Here it is


Wanna see Beth with her top down?  


Beth and Stang


Beth top down


Beth and new car


She’s on her way to pick up Candice and Jordan.


They were just finishing up the detailing when we went to pick it up. Then between the lot and my sister’s house, which is 5 minutes away, a bird went on it.




7:15 p.m….The car’s home…finally. We stopped by my sister’s house on the way home, and then Walmart.


She’s happy. And she said teenaged cart pushers at Walmart stared at it. Steve just said it would probably make Manuel hyperventilate.  It will probably make Robert ask her for another date.







25 thoughts on “Here it is

  1. RYC: It hurt you thinking about it, imagine how it felt.
    Praying for Ethan.  David is at his 2 week summer camp with the National Guard. He got word Sunday that he is being deployed to the Mexican border within the next month. Yesterday he was doing PT and his knee went out. He isn’t suppose to be doing PT, it is in his file. He had a LOD injury and had to have surgery. He is really afraid they will disable him this time. He is only 19.

  2. 😮 They make him do PT eventhough he isn’t supposed to? Makes me wonder if they won’t send him into combat. I sure hope not. We will just have to make that a matter of a lot of prayer! :heartbeat:
    Ethan will be back next week. But he is still supposed to go back to Iraq in the next few months. Dreading it sooooo much.

  3. 😀 You’re my hero!  Well, you and momma!  I aspire to one day be able to embarrass my children and their friends with the same level of commitment and enthusiasm you and my mother have!  :yes:  🙄 :flirty:
    I’ll be praying too! 

  4. I wish my kid would *get* the whole mom-embarrassing-you thing!  :ROTFL:  But, I’ve really tried not to do it so much anymore because he just runs off from me in a public place and I can’t catch him!  :hammer:

  5. When Will was in 7th grade I started substitute teaching at his school.  He wanted to disavow any relationship with me in front of the whole school!
    One day I was there for one of his teachers.  When his class came in, all the kids knew me as his mom because they had been together since forever and he had been in class with them since 3rd grade.
    I stood at the front of the class and introduced myself:  “I’m Mrs. S.. ….  and I’m not related to anyone in this school!”  His mouth dropped open so far you could have put a baseball in it!  :ROTFL:  All the kids looked at him, looked back at me and laughed!  It was priceless!

  6. That night he asked, “Why’d you do that mom?  All the kids know you!”  I said, “Well, you didn’t want anyone to know I was your mom, so I thought I’d help you out!”

  7. :ROTFL: That’s great, Renee!
    I figure that we can all band together, and give some really good lessons on how to embarrass our kids. Our moms would be proud! :ROTFL:

  8. he just runs off from me in a public place and I can’t catch him! :ROTFL: :ROTFL: :ROTFL: :ROTFL: :ROTFL:
    Yeah, just like Brandon. He doesn’t even live here anymore, so I don’t see him that much. Except they did show up a couple of nights ago when I didn’t know they were coming. I was in the kitchen and turned around and he was right there. Talk about a scare! :giggle:
    So the other day I posted on his Xanga that he was the cutest son I’ve ever had. 😆

  9. Melissa, if you REALLY want to embarrass them, sing and dance to the oldies music in the grocery store. It’s really good if you don’t know all the words…just hum until a part you do know and then sing it EXTRA loud!hmm hmmm hmm hm hmmm YOU! hmmm hmmm hmmm YOU! (Yes, there’s an inside joke there)

  10. wow, I didn’t know that he was Korean…I guess I expected him to be white…ha…
    I like the line about him being the most cutest korean guy you know! Hahaha…I don’t thnk I can walk a whole week at UCLA during finals week next week the same…(there’s a lot of Koreans here)

  11. You like moving in and decorating? :ROTFL:
    I guess I expected him to be white…
    Hi, Jimmy….yes, he was born in South Korea and adopted here when he was a baby, by a white family. There are lots of pictures of him on the left side of my page.

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