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This is not a complete story on this subject, but a group was plotting to kill a Montgomery County, TX sheriff’s deputy with an IED. My cousin, Ross, was a Montgomery Co. deputy before he joined the Conroe Police Department.

6:50 p.m….Poor Paris. She is back in jail, where anybody else would still be, if they had broken the same laws. I don’t have an ounce of pity for her. Maybe she’ll think next time before she decides to break the law. Repeatedly. Spoiled little girl doesn’t realize she’s not above the law.
Beth just came back from running an errand for me. She’s been out today, showing the car to friends and family. My parents like it. Now my dad’s gonna want one.
4:45 p.m….Rachael, do you think you could estimate an age on the turtle in Renee’s post?
I just discovered that the picture I posted yesterday, of Beth “with her top down”, made the featured photo page.

Wednesday night, the air conditoners in the sanctuary at church would not work. So I called my sister. She and her husband own the AC company that fixes them. I thought it might be something simple like it has been so many times before. Brandon just goes out and replaces a part, and everything works fine.

This time we are probably looking at replacing an entire 10 ton unit. The compressor went out. We could replace just he compressor, but that will be at least $2000. Then we run the risk of other things going wrong, and ruining the brand new compressor. The unit is 33 years old.

*Sigh* We are a very small church, with a very small income. So we pray a lot.

The wonderful thing is that it works. God has always provided us with the things we need. So we are praying about how we are going to pay for a new AC unit. I have emailed people, and called people. They are all praying. We’ll get an answer. We always do.

Yesterday, even at 6:00 in the evening, the heat index was 98 degrees. We just don’t want to do without our AC.



14 thoughts on “No AC

  1. Thank you….very much. I just talked to Brandon and he said that to replace the compressor, we are probably looking at $2500. To replace the whole unit it probably won’t be much over $3000. The compressor is the biggest expense of any AC unit.

  2. Congratulations to Beth on her new car!
    33 years – I’d say it’s time for a new unit!  Boy!  Man – and the ac always goes out in the summer! course – cause that’s when it’s under stress!

  3. What great pictures!!! 
    You all are sweating it out and we are having to wear coats here!  WOW!!!
    I will be keeping Ethan in my prayers while he is “deployed”.
    Have a great weekend!!!

  4. Coats?? TJ, this is June, even in Colorado Spring! :laugh:
    Thanks, Renee. And yes, I’d say it’s about time. But the reason we have put it off for so long is it’s so expensive. But those old units can only be fixed so many times.

  5. RYC: I won’t be able to use the shade thing busted off.  Oh well!!!  When I do sit on it I enjoy the sun on me!  The weather here is just totally crazy!!!

  6. Doug came across a good deal on our church a unit. It was used but only a year and half old. He paid 200.00 for it and David is going to hook it up.That was a huge blessing.

  7. 😮 Yikes! Keep the heat, please.:shysmile: (Not shy face; those are sunburned cheeks…. & this next one isn’t mad, except that he got burned to a crab-red!):mad: :laugh::lol::laugh:

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