So Busy

1:45 p.m….The loan paperwork has been signed, and Steve signed his part at the dealership. Beth had to go back to work. We’ll get hers done tomorrow. This is such a pain in the neck. Steve is on a really different schedule than Beth, and they have to try to get together and get everything done. Why can’t things like this ever be simple?
Now Steve is on his way to the far northwest side of Houston. He has had to get up at 3:00 the last 2 mornings, to be at work early. He’s gonna be dead tonight.
Our pastor called and said he may be running late tonight for the business meeting. He is at the BP Amoco plant in Texas City. Steve has to work down there sometimes. But today, a man got electrocuted. Our pastor, Herb, is a counselor for Critical Incident Stress Management. He gets called out whenever there is a death or some kind of disaster.
pink mums
We are so extremely busy today. Steve and Bethany are going at lunch to sign the loan paperwork, and hopefully, go by the car dealer and sign the papers there. Then the dealer will send the car out to be inspected and detailed. I don’t know if we will be able to pick it up today or tomorrow.
Tonight is business meeting, so I have to get all the Treasurer’s Reports done. This car buying thing would be so much easier if we didn’t have the business meeting. But I kind of have to be there.

You can be sure we’ll be posting lots of pictures when she gets the car.  




15 thoughts on “So Busy

  1. Horray for the car!
    Charlie gets up at 3 sometimes as well. His schedule is all over the map. Sometimes I’m just going to bed when he’s getting up to start his day.
    God bless you Cindy.
    C. :sunny::heartbeat:

  2. hey how’d you add music to your page?! That’s neat! RYC: If only having five made me wiser rather than just in more pain when they act up!

  3. Pain meds are my best friend right now.
    I have had numerous shots in my shoulders. This is the first in my foot. It definetely hurt worse than the shoulder.  They said it will take up to 48 hours for the pain to ease. I am ready.

  4. I guess car dealers are just friendlier in Georgia. When we got the Accord, it took MAYBE an hour and a half from the time we decided to the time we drove off with the car.Maybe our computers are just faster.Or maybe they’re less finicky about Accords than Mustangs. :p

  5. Mostly the problem is that we did not go through the bank that the dealer uses to finance. This is a used car dealer, and not the used car section of a new car dealership. So it works differently. The bank they use requires you to have a savings account with them. And since all our accounts were at Wells Fargo, that’s who we decided to use.
    And Beth liked Accords, too. She looked at those.

  6. yay for the car–can’t wait to see the pics!RYC: DH went to the store and bought me a TON of gatorade, so I should be god to go on getting re-hydrated!

  7. Paperwork of any kind is always such a hassle!  I am so sorry for the family of the man who was electrocuted.  My heart and prayers goes out to them.  June 9th will be the 16th anniversary of my brother’s electrocution accident.  In many ways it seems like only yesterday.  RYC: The 3D & 4D ultrasound pictures are really neat but they are also very expensive or so I hear.

  8. Hey, Cindy.  Thank you so much for the prayers.  I am healing slowly, but at least progressing I think.  I definitely am moving slow and get tired extremely easy.  I guess all that is to be expected though.
    I remember as a teen that a mustang was the “cool” car to have.  I didn’t because they were too expensive, but they were definitely the car to have.  I bet Beth is really excited.

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