Interracial marriage

5:45 p.m….Wow…I think I need more sleep. I just tried to put coffee creamer in my iced tea.  Or maybe I’ve just been drinking too much coffee.

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Update 3:25 p.m….I’ve been reading articles on interracial marriages. On one of the genealogy lists I am on, the Melungeon list on Rootsweb, that is the current discussion. Melungeons are known to be mixed white, black and American Indian. It’s very probably that most have some kind of Middle Eastern in the mix, too. I have Jewish ancestry. I thought this article was interesting. Today, 1 in 5 Americans would strongly consider marrying across racial lines. But there have been laws prohibiting interracial marriages on the books in many states, even into modern times.

I was raised in a family that did not believe in some interracial marriages. And this is a family that is itself mixed race. They have always known about the American Indian in our family. It’s only been since 2000, that they have known we have some black heritage, too. (It was so much fun to tell them, and see some of their reactions .) Many people have not known that there was strong mixing between Eastern American Indians and blacks in the 1600’s and 1700’s. It is believed by genealogy researchers, that Eastern American Indians were at one time as much as 50% black, particularly the Powhatan and Pamunkey Indians in Virginia.

Now I think banning interracial marriage is crazy. If Beth fell in love with a black man, it would be fine with me, as long as he loved her (although some members of my extended family would likely have a heart attack. They difinitely wouldn’t come to the wedding.) He could be purple and I wouldn’t care (but that would make interesting kids, though….lavender?) 

All people are human beings. Skin colors vary and facial features vary, just like height and weight. Even Steve and I are of different skin colors, and I think we made some really cute kids  I believe he has far more American Indian in him than I do, and possibly some Middle Eastern/Mediterranean. His skin is dark when he tans, and has a reddish cast to it. I am definitely not dark, but I do have that reddish cast to my skin. Our kids tan very well. Brandon is out in the sun all the time, and the parts of him that are exposed are quite dark right now.

It was revealed in one of our Bible Studies, that some people thought these verses, prohibited interracial marriage: 

Gen 1:24-25…..24 Then God said, “Let the earth bring forth the living creature according to its kind: cattle and creeping thing and beast of the earth, each according to its kind“; and it was so. 25 And God made the beast of the earth according to its kind, cattle according to its kind, and everything that creeps on the earth according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.  NKJV

That’s not what it means at all. “According to its kind” simply means according to each type of animal. Cows with cows, horses with horses (and other similar animals like the donkey), fish with fish……and humans with humans. It does not mean white people with white people, Asians with Asians, Indians with Indians, or Blacks with Blacks. One man did not want his daughter dating Mexicans because he thought the Bible said not to. I have a Mexican brother-in-law.

There are some people on this Melungeon list that bristle at the idea of having Jewish ancestry, and they get quite vocal about it. There’s a surprise. The Jews have been hated for a very long time.

Go to
Renee’s siteto see Al Gore’s views on Iraq. It’s a video at the top of the page. It’s long, but interesting.


It is now pouring down rain outside. At the first sound of thunder, Sandy ran under the desk. She’s scared, and her heart is beating really fast, which is not good for a dog with heartworms. We use to have a dog named Skippy, who was so scared of thunder he literally broke the kitchen window trying to come inside.

We’ve already lost power once, for a few seconds. So I’m trying to save this post after every few words.

It started raining hard right before Beth had to go back to work. I know she didn’t get too wet going to her car. But she will going from the parking lot into the store. Oh, well….she said she needed a shower anyway.

Right before she left, we heard loud howling of wind outside. I don’t even know if we were under a tornado watch or not.

We are all back doing the low carb thing. We first started it a little over 5 years ago, and after several months, I had lost 43 pounds. But I gained it back once I got off the diet. With me being insulin resistant, I just have to stay on this as a way of eating all the time. The problem was, it didn’t allow for eating things we like to eat, like pizza. Well…I could do without pizza, but it’s hard for Steve. It’s one of the 4 main food groups to him.

But we have discovered that eating low carb does definitely keep his sugar down, so his diabetes will be diet-controlled. We had baked chicken breast and large salads last night. His sugar was 121, one hour after dinner. It was already on the down swing at 2 hours – 106. So we experimented. He ate about 1 cup of ice cream and an hour later it was back up to 131. *Sigh* We don’t even know what it was at 2 hours.

But raising the cinnamon has helped. His fasting blood sugar has gone from 131 two days ago, to 115 this morning. Much better. 

I washed a load of dishes and a load of laundry. In a little while, I’m going to try to gather enough energy to rearrange the living room furniture and thoroughly vacuum. Yuck. Maybe I won’t…..



10 thoughts on “Interracial marriage

  1. I know. Thanks. I have researched several of the low carb diets. But South Beach even has more carbs than I can have and lose weight. I have read several of the low carb diets, and I kind of tailored what we needed from all of them. We don’t do NO carb….just low carb, with the carbs we do get coming from the right sources. Mostly fruits and veggies.

  2. (but that would make interesting kids, though….lavender?) 
    I’m thinking from what I can remember about Beth’s skin tone, the kids would be more of a lilac color…or perhaps a mauve???
    Whatever they do, they’d better not have red-headed lilac colored kids…that would just look funny…

  3. So just how much cinnamon does one have to eat in a day to lower one’s sugar?  I don’t have sugar but Doug’s parents both had Type II due to being overweight.  Doug is not overweight but he exercises regularly and they were both couch potatos.

  4. Cinnamon can be taken in anywhere from 1 to 6 grams a day. Steve is taking 2 grams in the form of 4 – 500 mg capsules – 2 twice a day. It lowers his sugar significantly. Tonight his blood sugar levels are completely within the normal range. We had baked chicken breast again, along with 1 cup of buttered noodles and a large salad. I was experimenting to see if he could actually eat small amounts of carbs with his meal, and his sugar stay down. The protein and fiber in the rest of the meal keeps his sugar from rising. Here is a good website to read about the effects of cinnamon:

  5. :wave:I enjoyed this post, too. :goodjob:I’m a Heinz mixture; and because of growing up in the Philippines, I was always more drawn to brown/black  people — incl. men. I’ve dated white, black, Mexican, Filipino, & Liberian (I think that is about it)… and it is all about the person’s soul.:heartbeat: 1. A Christian 2. All of the other individual items that you look for in a good spouse. RYC: Thanks for the congrats… I’ll have Mom & Dad read their comments when we get to IL. Yes, folks can learn a lot from our folks!  :yes: RYC: my aunt and uncle are Mike and Carolyn. ——–__ I think you’re kidding me….. The aunt was Mike, & the uncle was Carolyn? :giggle::laugh::grin::lol::ROTFL:  MUCHLIEST RIGHT BACK TO YOU!! :love: ~ CAROLYN

  6. The aunt was Mike, & the uncle was Carolyn? :ROTFL: :ROTFL: :ROTFL:
    I also had an aunt and uncle named Beth and Joe. We almost always would get tongue-tied and call them Aunt Joe and Uncle Beth. :giggle:

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