Wedding dreams

Beth’s in love! (Yes, we’ve been looking at Mustangs.)


9:05 p.m….After church tonight, we drove by one of the nearby auto dealers, just to window shop. Beth really doesn’t know what she should do now.


The grad party was good. Lots of food and fellowship. But these things wear me out.


Real Life Adventures 6-2-07 


1:45 p.m…We just got home, and Beth and I are heading back out. I’ll make it around to visit all of you tonight.


After the morning service, we went to Chili’s for lunch. There is a brand new one right across from Walmart where Beth works, only about 1-1/2 miles from the house. Now Beth and I are heading to Walmart to shop for grad gifts, cards, and dinner stuff.


Beth kept thinking this one waiter looked familiar, and she was watching him, trying to figure out where she had seen him before. And he noticed her watching him. So he started watching her.   Oh, the waiter we had on Friday…..Beth found out he is not married, but has a baby. What is it with these guys? Doesn’t anybody believe in marriage before family anymore?



I was just looking through some pictures, and I guess that triggered the memory of a dream I had last night. All I remember is that Bethany was getting married, the wedding was about to begin, and I had forgotten to ask anybody to take pictures.

At least the bad dreams about Brandon and Rachael’s wedding didn’t start till a few weeks before the wedding. I guess I’m just getting an early start for Beth’s. Don’t want to save everything for the last minute



18 thoughts on “Wedding dreams

  1. :giggle::ROTFL:You crack me up…or as my friend’s little boy used to say–You quack me up!  Now, I think we both better hit the hay! :sleepy: Love ya, Paula:heartbeat:

  2. We had a wedding yesterday at church that wore me out. The ring bearer was a ring tail tooter. He would run by the tables and grab a handful of peanuts. Doug finally grabbed him and said “are you really eating those yucky peanuts”?  The little boy said “they are not yucky”.  Doug said “yea you are right.  I already sucked all the chocolate off of them”. The little boy said “YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK, did you really?!?!?!?”

  3. :ROTFL: He’s lucky the kid didn’t say, “COOL!” 😆
    We’ve had some weddings where the ring bearer and flower girl were something else. Like the ring bearer standing at the front during the wedding, twirling the pillow by a ribbon. And a flower girl screaming that she wanted to go sit down with her mother. :oh-no:

  4. When it was time for the recessional. The Bride and Groom went out then the ring bearer and flower girl were to go. He turned around and saw all of the flower pedals on the floor and said :what:WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!?! We all cracked up.

  5. Thank you for praying for Diane. Tanya told us that it is really bad. They suspect the cancer is in her blood and bones. She is 43.  Has two daughters that are 19 and 17.  She has trouble with drug abuse from her teen years until present. It is just a bad deal. They lost there dad about 2 months ago.

  6. :heartbeat:Wut up, Buttercup?
    I’m in love with Mustangs too… she has good taste!
    Hope you are feeling well… I’m doing better… it wasn’t pretty, that’s fer sure!  Lost 10 pounds, but, not a good way to do it… I’m changing my whole eating plan.. I’m gonna talk about it on Tuesday…

  7. Yeah, that’s not the best way to loose 10 lbs! I’m glad you are feeling better. My sister and her family got food poisoning from a Mexican food restaurant several years ago. They were miserable.

  8. my dream car in high school was a bright green mustang… ohhhh how I wanted one! I tried to convince my parents to buy me one while my dream car was still “reasonable”. I told them, “someday I’ll want a BMW… don’t you want to buy me my dream car now while it’s cheaper??!?!” Such flawed logic but at the time it made perfect sense (to me) but needless to say, my parents didn’t agree. I never did get my green mustang and even to this day, I like them a whole lot!

  9. Hi, Lauryn….She really likes the Mustangs, so I was worried about her keeping a poker face when we go see them. But we found out that the place that has several that she has looked at online, has a no-haggle policy. The price you see is what you get. And the prices are good. We have checked them out with the blue book values. She had wanted this blue one we saw, but I was leary of it just because I didn’t really want her to get one that was too old, if she could help it. But we are going to look at a 2003 today. It’s a beautiful car.

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