Loan Approved

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I sent pictures of the car to our pastor and youth/music minister today. Our pastor said, “Way to go Beth!” He really was pulling for her to get a Mustang. But he also had to tell her to make sure her fire insurance is paid up.   She told him he doesn’t get to ride just for that.

Then Andy called and said, “You really got a cool car!!” He’ll be one of the first ones to ride in it.

My first car was a 1966 Mustang. That seems so long ago. This is me (on the right) and my friend, Gwen. I only paid $900 for my Mustang.

Gwen and Cindy 1975

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Loan’s approved. We just have to jump through a few more hoops before we pick up the car. It will be tomorrow, or possibly Thursday, before we pick it up.

All these hoops, for something she’s going to be able to pay off in about 3 months.



14 thoughts on “Loan Approved

  1. Hooray for Bethany!  Would you believe I’ve never personally owned a car?  Well, I’ve never had one in my very own name I should say.  I did own a camper once.  I always said as long as I owned it I would always have a roof over my head and never be homeless!  😆

  2. how exciting about the car!  I saw the pics in the pp and it’s really pretty!  I have a 98 silver mustang and it’s really been an awesome car.  Doesn’t get THE best gas mileage, but it’s really not that bad compared to other cars, so I’ve really enjoyed it.  I’m sure she’s going to love it!
    Your ’66 ‘stang is so cool!!!
    RC: Feeling some better today, but I’m finding that it’s much hard to bounce back to normalcy when you’re pg than it is when you’re not pg.  normally, one day off to rest would help me get back to my normal self, but I’m still dragging quite a bit. 

  3. I would always have a roof over my head and never be homeless! 
    😆 Well, this car will be in her name and Steve’s. It took a co-signer on the loan because of the amount. Her Explorer had my name on it, too, because the insurance company we had then required mine or Steve’s on it in order to have it on our insurance.
    Paula Beth….This one doesn’t really get bad gas mileage. It’s supposed to get around 20 in city and 20 on the road. It’s not as good as a little compact car, but it’s still not bad.
    You are sure right about it taking longer to bounce back when you’re pregnant! You’re using all your extra energy to grow a baby :yes:

  4. yay for bethany getting a new car she is so going to feel so grown up its amazeing how a car makes you feel and gives you so much confidence love shelly.:heartbeat:

  5. I will be forwarding her MY car payments thereafter!
    :ROTFL: Something tells me you’d be getting them right back! 😆
    is Andy married?
    :giggle: Ummm….no, Andy is not married. And he’s cute, and he plays the piano reallly well. He’s a sweet Christian boy, raised by good parents. He is our youth/music minister’s son. And he loves Beth, and loves to spend time with her.
    There’s only one problem that I can see…….Beth is 21. Andy is 14. 😥

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