11:40 p.m……Remember when I posted about Robert Matthew “Matt” McDowell, the man from Deer Park who died in Iraq? He died April 1. I posted a picture Friday of a monument to veterans, with his name on it. I was just reading the Deer Park newspaper, and saw that his step-brother, Sean Patrick Callahan, age 24, died May 25 of Muscular Distrophy. That poor family has had more than its fair share of grief this year.
Update 9:25 p.m….There’s an interesting feature on this car to prevent accidentally putting the top down while driving. You have to have the parking brake on to operate the control for the convertible top.
Soon as she gets the car, she’s going to pick up Candice and Jordan, and go cruising for guys.

Change in plans…..The Mustang she originally looked at was already sold, but we already had another in mind. It is one year older, and is a convertible. This is it:
Mustang Convertible
Mustang convertible back
Convertible interior
It rides really well. Steve went with her to test drive it. It has only had one owner, and it was regularly serviced at a Ford dealership in San Antonio. It was a special order when it was sold. It is a 2002. The owner had it for 5 years and 5 months before it was sold. It is in excellent shape. They checked everything on it, and Steve checked under the hood both before and after they drove it.
We’re just waiting on the loan approval.

The family that owns this car company is a race car family. They are regulars at Houston Raceway Park.



23 thoughts on “Mustang

  1. Nice looking car.  This is just a personal thing, I don’t like to drive cars. I like SUV’s or Mini-van’s.  I have a Maxima that I drive around town, but I prefer to drive my Quest. I drive the Maxima for gas mileage, but I feel like I am looking at everyones belly when I am in it.:p

  2. :laugh: Yeah…it took me a while to get use to my car after driving my Astro Van for so many years. I have a Cadillac Deville Concours now, and for so long, I felt like I was riding right down on the road. But Rachael has a Camaro, and that’s even worse. Not to mention it’s extremely difficult for me to get into a low sports car anymore. I can do it, but my arthritis screams at me the whole time. Steve drives a Ford F-350 pick-up truck. We go from one extreme to the other in this family. :laugh:

  3. Doug is known for trading vehicles. It is his hunting and fishing. The van is the first brand new vehicle that we have bought in 22 years. Always buy used. With rebates, employee pricing and some other discount we got a great deal on the Quest. It is a 2005.  I had it 6 weeks, it had 1500 miles on it and I had a major wreck. It was a thousand dollars from totalling. Katrina had just hit New Orleans and State Farm would not give. Doug repaired it himself, then we took it to the body shop for painting. It took half the insurance money to fix it, we took the rest and paid on the loan. Now at least the value of the van and the loan match.:hammer:

  4. Well, there are many more. I’ve been printing out all the car descriptions and pictures, along with CarFax reports on the ones they have. I have everything in a folder to take with us this afternoon. Including her credit report. She’ll have to try to finance for about 3 months, till August, when she has some money coming from a trust fund that will allow her to pay it off.
    There is another gray Mustang one year older, that I also feel confident about. It has only had one owner, and was regularly serviced at a Ford dealership in San Antonio. But it’s a convertible, and she wasn’t really wanting a convertible. However, if it’s the car she’s supposed to have, she’d take that one, too.
    We are praying about what she should get. Our pastor always says just try the door and see if it opens. If not, then God is preventing that move. If it does, see where it takes you. If she isn’t supposed to get one of these cars, she won’t be able to, because God is watching out for her best interest.

  5. :laugh:Yeah, that’s the way to do it. But new ones drop in value so fast. We have only bought one new vehicle in our lives….the GMC truck Steve use to drive. The rest have been used. We bought my car from my sister, who bought it new, so we know all the details on it. It was 4 years old when we bought it, and she gave us a good deal on it. Same with the F-350. It was my brother-in-law’s truck and was 5 years old when we got it. They have both been very good vehicles and I’m sure we’ll be driving them till they fall apart. That’s always our practice.

  6. “If she isn’t supposed to get one of these cars, she won’t be able to…“Not necessarily true… even Christians CAN do things that aren’t in their best interest. God watching out for her may just be that little voice in the ear saying “don’t finance, don’t finance, don’t finance…debt is dumb, cash is king…”

  7. I “kinda” “knew” the Emmons brothers btw. Jeremy knew them and we used to hang out with them at the race track. I helped push the “bumper dragger” through the pits, and got to stand between the cars on the track when they launched.

  8. Yeah, I knew that you knew the Emmons. I am confident about the car she drove today. In August, she will have the cash to pay it off. In fact, a couple of prayers have been answered today.

  9. :hammer:  I was reading more after I wrote this…..and, you’re right! :hammer:  Thanks, but I thought of you as soon as I read WALMART!!!!!  :hammer: G’Nite. ~Carolyn :sleepy:

  10. wow,
    two deaths that are not too far from one another…can’t imagine what their mother is going through…and April 1st, what a day to die…
    I am awfully forgetful in names, please forgive me ahead of time if I confuse their names in the future!

  11. good grief, poor family. Seriously, that’s terrible beyond words. I just hope fred phelps and his nutjob “Baptists” didn’t protest at the first one’s funeral 🙄 That car looks to be immaculate for an 02!! Looks brand-spanking-new! If only it were green….

  12. forgive me ahead of time if I confuse their names in the future!
    No problem, Jimmy 😉
    Lauryn….no, they did not protest during Matt’s funeral. The Patriot Guard Riders were here, though. The funeral was here in our city, and people lined the main street holding flags.

  13. Lauryn, every car on their lot looks that good. I did not see any that looked like a used car. They only have high quality used cars. And they do a brisk business, too. They are very busy over there.

  14. RYC: rofl I should get a pair of the incognito glasses with the big nose and moustache! I’m sure I’ll have a shower at some point (had to move home first!) but I don’t want to wait it out… I want to start picking up things if for no other reason than to feel like I’m actually *preparing* for something! The poor baby – I can’t even give her a nice room since we’ll be moving into a permanent house within the year. Definitely NOT how I envisioned welcoming our first child :sigh:

  15. Right back atcha…. :wave: 😉  ……… It’s 11 A.M and I haven’t had breakfast yet!! 😮 I didn’t go to bed right away when I said G’nite to you. I worked on my puzzle until midnight. I’m making PROGRESS!!  :yes: :so-cool: :heartbeat:

  16. :sunny: I love the car she is getting. This is one of my favorite colors. Our daughter drives a black mustang. She has really enjoyed it. They seem to be good cars. Have a good evening. :wave:
    ~~Blessings to you!!~~ :heartbeat: :love: :heartbeat:

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