Elizabeth. This was taken at Brandon’s 2nd birthday party, November 5, 1983. That’s him on the left and our neighbor, Amber, in the middle. She is exactly one week younger than him.

Brandon, Amber, Cindy

These were taken as we were heading out the door, on the way to the hospital the night I went into labor with Brandon….November 4, 1981:

Brandon's ready to be bornGoing to the hospital

But I also found this picture, and thought some of you moms would like to see it. Brandon and Beth on Halloween in 1990.

Brandon & Bethany 10-31-90

Those were pretty inexpensive costumes. Brandon wore that camo shirt and sweat pants all the time. He already had the hat and guns. I think all I had to buy was the candy bucket. The pink sleeper was what Beth wore to bed every night. I just took a plastic headband, and glued on ears that I cut out of felt. I also glued cotton balls to a circle and pinned it on for a bunny tail.  There’s a picture of it in her slideshow on the left.



22 thoughts on “Blah

  1. sorry you’re not feeling well. 
    Your shape looks like my sister-in-law’s last week just before having her baby.  She is pretty short.  No place for the kid to be but out! 
    We had an orange bucket from Mickey D’s happy meal like those.  They gave them out in October.
    Get to feeling better!

  2. “Where’s dessert?” Lol The truth is that is probably what she was thinking.  I hope you are feeling much better by now.  As for Brandon’s prearrival days…I think you were much bigger than I was with Jennifer!  She was also a 1981 baby.

  3. We had those buckets to. I think I got them at McDonalds with a happy meal. I saw in one comment they had orange, but we had the “ghost bucket”.  I remember because it was “ghost buckets” instead of “ghost busters”.

  4. :sunny: I love the pictures. I wish I had taken pixs when I was pregnant. I couldn’t hide my tummy if I had wanted to. I hope you are feeling better. Have a great weekend.
    Blessings & hugs!! :love:

  5. I found my buckets…both orange and white. The orange ones were jack-o-lanterns and the white ones were ghosts. Of course, remembering the days when you actually got fun stuff at McDonald’s is making me feel old. 😦

  6. I couldn’t hide my tummy if I had wanted to.
    😆 Me, either, Merrilee. Obviously. And with Bethany, I was even bigger, because she was a bigger baby, by 15 oz.
    Well, Doug, all these ladies have confirmed it was a McDonald’s bucket :goodjob: And we’ve also proved how many of us took our kids to McDonald’s :giggle:
    Thanks, Ladies. I am feeling better now. I was feeling very dizzy and sick to my stomach this morning. That’s an early signal of a migraine. I get those when I don’t sleep enough. I have seizures if I really don’t sleep enough. But I was able to sleep till almost 1:00 today. I’m almost ashamed to admit that. Almost. :sleepy:

  7. Ok, no horrifying stories but I did put up an embarrasing picture!  🙄 I swear, you need to find a smiley angel…cause there are just times (like now) when I need an angel emoticon!  You know I am…an angel that is! :ROTFL:

  8. :yes:I think you were a BEAUTIFUL pregnant lady!!!!!!  I loved the pictures!  And I do pray that the Lord will flood your soul with HIS joy and that you will have a blessed day worshiping HIM tomorrow.  You bless me with all you do for HIM…I wish I could have some of your yummy chicken salad!  And yes, kindergarten graduation is important, too.  The older I get the more I realize how momentous each stage is and how much I want to put myself in the place of others–recognizing and affirming their feelings….Love ya dearly–Paula:heartbeat:

  9. Thank you, Paula. You know how much you bless me, too. You and Carolyn are some of the best encouragers! :yes: Love you muchliest :heartbeat:
    Jimmy, time does indeed pass by very fast. And it seems the older you get, the faster it goes. It seems like just weeks ago that my children were born, and now they are grown. And my oldest has been married for 6 months. Just doesn’t seem possible. Mine were born in 1981, 1984 and 1986.

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